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Mens ASICS GEL-Nimbus 13 Running Shoe

Men's ASICS GEL-Nimbus 13

Item #ASC1494

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Product Description:

Men's ASICS® GEL-NIMBUS® 13 :: You'll be amazed by how smooth your run can be when you slip on the men's ASICS® GEL-Nimbus® 13! Enjoy a lighter, livelier run even over long distances. You'll benefit from the 3/4 of an ounce weight loss thanks to the light, springy Solyte® foam under the forefoot. And you'll enjoy more forward momentum with the full-length guidance line. You can expect to feel lighter on your feet, with amazing extra cushioning and shock absorbing properties, too! You'll think these shoes were engineered just for you thanks to the tailored, biomorphic design and asymmetrical lacing for a snug, customized fit. 11.5 ounces

Features & Benefits:

  • Expect a balanced, smooth heel-to-toe transition with each stride thanks to the ASICS® Impact Guidance System®
  • Your feet will feel great with rearfoot and forefoot silicone GEL® cushioning systems that reduce impact and absorb shock
  • Look forward to superior cushioning from Solyte® midsoles
  • Let your feet move naturally with the ASICS® Space Trusstic® System
  • Increase your flexibility and gait efficiency with Guidance Line® technology
  • Fall in love with the customized fit of the stretchy, Biomorphic Fit uppers and asymmetrical lacing
  • Enjoy an extra layer of cushioned support thanks to the ComforDry™ sock liners
  • Your feet will love the durability and responsiveness of outsoles constructed from the ASICS® High Abrasion Rubber and DuraSponge
Product ASC1494 Review


first 5 mile


Asics has been tweaking the nimbus line for the last couple of versions. The Nimbus 13 is not different in that way. I did try a 5 mile run as soon as I received the pair. The cushioning was exactly the same as was in my nimbus 12, though mine is now worn out. The transition felt the same. The fit is a bit roomier in the front. The one thing that I keep posting and hope that asics would do a better job is the heat management. nimbus has not been a great shoe in terms of alleviating the heat build up inside the shoes, especially after longer runs. That has not been addressed. The Looks, finally, asics has taken note and brought out some fascinating colors. The reduction of weight is not noticeable though it feels good when you know it.

K the runner



200lb man and x-wide feet


Running outside with the Nimbus 13 is a dream. The "fire" color scheme mentally encourages me to try to run faster. Cushioning is the best, I'm 200lbs at 5ft 8in, x-wide (4e) feet and medium arch. I feel no pain with these on and running over 3.25 miles.

developing runner

Ashburn, VA


Nike Vomero+ 6 vs. Asics GEL-Nimbus 13


I've been running in these shoes for a short while. They're very plush and nicely cushioned (as mentioned). They're a perfect fit for my narrow-to-medium width, high arched, size 11.5 feet. I almost "popped" for the Nike Zoom Vomero+ 6 shoes, but my wife mentioned that I always had good luck with Asics running shoes (my favorite shoe is still the Asics X Caliber GT's - circa 1982). Money is tight right now, so I had no room for error (as much as I wanted the Zoom Vomero's). The Nike Zoom Vomero+ 6's have a "waffle sole" which I have issues with. As flakey as it may sound, my left foot is comfortable in a "waffle sole;" whereas, it feels as if the waffle pattern is coming through the shoe and directly into my right foot. Go figure... Bottom-line... it rules out the Nike Zoom Vomero+ 6's as far as I'm concerned. I've run in two pairs of Asics Cumulus shoes, and really enjoyed them, so I took the chance on the Gel-Nimbus 13s. I researched the shoe, and liked what Runner's World's had to say about this model in their 2011 Summer Shoe Guide. All-in-all, I'm very pleased with the ASICS Gel-Nimbus 13s. It doesn't feel bulky or heavy in any way. If anything, it's the perfect compliment to my body weight (a heavier runner), and my ambitions (getting into shape as quickly as possible and running a 20-miler or a marathon in 2013). Best of luck in whatever you decide to run in, but I've got to tell you that I'm totally satisfied with my Gel-Nimbus 13s. BTW, as RoadRunnerSports recommends, it's best to go a half-size plus for this shoe. I normally run in a size 11 shoe, but I ordered an 11.5 (1/2 size up as RoadRunnerSports advised). I'm happy I did. Wishing all terrific 2011-2013 running seasons.

X Caliber GT

Madison, WI


Just didn't work for me.


After loving the GN11, less so a slightly tighter, slightly less cushioned GN12, I decided to give the 13 a shot, and order the wide version. Unbelievable that I could line up the 3 side-by-side and see a narrowing forefoot and toebox in successive versions. This 2E was worst of the three even though the other two were regular width. Change in design? Quality control? I have no idea! I have to say objectively this feels like a well built shoe. Heel and cushioning and support. Just needed more room up front.


Danbury, CT

Just OK


Perhaps I expected too much. I have friends that raved about Asics shoes. I personally was a Mizuno Wave Rider user for the past couple of years. I was slightly dissatisfied with the 14, so I thought I might try something new. After looking around I thought the nimbus was the way to go. I am neutral, 6'1" 205, and these shoes are meant for a heavier runner. I took them right out of the box and ran 3.5 miles. There are extenuating circumstances, but I felt some old aches and pains that I hadn't felt for a while, in the first mile. I was able to finish my run, without any major pains, the shoes were coming around by the end of the run. So perhaps a second review could be in order at a later date. If I had it to do over again, I would have bought the latest iteration of the Wave Rider series. Just goes to show that, if it isn't broken, don't fix it. Hopefully they just need some breaking in. Decent shoes, the Wave Riders are just my opinion.


Nashville, TN


Nice Update


This is the 4th strait year Ive bought the Nimbus....the 10 was too funky looking with the spiderman web on it so I went with the [...] exclusive Gel Platinum.....which was a remake of Nimbus 7....then got the 11,12 and this one...the Nimbus 13 is by far the softest and most cushioned yet.....they are at the point now where you cant get any softer....they have maxed it out for sure....the feel is alittle different than the last few years...they seem built up feel alittle higher up in them....I run 3-4 days aweek....5-6 miles....did 5 miles right out of the box....all on the blisters or anything like that....had sum heal slipage but that was my fault.....I bought different laces 4 them that are a stretchy type....already took them back out and put in the laces that came with them.....fixed that problem.....good job nailed it once again...cant wait 4 more colors of this shoe in the coming months.


Greensburg, PA


A big improvement of a great shoe


I've developed a severe case of plantar fasciitis from wearing sub standard shoes while officiating basketball and football (they force us to wear cheap non supportive black shoes). I loved my Nimbus 12's and bought 3 pair last year while running 16 - 20 miles per week. The 13's are even better. They have a little more stability and support in the upper and a tad more cushion in the sole. While my running has been severly curtailed due to my plantar fasciitis, I still wear them on the eliptical and while walking. The Nimbus 13's are on my feet whenever I'm not in bed along with Spenco inserts. I really feel they are the only thing keeping me from being in pain all the time. I'm stoked the Nimbus 13's come in black this time around. I plan on using them for the upcoming football season. They look great with jeans by the way.


Costa Mesa CA


I've had a lot of shoes


I have 200 miles on my pair, so I didn't just run in this shoe once and give it a great review like most do. I've run in almost every brand and in a variety of models. I've also owned 6 different pairs of the Nimbus now 7,8,9,10,12, and 13, this is my favorite model and I think the best overall shoe I've ever run in. From the 12, these are the changes I noticed 1. Toe box is slightly narrower but the new box worked fine for me with no problems. 2. the midsole is thicker and softer. 3. The shoe is lighter and this is noticeable 4. There is no traditional heel counter. Obviously, I cannot guarantee that you will like this shoe or that it will work for you. You won't even know if you like the shoe until you've run in it for a couple months. But this is one shoe I will probably go through more than 1 pair of the same model, and that is rare for me.

AZ Runner

San Tan Valley, AZ


Consistent and reliable


I've been running the Nimbus since version 5 or 6. It has been my regular trainer for years. Version 13 is little changed from its predecessors, and I'm happy for that. I run 25-40 mi per week, have average arch and neutral transition from heel to toe. I weigh 180 lbs at 6' tall and appreciate the ample cushioning the Nimbus model has always provided. My only issue, and this has more to do with change in my form than the shoe, is that my footstrike has migrated toward and I now land more on the ball of my foot, where there is a bit less cushioning in the Nimbus. Again, this has more to do with change in my form than the Nimbus. The Nimbus remains an excellent trainer for a heavy-framed, neutral runner like myself who logs middle-range weekly mileage.

Bela in Brooklyn



Cusion while feeling nimble


It great when you find the right shoe. With so many choices we often go through a lot of choices before finding the right one. My only negative is the forefoot curved-in last has me touching the outside forefoot area, but losening the lower area laces has helped a lot. Currently I am not running as fast as I normal. This shoe seems perfect for building my miles back up with a soft feel and plenty of flex. The few times I've picked-up the pace, the shoe has felt perfect. I expect to keep on with this shoe for a few months. I suspect I'll be in a 2nd and 3rd pair.

A lifetime ago

Dallas, TX


great shoe


I have had the last five versions and this one is the best. the changes are I started with a 9.5 size now with this version i needed a 10.5.It is lighter and you can tell a difference. I would go up half a size if you had the 12 version. For the people saying they wear out. You shouldn't be running on a shoe for 400 miles you are only hurting yourself. Even if a shoe looks fine after this many miles it is destroyed as far as support and cushioning. I know these shoes are expensive but they are cheaper than x-rays, mri's, and doctor visits. IN conclusion great cushioned shoe replace after 250-350 miles and enjoy your run.

go vols runner

cleveland ohio


Best Gel-Nimbus to date


The Gel Nimbus has been my running shoe of choice for years (can't remember how many I've bought). The 13 is a significant improvement over the 12. The 3/4oz weight reduction really is noticeable while the design changes seem to make the shoe breathe better. These are not inexpensive shoes. I've had to replace the earlier models every 3 months or so (roughly 400-450 miles), and the comparable New Balance seems to last a bit longer. We'll see if the redesign has an impact on longevity with the 13.

Jake the Delivery Dude

Atlanta, GA


Fits like a glove


I have been using these shoes for about 3 months. I was skeptical to change from New Balance, but I gave it a try. The Nimbus-13 was a little tight at first, but after a couple of runs, the shoe formed well to my foot and I have ZERO problems with them. They are lightweight, breath extremely well, and fit like a glove. I am a heavy runner 190+ lbs, and I have no pain in my back or knees on any surface. Will definitely buy again and I have already recommended them to several friends...and they all love them too!


Yuma, AZ


Toe box is narrowed from Nimbus 12


I have run in Numbus 11's then two pair of 12's and then got these and at first I thought they would work well until I started getting some painful foot cramps. I figured out the toe box was more narrow than the 12's and cuasing the foot cramps so I sent them back. The 14's I tried on seemed the same so I'm going to have to say goodbye to the Nimbus line. If you can stand a narrow toe box these are great shoes otherwise.


Iowa City, IA

Excellent Shoe For Heavy Runners


This is my second pair of GEL-NIMBUS shoes, they are great shoes for heavy runners (I'm 5'11" 200lbs). After having endured 2 knee operations and planters fasciitis for the past 3 years. these shoes have allowed me to run in comfort once again. The only issue is the heel support broke down on the right shoe after approxamately 100 miles. This may be due to the road conditions here in Afghanistan.


FOB Sharana Afghanistan


Very nice!


I'm on the larger side (6'7"..230lbs) so good shoes are important to me. I run about 30-40mi/ week and have been a Mizuno fan for the last 5+ years. I decided to "retry" the Asics and went with the gel Nimbus 13. My first run in them was "awesome". They were super comfy right out of the box and the cushioning was amazing! I had NO issues and felt I could've run "forever". I think Asics has won me back over!


Milwaukee, WI


Im a marathon runner


Last year I started with the gel nimbus 12s with blue arch support insoles to run all my marathons. The durability of those shoes lasted for that year only. The wear and tear happened at the toe area of the shoe with whole tears on top and depleted soles. These 13s are very similar to the 12s after the first 3months. I imagine the durability would be the same. Otherwise, its a comfortable shoe.

at 24 fitness guy

San Diego, CA


Best Trainers


I run nearly 80 miles a week (mostly on the road) and the gel nimbus 13 work great for me. They have plenty of gel cushioning and are now even lighter then past models. I find that I like the way the 13 wraps my heel better then 12. I always wear asics trainers this is my third pair of the nimbus. I switched to the GT 2160 and had problems with them. The Gel Nimbus 13 are a great trainer.

XC Runner 13



Love my Nimbus 13


Oh WOW!!!! I recently got the Asics Nimbus 13 and they are awesome. Plenty of cushioning, and I did purchase custom inserts due to mild planters fasciitis. When I used it first it was like night and day compare to my old Asics Speedstar. I did not feel any pain or pressure where I used to feel. The only thing about these shoes are that it is not very breathable. Overall great shoes.

Raw dough

san Diego, ca


Great asics shoe


It has been a while since I have bought the nimbus. I found them to be heavy and firm. But the nimbus 13's took my breath away. I usually have been wearing the Nike Vomero's, which are still my favouites, but I really do like what asics have done with this shoe. It fits great and is cushioning is soft. The way I like it. Good on you asics.


Melbourne, Australia


Nimbus 13 is perfect - 205lbs, 4E


Nimbus 13 are the best shoes from Asics for me! 9.5, 4E fits like a glove with enough wiggle room for my toes. I like how the shoes hug my feet everywhere and it's very cushioned (great!). I tried Nimbus 14 and HATE them. I bought 3 pairs of these just in case Nimbus 15 is a bust.

Just a guy

Northern, VA


Not for me


I'm not naive enough to give these a bad score because they are great shoes. They just didn't work well with my feet. They rubbed pretty bad in some areas and felt a bit more narrow than the New Balance 2E. I wanted to give them a shot but I will just be buying the NB1080s.


Lewisville, TX


Gel Marko Doppelganger


Reminds me of the old Gel Marko. Normally run in DS trainers. 185lbs 6'2"- Avg 40m/week Trying to get used to all this cushion. The Nimbus is so comfortable, I have to make a conscious effort to keep from running on my heels-got to be careful of that, otherwise great for the concrete roads.


Dallas, TX


The right shoe and the right fit


I've tried them all- from Nike to Brooks, but keep coming back to Nimbus. Just upgraded from the 12's to the 13's and love them. I run an average of 40 miles per week (all road)they hold up on the my long runs (18 miles). Run, don't walk to your nearest running store and give them a try. You won't be disappointed!


washington dc


Would not buy again; returned shoes


Shoes were too narrow; and too small. I normally buy a 13, but purchased a 14 in this shoe - still were too small. I had toe problems, and even sustained a minor leg injury after using this shoe. I returned the shoes for an exchange.

Mark R.

Fernandina Beach, FL


Great Shoe


I had been running in the Vomero, a good shoe but thought I should change. What a difference? I alternate between the shoes. My 10K times are consistently better than with the Nike and my legs don't seem to be as fatigued.




Just Right!


I switched to this shoe after using Brooks Glycerin 9 came out (I loved the 8's) and was too small in the toe box, I tried these comparable shoes and it felt and fit just right for my long runs and marathons.

Fireman Steve

Las Vegas Nevada


Plush Ride


Great shoe. Plush, cushioned ride. I am a 200+ lbs runner and this shoe is great. Looks great, feels great. Seems very light for this much of a shoe. I love the red/yellow/black color scheme.


Harker Heights, TX


Great shoe for heavy runners


I would recommend these shoes. I went into a running store and they recommended these because I have high arches and I am a big dude. I am 250 lbs and 6'3. Been using the nimbus ever since.


Salt lake city, ut


Great shoe


Love this shoe. Comfortable and lightweight. I took them out of the box and ran 5 miles and they felt like they had already been broken in. I might buy another pair they felt so good.


Henrico, Virginia


Mens ASICS GEL-Nimbus 13 Running Shoe

4.6 32


Watch the Men's ASICS GEL-Nimbus 13 Video!

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