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Mens adidas Marathon 10 Running Shoe

Men's adidas Marathon 10

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Product Description:

Men's adidas® MARATHON 10 :: Forget what you remember about the old Marathon Trainer. The men's adidas® Marathon 10 takes the silhouette and styling of the original Marathon Trainer and brings it up to date with modern comfort and performance features. Enjoy advanced adiPrene cushioning throughout and the amazing Formotion® heel that adapts to your unique stride throughout your run to deliver perfect comfort. You'll also appreciate the new padded heel collar that wraps around your foot in soft security. 10.8 ounces

Features & Benefits:

  • adiPRENE insert in midsole: Comfort and shock absorption
  • adiWEAR outsole: Extremely durable outsole in high-impact areas
  • Air mesh upper: Maximum ventilation
  • Dual-layer adiLITE respoEVA sockliner: For great step-in and motion comfort
  • FORMOTION freely moving heel system: For a smoother, balanced and natural heel touchdown
  • Nonslip lining: For comfort and performance
Product ADI1602 Review

Great for marathons, overkill otherwise


I was drawn to the Marathon 10 because I loved the black/neon green design. I've never had a running shoe about which I felt strongly, so I figured I might as well have one I liked to look at. However, as soon as I got them out of the box I was a fan. These are most certainly distance running shoes. They have very low tops, which means they will never rub against your ankles and cause sores. They are also very lightweight and breathable. The top and sides consist mostly of a mesh-y fabric that facilitates airflow. In fact, the first time I wore them for a morning run in February I was surprised how chilly my feet were! This might seem a drawback (although my feet warmed up as soon as I started running), but after a few miles one becomes increasingly grateful for light and well-ventilated shoes. Of course, lightness comes at the cost of cushioning. The Marathon 10s do as well as can be expected, but that's still not super. I have a very high arch, and I'm pleased with the support they give me. However, the soles are rather flat and the tread is fairly shallow, and after longer runs on pavement I've noticed my knees twinging. In other words, these shoes are ideal if you plan to run mostly on tracks and trails; if you have concerns about your knees or ankles and want maximum cushioning, these are probably not the shoes for you. Two other small comfort notes. First, the tongue is very flimsy, which helps reduce the shoe's overall weight. However, if you don't put it exactly where you want it when you tie the shoe, it can bunch up. Second, the site recommends ordering the shoe a 1/2 size up, but I'd suggest ordering your true foot size. My foot is between a 10 and a 10.5, so I ordered 10.5s, but the toe box proved a little too long. As a result, the crease that forms when I roll through my step is a little farther up on my foot than I'd like, and it occasionally hurts my big toes. I am very fond of these shoes. I'd happily recommend them to committed distance runners, especially those who tend to run on softer surfaces. They don't make the best cross-trainers, and while they're certainly comfortable and stylish enough to work as daily walking shoes or sneakers, there are cheaper, less specialized shoes out there that work just as well. Next time I need a running shoe, though, I'm coming right back for my next pair of Marathon 10s.

The Dashing Dandy

Elkton, MD


great shoe


A podiatrist, who is the best doctor I have ever seen, recommended the old Marathon Trainer to me in the eighties. He recommended the same shoe to most of his patients who ran as a step toward better running. He did this before trying any other treatment measures such as orthotics. We all lamented the disappearance of the old Marathon Trainer when it was taken off the market. In the absence of the old Marathon Trainer, I tried many of the major brands and could rate their shoes no better than a C to B-. When I saw the new M-10 and read about it, I immediately ordered a pair and a week later I ordered another pair. For over 25 years, I haverun sixty to seventy miles per week and run everyday without fail. Therefore a god shoe is very important to me. Now with the new M-10, I am once again enjoying the feel of running. In this shoe my feet seem to function naturally as opposed to fighting with a shoe that has too much cushioning and too many artificial support devices. The shoe has a smooth natural feel, and as I run with no socks in this shoe it is almost like running barefoot. Great shoe. Welcome back, M-10. Dean in Iowa

Running forever



Addidas Marathon 10s ARE the real deal


I run on average 30 miles per week. I am 175 pounds now and have lost 45 pounds total. I started out running 2-3 miles a day with a pair of asics. 3 months into my running I switched to these shoes. Just with the switch I dropped off a little over a minute on my 2 mile run straight out of the box. I continued to train with them and right away noticed faster run times and better proproception. Before all of this I was not an avid runner, so I dont have a lot to compare with. I also tried Nike free runs and found them to hurt me more than help me. I returned to the marathon 10s, and have continued to increase my length and reduce times on my runs. I ran a ten miler with the asics before switching and 3 months later ran with my marathon 10s and lost 11 minutes from that first ten miler. The proximal lip on the back of the shoe give a little direction in your step helping your stability along with them being light and breathable for me is the entire package. I never wore addidas before this, but now i will never switch to another shoe. From my experiences I believe this shoe is for everyone. I will be doing my first marathon in these shoes a few months from now. Cant wait

SGT Franz

Basra Iraq


Miracle shoes


I am preparing for the Boston Marathon, second marathon, first was Dublin, ran with other brand no problem, switched shoes in January based on a friend recommendation and ended up with severe achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis to a point where I could no longer train. Being a physician I saw my local orthopedist who suggested physical therpay, voltaren gel, anti inflammatory medications, and of course rest, hot and cold, heel cups, Strassburg Socks, insoles, orthotics wobble board, incline board etc. Followed orders strictly for a month, no help. Pain was so bad it killed to take off shoe or walk around the bed every morning, how was I to run a marathon. By chance I purchased the Marathon 10, the first pair of Adidas I ever owned. The first day I ran 20miles and had no pain, no burning and no problems, the pain disappeared completely while running of all things. Unbelievabe. Consider this a miracle and would recommend these to all. I believe the sole design allows the foot to react to the impact(proprioception) limiting heel trauma on impact.

Boston Tom

Port Charlotte, Florida


The LunarGlide+ Archnemesis


An exemplary Adidas product. After first trying the Nike LunarGlide+ I was confident the Marathon 10 would fall (well) short and fail to overcome my bias. I was impressively wrong. I've run predominantly in Nike, Adidas and New Balance--these are by far the best. This is such a well sorted neutral shoe. It doesn't dictate my strike; running is loose and nimble. It's effortless with superior ventilation, a phenomenal tongue and great laces. The attention to detail and aesthetics are apparent. Very importantly, I believe the Adiprene compression/rebound damping (as we say with motorcycles) is balanced front to rear. Give it a shot a don't let Nike branding alone win you over. If you like the LunarGlide+ hybrid which floats between neutral and stability, you may very well LOVE the purpose-built Marathon 10.


Lompoc, CA


simply fun to run in


They allow my gait to be natural and fluid (which should translate to running injury free). I have been running for over 30 years and have run in some excellent shoes. This is the best I have run in since the NB 827 of the late 90s as far as just feeling like its working with me not fighting me. I got my son a pair for High School Cross Country and he also really likes them. I use these for running primarily on dirt surfaces. And because I have had some recent issues with achilles tendonitis (that was the motivation for finding a new pair of running shoes) I have added a heal lift. I am not up to 100% but I am making progress. Thanks Adidas!


Glendale, AZ


So good, I'm on my second pair


I run 6-7 days per week and have used these shoes almost exclusively for the past few months. They felt amazing from the very first time I put them on and only get better/more comfortable with each run. I have run everything from mile repeats to 15 mile long runs without the hint of discomfort. I am a physical therapist who specializes in running injuries and have recommended this shoe to some of my patients and will continue to do so.

Steve V.

St. Augustine, Florida


Great lightweight trainer


I really dug these shoes for the first two weeks, but seemed like the midsole was breaking down pretty fast. I would classify these shoes as more of a Performance Neutral shoe than simply Neutral. These shoes are very light and very flexible, but I don't think I'd recommend them for a high mileage runner unless he has perfect biomechanics. I'm now reserving these shoes for speed training days and am buying something a bit more stout for longer runs. The yellow/blue color scheme looks cool, Retro, and fast Sizing seems comparable to other Adidas products I've owned. I measure to a size 11 and routinely buy a size 12. This shoe is no exception.


Atlanta, GA


Best Shoe I Have Ran In


I am hoping raodrunner continues to offer this shoe. It is possibly the best shoe I have ran in and it seems to be durable as well. I have been running in a pair for about 9 months and they are starting to show alot of wear. I am in the market for a new pair and will buy another pair of the Marathon 10s even if I have to purchase them at another store. Thanks Adidas for a wonderful and lasting running shoe for a change.


Pikeville, TN


Light, Fast,


I got this show as a "walk around" show in Royal/Yellow. But once I got it, I decided to run in it and absolutely loved it. Great traction, light. The only concern I have is that it felt a bit narrow on my long runs (14+ miles). I got show in 12.5 - that is my standard size for Asics and Newton Sir. I decided to return my Sir Newton and ordered another pair in 13. Want to see if the bigger toe box will make a difference.


Dallas, TX


Minimal shoe review


A well made, comfortable " minimal" shoe. As such, perfect for carefully,gently introducing it into your runs to exercise your feet, and avoid future injuries. Not enough support for me to train in for longer than a few miles at a time or per week. There are "performance" shoes for that. At 10 ounces, there are racing flats that are lighter, and offer more support.

Mickey the SS Shamrocker

Davis. CA










Today I was educated by by Marathon 10's, I was always looking for the running shoe that gave cushion,endurance,comfort and responsive, well people I found it!! Adidas did it !! i took them today for a 15 miler and was amazed !! No pain in feet or legs and the shoes smiled too!! : )

Mike S.

Rice Lake,WI


Superb Shoe


I have completely stopped using my Lunarglides thanks to the M10. This shoe is solid on all leves and makes running a complete joy! I love this shoe and after 3 weeks and 75 miles it is holding up beautifully. Has a great low to the road feel with all the needed cushioning, will be running a 1/2 this weekend and this is definitely my shoe of choice!


Las Vegas


Amazing turnout


This product has been the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn in my entire life. This is a must buy for the serious, and committed runner at any stage of the game. It's not just good for endurance, but it is lightweight enough for good sprints too.

Beastly Runner

Newport, OR


light weight trainer, good for 10k & up


comfortable shoe with minimal additions to inhibit natural running. A good shoe for those who want to transition to minimalist shoes. A plus is that traction is good on wet surfaces, & all but the most technical trails.

sh runner 1

r eno, nevada


Simple and light


Decent running shoe. Light and simple. A bit narrow in the toe-box/up front, but otherwise good for 5-10K distance. Trying something a bit cheaper than my Mizunos. Holding out well to both road and gravel/trail so far, but they don't seem super durable.


Los Angeles


I have already purchased a second pair


The Marathon 10 is a terrific lightweight trainer. They wore out sooner than some shoes, but I also use them on trails. I have been searching for a replacement for the Supernova's of old for about 5 years. I may have found it

Little Hoodie



Fantastic Shoe


I ran in this for my first marathon and it was super. In comparison with my typical training shoes, these weighed next to nothing. My feet were the only things on me that didn't hurt.

Stephen the Runner

Oxford Ct


These Bad Boys Are Awesome!


Ok, I'm not going to lie. I gave these shoes a few months of a trial run before I submitted anything, and well it's time I do. First impressions: When I slid my foot into the shoe I knew this was going to be a great running shoe. From the get go these shoes amazed me. From the comfortable feel, to the spacing in the toe box. Everything was perfect. The tongue is a bit loose and you do have to tug on it a bit when you put it on to get a comfortable fit, and the heel support does tent to rub on your Achilles and it may cause a blister but pull your socks high enough and that problem is automatically negated making for a great run. Lasting impressions: I will buy this shoe again. As soon as these ones wear out that is. It feels true to size (sometimes going a half size larger helps) and there is plenty of space in the toe box for us folks with wide feet. They have plenty of traction, ample arch support, and breathes well. For the price these shoes cant be beaten.


Boiling Springs, NC


Will buy another pair.


I ran a 10k in these and they were great shoes. They need a little more bounce to them though for concrete, great for pavement and trails though.


Phoenix, AZ


I'm flying with my Marathon 10....


After a few years with Asics and Saucony now i'm back with Adidas...and i'm so happy!!! Great brand at a good price. Thanks Roadrunner sports!!!

Tri Livio

San Jose, Costa Rica


Style and comfort


A very stylish shoe produced in striking colours. So many running shoes look dull but these are a definite exception. I've had my pair for just 3 weeks and have used them for distances up to 10km. They fit my feet very snuggly, so much so that it feels like I'm running in a pair of my favourite slippers! They are also very light which I find helpful when trying to run faster - especially uphill. The name Marathon is a bit of a misnomer because (although I've never run a marathon) I doubt these shoes would give enough support and cushioning over 42km. They also provide only minimal lateral support for the achilles tendon due to the retro profile. If you're looking for a smart looking and comfortable running shoe for moderate distances, the Marathon 10 would be a terrific choice.




Close to Perfection


This is my second pair and I primarily use them for intervals and tempo runs. They are light, fast and yet provide enough cushion for longer runs. I especially appreciate them in Olympic distance triathlon's. After the swim and cycle it's a real boost to slip into these. I may not use them in a marathon but they are perfect for 10 K's up to half's. I just hope Adidas doesn't change the model!


Vancouver, BC


can't ask for anything more


my last favorite shoe was adidas competion 8 years ago . they just remade my favorite shoe under under a new name . with a better sole . first run 10 miles just keep on going . great job adidas.


new york


Lightweight, great ride!


I run 15 miles a week. I love a firm insole, not too squishy. Marathon 10 is perfect. Previous model, the "Blue" Marathon 10 had a flimsy upper. It wore out quickly. The current "Black" is a lot tougher.


Dallas, Texas


So far so good


I run daily, 3-6 miles depending on how I feel. I am a little on the heavy side, about 225lbs. After 2 days of running on a elipitical machine with these shoes my feet are totally killing me, maybe my feet need to adjust to the new shoes, maybe it is my weight or maybe it is my feet. Initially I would not recommend a heavier person that runs a lot to get these, maybe after a few weeks my feet will adjust....hope so because they look and feel great when not running.


Kandahar Afghanistan


Great shoes


great shoes, light to run in.



great shoes


great shoes; light




Marathon 10


light,well cushioned




Mens adidas Marathon 10 Running Shoe

4.6 33


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