Sam Foss
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Sam Foss

Sam Foss

I want a handcycle because it's fun and it's easy. I also like fishing, kayaking, boating and waterskiing. I like to go to school, we play kickball.

Sam Foss
January, 2005

Sam is my 11-year-old dynamo! He is a socially engaging young man who likes to tell people jokes. One of Sam's great loves is animals. He enjoyus taking care of his three pet tarantulas: Skipper, Pirate, and Sailor. Sam also helps to care for our 2 dogs, Ella & Frankie.

Sam enjoys school, especially when he can write stories about ships. He spends his free time mostly building with legos. He is currently building a lego model of the U.S.S. Constellation Battleship. He is also building a little clubhouse in our backyard with the help of a family friend.

Sam was first introduced to handcycling at the 2004 Colorado Wheelchair Sports Camp. He absolutely enjoyed the handcycling and he couldn't wait to get on one again. In July, he attended a waterski camp sponsored by Adaptive Adventures. He was able to handcycle again at that event as well. In fact, he cycled so much that he developed blisters only after the first day! The second day, he insisted on more handcycling, even though his blisters were broken and sore.
The summer of 2004 was a wonderful experience of "First" for Sam. He participated in not only handcycling, but adaptive waterskiing, kayaking, tennis, archery, ice hockey, and basketball. His future plans include more of the same, and also some fishing and boating. He really enjoys the water. Sam learned this summer that he can truly do many things,and his confidence levels have really soared. He is more at ease with himself when he is around his friends at school, especially on the playground and in the physical education class, because he knows that he is capable of doing most anything. Unfortunately, due to a history of concussions, Sam wears a safety helmet at school, which has made him feel very self-conscious around his peers. But, since his introduction to sports and activities-at his level-he is beginning to overcome this.

Sam doesn't use a wheelchair, but a walker and crutches. He is insistent on not having a wheelchair, but we do plan on investing in an electric scooter in the near future.
Sam has cerbral palsy, due to complications during his birth. He has had several surgeries and does regular physical therapy. He attends a local elementary school and is in the fifth grade.

Thank you for your consideration!

Cindy Foss

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