Zachary Andrews
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Zachary Andrews

Zachary Andrews

Dear Athletes Helping Athletes,
My name is Zachary Andrews and I turned 8 in March. I was born with Spina Bifida and I am disabled from the waist down. Sometimes I use braces and forearm crutches to walk but lately since I broke my leg, I use my wheelchair to get around.

I have wanted a handcycle for 4 years since I got to try one in Fl. at Shriners. I really liked it, they were cool. Mom and Dad have been saving money to buy me one, but I still don't have enough because they cost a lot of money. Mom said that if I write you this letter you might be able to help me get the bike of my dreams.

Sometimes in the spring and summer, I get sad when my younger brother and sister get to ride their bikes and I have to stay in my wheelchair. Last year, my pop-pop got me a little go-cart to use but I would rather have a bike because I want to make my arms stronger. I also want to be able to ride bikes with my friend Shamus who lives down the street this summer. I dream that someday I will have a handcycle and may get really good and be in the Paralympics for handcycling and sled hockey. I hope that you can help me. Thank you very much.

Zachary I. Andrews
January, 2006

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