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Mens Brooks PureCadence Running Shoe

Men's Brooks PureCadence

Item #BRK1052

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Product Description:

Men's BROOKS® PURECADENCE® :: If you've been waiting to join the natural running movement this is the shoe for you. The men's Brooks® PureCadence™ offers the support you love from a stability shoe while still getting the light, flexible feel that makes a more minimal shoe so appealing. You'll love the comfort and slight arch correction. And the unique inverted heel along with the split toe box offer improved run efficiency by keeping you more centered and balanced. 9.5 ounces


! Endangered Shoe [?]

Features & Benefits:

  • Inverted Heel encourages contact points to shift forward: Aligns the joints and creates optimal energy return.
  • Split toe forefoot feature designed to isolate first ray (big toe): Independently empowers the big toe to engage the runner's natural stability, creating a more efficient and aligned toe off.
  • Blended version of BioMogo & DNA smart cushioning.: Adaptively tunes the cushioning and responsiveness to the specific needs of each and every runner.
  • Elastic band ( Nav Band) wraps over the instep: Creates a comfortable, assured arch fit. Enhancing fit and feel. Offering additional support assurance when needed.
  • Anatomical last mimics shape of foot: Contours the foot. Minimizes the use of material to provide true support and a glove-like feel.
  • Internal PDRB (Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar): Helps prevent overpronation.
Product BRK1052 Review


  • Country of Origin: China

Excellent shoes!


Normally train in Adrenaline, ST5, Ravenna, and some in the Green Silence. And these have become my go to shoe for races and alot of my training. Great support and really wasnt expecting the cushy feel these shoes have. And although they are cushy they still provide excellent feedback from the road. Its gonna be hard to leave the ST5 home on raceday, but thede shoes are really amazing!


Oklahoma City


My new favorite shoe


I have high arches but still have mild overpronation. My normal shoe was the Ravenna 2. Great shoe, I had over 900 miles in the couple of pairs I owned. I started alternating short runs with the Saucony Fastwitch 5 just for strengthening purposes. I liked the Fastwitch, but the Ravenna was always my favorite, especially for long runs (15+ miles). When my Fastwitches wore out, I replaced them with the PureCadence, and suddenly I was totally hooked on this shoe. Now I don't want to run in anything else. The PureCadence is a really comfortable, fast feeling shoe. I tend to run short runs faster than normal, even when I'm trying not to. On long runs, I have absolutely no issues with this shoe - there is plenty of support/padding. I have about 120 miles on these shoes so far and they have become the one and only shoe that I run in - whether its 4 miles or 20 miles. The PureCadence just feels very different - better - than other shoes. The only question I have about this shoe is durability. I'm not even sure how to detect when the shoes are wearing out (other than tracking miles). Typically, it's obvious that a shoe is done when you start to see creasing in the midsole. The PureCadence exhibit this appearance almost immediately (like after a few runs). I don't think it's because they are worn out, it's just because the midsole material is so much more "foamy" (or less "rubbery") than typical running shoes. In any case, I am expecting 300-350 miles out of these shoes (I expected/got 450 miles with the Ravenna 2).


Gilbert, AZ


Great running shoes


I recommend these running shoes without any hesitation. They are light, very breathable and have the perfect combination of cushioning and minimalistic feeling. I have used Adrenaline GTS12 and Asics Kayano17 all outstanding running shoes but once I ran with the purecadence that was it. Trail & road running, Speed workouts and long runs; not a problem...

East Lake Runner

San Diego, CA


Nice transition


Decided a few months back to change running style to become more of a mid-foot striker. Have run in Brooks for years and was most recently in the Adrenalines, which I liked. Looked long and hard at Newtons, but so enjoy the Brooks fit that I didn't want to give them up. Saw the Pure Cadence on the endangered list at a great price, so decided to take the plunge and buy shoes that would force me to continue with my running transition. Great choice. My first run out of the box was a good five miles and they felt great. I now have several runs of different lengths on these shoes and my legs feel great and my running style is now totally changed to a mid/forefoot strike as opposed to heel striking. I am 5' 11" and 182 lbs. I was worried about having enough cushioning to absorb the impact, but not an issue. With a more narrow foot, Brooks have always been a better fit for me. These do not dissapoint. I look forward to each run in these shoes. Before, I was started to lose my motivation to run. My only reason for not giving 5 stars is because I haven't had them long enough to determine their durability.


Charleston, SC


Awesome Shoes


After running in several minimalist type shoes such as the Saucony Kinvara (loved them but wore unevenly and quickly) and Mirage (good) and Vibram FiveFingers (good for shorter distances), I found myself needing a little more support as I moved to longer distances (Half-marathon and up). Unfortunately, I still wanted a lightweight and low heel-toe drop shoe, but could not find this in anything out there. Finally, the Brooks PureCadence fits the bill perfectly. Enough arch support to help on my long runs but still light and low enough to not interrupt my stride. As an added bonus, these shoes are absolutely the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my foot! The shoe hugs the heel and midfoot yet is wide enough in the toebox. You have to try this shoe on to truly believe how comfortable it is. Right out of the box I did runs of 5 miles, 4 miles with speedwork, and 11.5 miles. Every time I put them on I was surprised again at how great they felt. My wife also bought a pair and says the same thing.

Big Fan!

Lexington, MA


First minimalist shoe for me


I purchased this shoe because I'd heard good things about it from people who had worn Adrenaline's before. I'm a fairly new runner, who's worn Adrenalines for a few years now, and was looking for something lighter & different. I'm currently training for my first marathon, so I've been putting a lot of miles on. I decided to give these a shot, and right out of the box they felt great. I ran 8 miles right away, and the first thing I noticed was that I DIDN'T notice the shoes -- good sign. I've since run some longer runs in them, from 16-18 miles, and had no issues. I'm considering wearing these for the Chicago Marathon, even though most people prefer them for shorter distances. The only thing I can't comment on is durability, which remains to be seen, but so far after about 100 miles, I really like them. Also, I should note that I'm using these with Blue Superfeet inserts, which I also used in the Adrenalines.


Frankfort, IL


Great Running Shoe


I'm a nuetral runner of 5'9" / 190 that when running puts in 30-40 miles a week. I like a bit of control in my shoes and these provide that, I've also learned to mid-foot strike in these to realize their best performance. I have nothing but to good to say and recommend these for running. However, if you do more than run - say cross train. You will likely feel let down as I do. These are not for walking - even about the mall (though they look great), these are not for the elliptical (unless you enjoy your foot sliding all over the platform). So in summation a great running shoe that only falls down when put to any other use.


Seattle, WA


Light Light Light


The first run outta the box the little pads at the forefoot felt kinda strange. That disappeared after a 6 mile break in run. These shoes feel like slippers. I was worried about the minimal cushion on my run 8-15 miles runs. Never happened! At some point during every run with these shoes I notice how light they are and how the shoe fits like a glove with no slipping, it gives me a little smile and a little extra effort. *These are minimal shoes. So if your new to this type of shoe, build up slowly it takes time and lots of miles, but you will be rewarded. Other shoes I run in; trail: Brooks cadence 6/7, Inovate Rocklite, road: Asics Blur 33, Brooks green silence & pure connect

Ultra Steve

Ventura, Ca


Relatively light shoe, feel the road.


It took a mile but I got used to these shoes and started feeling really comfortable in and actually felt like I was running in shoes like I did back in the 70s. Unlike the stripped down minimalist shoes, I felt much more protection. I have been a long term heel striker but have been trying to be a mid foot striker and have made some progress. The extra stability is a nice asset and I wear the blue Superfeet as a modest insole support. Ran 5 nice miles right out of the box. Look forward to many more miles in these shoes.

Dan the Masters Runner

Chesapeake, VA.


unconventional Fit.....lower heel drop..


For me the 4 to 6 mm heel drop was deal breaker and unconventional fit....I am returning these for more traditional feel of Saucony mirage 2 .....This Brooks will appeal to alot of runners.....I prefer the fit of the Saucony which has similar heel drop.....did not like stability strap which goes over midfoot was not serving a purpose i could each their own when it comes to running shoes.....I will stick with Saucony Mirage 2 and Brooks Launch until Brooks makes them disappear soon.....


North Highlands Ca


Good shoe- too narrow for one foot


I got these shoes as I'm transitioning to mid-foot strike from heel strike. They feel totally great, except that my right foot it seems too tight. This is a problem I've had with other shoes except ASICS. I'm 6'3" and 225 lbs and these things seem to give me plenty of support and haven't given me any problems, except for being too tight on one foot. I just read how to stretch shoes, so I'm going to see if that works. I really like them!


Oceanside, CA


Excellent mid foot striker!


Bought 2 pairs to rotate after seeing benefits of the low heel to toe drop as a midfoot striker. Enjoy a lightweight stability shoe with good all weather traction. Rainy days pose a little less traction until more miles are put on them. I am 6' 2", 175, slight under pronation, and a mid foot striker. Use this shoe in Germany over paved walking paths, forest trails (dry and wet), and weekly track workouts.


Stuttgart, DE


Awesome shoe ... too narrow


First off this is a great shoe and conceptually fit the bill. I have ran in DS-Trainers, Racer ST's, Kinvara's and now these. Cushioning is there but not overwhelming, the slight stability kept me in check. Only con is that the Nav band and cushioning across the mid of the shoe is too narrow for my foot. I took a knife to it and now they are perfect. For reference I sized up and do not have a wide foot but a high arch.


Chicago, IL


Comfort, speed and stability


I really enjoy these shoes, they feel very comfortable but it's when you begin to run that you begin to really appreciate how good this shoe is. They're light and have just the right amount of support at the arch. The toe box is nice and roomy which something Saucony wearers will appreciate. It's as good a fitting shoe as I have ever worn, supportive enough for training and light enough to race in.

Tri Pro-Soap

Rockwall, TX


easy transition from adrenaline


I was happy with Brooks Adrenaline but over time they felt clunky, especially with speed work on a track. I wanted a minimal shoe but i need stability support. These felt great from the start, were fast on the track and I decided to use them as my everyday running shoes and they got me through a half marathon. Highly recommend. Not great if you are a heel runner, though these may help you to change your running form away from that.


Lincoln, RI


This is a pleasant revelation!


I use this as my everday running shoe. I have two pairs which I alternate weekly. I run about 30 miles per week. I thought they would be too minimalist to be comfortable but so far it has proven to be quite supportive. I have not had any achilles issues which I had running in Newtons and Nike. I love these shoes and will stock up on them before they go extinct.


New Milford, NJ


Great running shoe.


Started running about 5 years ago. Began running in Brooks Adrenalines which are great running shoes. Recently switched to the Pure Cadence and have decided that they are even better. I feel they have better arch support and the toe box fits my foot better. Also much lighter than the Adrenelines. I plan to try the Puredrift next. Hope for the best!!! Brooks shoes are awesome.

Running by God's Grace

Albion, IL


Great Shoe!


Training for ironman 70.3 California and was looking for a fast lightweight shoe. Tried this pair after a failed attempt with another brand. Took them for a 20 mile run right out of the box. Awesome! Comfortable, fast, light and fit the foot perfectly. Love this new technology by Brooks. Seems like I can always count on them for a great running shoe.


San Diego




Im a big guy, 5'11 260lbs. In the past Ive always been fitted for motion control clunky shoes. I always had problems. These were suggested, after I learned that I land on my mid foot during runs. At first I was skeptical, going from a clunker to a lightweight minimal shoe. My first run was awesome. No need pain, no shin splints, no aches.

Big Willie



This has become my favorite show


Use these as my evryday runner for 3 months straight ran 2 marathons in same pair. Love how they fit and feel i have had my fastest times with these and didn't feel fatigued at all.


Sunnyvale, CA


WOW what a shoe!


I find this shoe to be a dream! Comfortable like nothing else I've ever worn. Always wary of over exhuberant product reviews but add mine to the list! Great shoe! Try it for yourself.

Brooks Guy

Woodstock GA


Great Shoe!!!


I use this shoe for work and working out it is comfortable enough that i can were them ALL DAY. My whole body Feels engerized.


Auburn, WA


Best Running Shoes I've Ever Own!!!!!!!


The fit is great, as described, glove style fit. Lot of cushioning, low profile, good support.

Javier Santos

Comerío, Puerto Rico


purfect right out of the box


I just got these today and right out of the box they fit well and are extremely comfortable. I tried the Cascadia 7 in a size 12 which I usually wear and it seemes a half size too small. However when I sized up it seemed a little too large and somewhat sloppy. I opted for the Pure Cadence in my original size and they fit well.I mainly bought them for casual wear with jeans and am already thinking of getting another pair.


chicago Il.


Mens Brooks PureCadence Running Shoe

4.6 24


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