Travis MacDonald
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Travis MacDonald

Travis MacDonald

Hi, my name is Travis MacDonald. I'm in 7th grade and go to Molalla River Middle School. My hobbies are playing basketball, fishing, hunting, and finding trails.

I would like a handcycle so I could ride bikes with my parents across the street and campgrounds. Also, my friend Ian from OUS Portland would like me to ride on a bridge tour in Portland. Thank you for considering to get me a handcycle

Travis MacDonald

To whom it may concern:

Travis MacDonald is an energetic, outgoing 14-year-old teenager. He is in 7th grade at Molalla River Middle School in Molalla, in Molalla, Oregon. He was born September 6, 1991 with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 3. He has an almost always positive attitude. His neuromuscular disease was recognized at the age of 2 after his movements were different from other kids his age. His spinal Muscular Dystrophy is thank God not life threatening however, muscles is deteriorating from the neck down. When he got into kindergarten he was able to walk and run a little, even ride the regular school us for a few months, until one day he fell out of the school bus underneath it, then they put him on a disability bus. As he got older his leg muscles weakened considerably, with in 3 months, at age 11 he lost the ability to walk and stand.

When he was 9 years old, we tried to find an activity for him to participate in, such as a club or sport. Since we live in a rural area, there were only school programs and sports in which he was not able to keep up with the rest of the kids. Then we found (WOW) Winners on Wheels from Oregon, he was able to participate in this program. Now that he is older he helps other, less able kids in this program, achieve accomplishment. Two years ago, Travis was invited to a wheelchair sports clinic in Seattle; this I can really say changed his life! To find out that there are sports for disabled people - what a blessing. Travis joined the Junior Sonics Basketball team in Seattle and has absolutely blossomed with being able to do a physical and competitive sport and being around other kids that are just like him. Last year Travis received a loaner cycle, for about 2 weeks and really enjoyed this. We went to an Oregon State Park camping with it and you should have seen him go all over the park. Handcycling for Travis is a wonderful sport; it helps keep his muscles at least on the upper body as strong as possible. It is a good balance for wheelchair basketball, since that season only lasts about 7 months in a year. Travis is a very caring teenager and has despite his progressing disability a positive outlook on his life. When you hear him talk about his future, jobs etc., you would think that he is not disabled. I would like to give you an example about his positive attitude. He was watching the news with my husband about the soldiers coming home from Iraq and he said to my husband, 'It would be nice to meet a soldier that comes back from duty disabled, to tell him that being in a wheelchair is OK, you can still almost do any sport that you want'.

My husband and I would greatly appreciate even the consideration of sponsoring a handcycle for Travis. This would be used as a family recreation and Travis knows some disabled Veterans in Portland that go handcycling once a month. He would loke to do these tours with them.

Thank you so much,
Sigid & Tom Maier

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