Joshua Ayala
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Joshua Ayala

Joshua Ayala

Dear Athletes Helping Athletes,
My name is Claudia Ayala, my husband David Ayala and I have a wonderful physically and mentally challenged child who would greatly benefit from your help.

Joshua was born March 9th, 1996 at Kaiser in San Diego at full term. My pregnancy with Joshua was quite normal; he was my first pregnancy so everything was a new experience. After birth, I tried breastfeeding, unsuccessfully due to Josh's inability to nurse. He was for the most part a very healthy chubby baby who learned to sit up on his own at 10mo but could only roll to get around and was unable to do the normal things other babies his age could do like, crawl, stand up, cruise and walk. He was finally seen by an occupational therapist at 15mo who diagnosed Josh with low muscle tone or hypotonia. He began both OT and PT and began further genetic testing. He was seen by neurologists, metabolic specialists and a geneticist. He was diagnosed with a mild form of cerebral palsy and was ruled not to have Prader Willie Syndrome. He was tested for everything possible. He began walking on his own right before his third birthday thus leaving behind orthotics and walkers. Right after his third birthday, Josh was diagnosed with Kabuki Make-up Syndrome. At the time, there were only a handful of children diagnosed outside of Japan where the syndrome was first diagnosed. It is not a genetic anomaly; at least that is the case for now. The diagnosis is solely based on characteristics. The main one being hypotonia, or low muscle tone along with mental retardation.

Josh has attended Greg Rogers since he was 2 years old and it was through his APE instructor, Ms Judy Rotter, that we are contacting your organization. My husband is in law enforcement and has volunteered to do many charity events for Athlete's Helping Athletes over the years not thinking that our son may some day benefit as well from all the work you do for the physically challenged. Josh is now 9 and as he is growing, the need for his physical well being is becoming very apparent. He falls a lot and lacks a lot of leg and upper arm muscle, all things we are working on through OT, PT and APE, currently at Rogers. We have signed him up for swim lessons and the thing is, he is the oldest of 4 brothers and Josh is unable to participate on bike rides with his brothers. We have tried a tandem bike and even bought him a go-kart style car and the biggest tricycle we could find, he either outgrows them or is unable to physically take on the challenge. Our hope is that you can help us get a cycle that Josh could benefit from so he can continue to stay involved and fit. This year he played Challengers baseball and is signed up with AYSO for the fall, he loves to be active and tries to keep up with the kids in his age group. You would definitely make a big difference in Josh's life if you were able to help provide him with some sort of a cycle.

We thank you for giving us an opportunity.

The Ayala Family
July, 2005

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