William Hastings
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William Hastings

William Hastings

William Hastings

Age: 8 yrs

April 2009

Dear Athletes Helping Athletes,

I want a handcycle because my bike has training wheels and I still can't stay stable. I keep trying and trying and always fail. When I tried the handcycle I felt so alive! I haven't went so fast since I...I don't know when I went that fast!! The first time I used it was at the Wheelchair Sports Camp. If I had one of my own I would ride it 24/7!

Your hopeful friend,
William Lawrence Hastings III

Dear Athletes Helping Athletes,

My son William tried a handcycle for the first time this month and LOVED IT! Our little William was born March 18, 2001 with a condition called Arthrogryposis affecting his hip, knee, and ankle joints. He was born with clubbed feet and the doctor feared his hips may be out of socket. He has had three surgeries. One to correct his feet, one to extend his hip tendons (thankfully his sockets were O.K.!), and one to bring his knees to full extension. He is under the care of Dr. Vernon Tolo at Children's Hospital in L.A. who is amazing. Thanks to Dr. Tolo and William's therapists, he is able to walk unassisted. He uses AFO's and crutches for stability and speed so he is a force to be reckonded with on the playground!

William has an athlete's heart in a body that does not want to fully cooperate. He doesn't let anything get him down emotionally but he longs to fully participate whenever possible. He does not need a wheelchair at this stage in his life, but he is limited in participating in the sports he is drawn to like, baseball, and basketball. We have tried every bicycle imaginable and modified them as best we could but none of them fit his body until the handcycle. William went to a Wheelchair Sports Camp this month and had a smile on the whole time from the tips of his toes to the top of his curly head! He tried the handcycle, swimming, and wheelchair rugby. His dad and I were just beaming. He would love to own a handcycle and use it any chance he has. We were so excited to hear about your organization and the fact that you may be able to help us obtain one. Thank you in advance for your consideration and all that you do for these awesome kids who just want a little help feeling the wind on their face.

Julie (William's mom)

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