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Womens Brooks PureCadence Running Shoe

Women's Brooks PureCadence

Item #BRK1053

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Product Description:

Women's BROOKS® PURECADENCE :: If you've been waiting to join the natural running movement this is the shoe for you. The women's Brooks® PureCadence™ offers the support you love from a stability shoe while still getting the light, flexible feel that makes a more minimal shoe so appealing. You'll love the comfort and slight arch correction. And the unique inverted heel along with the split toe box offer improved run efficiency by keeping you more centered and balanced. 8.3 ounces


! Endangered Shoe [?]

Features & Benefits:

  • Inverted Heel encourages contact points to shift forward: Aligns the joints and creates optimal energy return.
  • Split toe forefoot feature designed to isolate first ray (big toe): Independently empowers the big toe to engage the runner's natural stability, creating a more efficient and aligned toe off.
  • Blended version of BioMogo & DNA smart cushioning.: Adaptively tunes the cushioning and responsiveness to the specific needs of each and every runner.
  • Elastic band ( Nav Band) wraps over the instep: Creates a comfortable, assured arch fit. Enhancing fit and feel. Offering additional support assurance when needed.
  • Anatomical last mimics shape of foot: Contours the foot. Minimizes the use of material to provide true support and a glove-like feel.
  • Internal PDRB (Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar): Helps prevent overpronation.
Product BRK1053 Review


  • Country of Origin: China



I am not a runner. I have wanted to be a runner for years. I've started every running program in the book, just to give up after just a day or two because I get horrible shin-seizing pain within minutes of starting to jog. I've used a hundred pairs of shoes. I went to a running store a few years ago, and had them analyze my gait. I bought two of the recommended pairs, and HATED them. I tried these on in a store, and really liked them. I ordered them here, and last night I ran longer and farther than I've been able to run in years, with ZERO of the leg pains I usually get. I'm in love, and absolutely grateful for these.




No turning back now


I bought these to try out for racing, thinking I would have to return them. But I am now running 10 miles at a time in them. I have previously used Gel Nimbus over the last few year and was always dealing with shin splints coming and going. I increased my miles last week from 26-41 which you are not supposed to do and I have no shin splints, no pain. I have been running my regular training routes faster than other shoes. I tried to run in my old Mizuno's today and had to take them off, they felt so stiff and un-natural. Now the question is how many miles could I safely run in these? I don't think I can go back to any other shoe.


St Louis, MO


Perfect for natural running transition


Great shoe for slowly changing my gait to a more natural running style. I have worn Brooks Adrenaline GTS for several years & have found the PureCadence to be perfect for gradually retraining from "heel striker" to "pose" running. As with the GTS, I bought the PureCadence 1 shoe size larger than my everyday shoes.

New Natural Runner



Great shoe!


I used Brooks Adrenaline with custom orthotics from my podiatrist before I tried these shoes (the teal-colored ones). I broke them in slowly by running 3 miles in them about once a week. I noticed that my calf muscles were a little sore in the beginning. I gradually increased the number of days a week until I was using them all the time. My plantar fasciitis disappeared and I am now able to run without custom orthotics. I just a marathon in them and had no problems at all. One thing I found odd, though...I got a second pair...the white/cayenne. However, I had problems with that pair and had to return them. The top of my left 4th toe kept rubbing against something that I couldn't quite figure out. They also felt a bit more snug than the teal-colored ones I had. I used them for about a month thinking that I just needed to break them in but it still felt uncomfortable. I compared both and noticed that the material that goes around the toe box is different. The white/cayenne pair used harder material and I think that was what was rubbing against my toe. I exchanged them for the neon pink which had the same material that goes around the toebox used in the teal ones. So far so good...


Chino Hills, CA


Good way to get into minimalist shoes


I had a pair of Nike Frees that I had been wearing for a while, but I bought these after seeing them reviewed in a comparison article about different types of minimal shoes. I was really surprised by the amount of cushioning the Brooks' PureCadence provides on impact, as I was used the feeling of my feet hitting a harder surface, yet they are incredibly lightweight. I really felt the difference in my calves the first time wearing them; my calves were so unused to the feeling that I thought that there was something wrong with the shoes (or me!) but once I took it a bit slower and wore them in, I found that these are so light and comfy that I haven't worn anything else in a long time and I recommend them to anyone who wears regular running shoes and wants to give minimalist shoes a try. They have a great combination of comfort, light weight, and freedom of movement without feeling like you are running with a hard sheet of plastic between your foot and the road. The only con I can think of is that if you need a lot of support, you probably won't find it with these even though they look more stable than other minimal shoes; they aren't really, and I think the benefits that these provide would be somewhat less if you needed to use an insert (but I find that to be the case with a lot of these types of shoes, too).

Sarah B.

Fort Lauderdale, FL




I have been a competitive runner for over 30 years. In all my years I have gone back and forth between different makers of shoes. I ran in Brooks years ago and then went away from them and ran in Nike for years. Lately, I've been running in Saucony. I have been on the search for the all around shoe. I wanted light weight, flexibility and support. I don't run heavy mileage and really wanted to train in a racing flat type shoe....I found all of the above in the Pure Cadence. I just ran in them for the first time. I have always worn socks, but for this first run I did not. There was no rubbing and the shoe was breathable. I am sooooo excited about this shoe. I read some other reviews and I suppose if you have a wide foot it probably won't be the best fit. I have a narrow foot with a higher arch. I also prefer to run shorter and faster runs, but I did run a little off road today and they handled the trail and gravel well. I will train on the "track" with these shoes too! I'm sold on the Cadence and I will stock up in case Brooks makes changes. I hope not, it is the perfect shoe


Murphys, CA.


Great at first


I was looking for a minimalist shoe with some padding and arch support and I definitely found that in these shoes. For the few couple of weeks, I was ecstatic with these shoes. They have plenty of cushion and feel light and fast. I didn't find that I needed to work into running in these shoes, I was able to run my normal distances in them (about 40 miles per week). After about 2 or 3 weeks, my running partner (she bought the same shoes) got a bad pain on the joint on the top of her big toe that wouldn't go away and had to switch shoes. Later that week, I got the same pain. It was like a really bad bruise right on the joint. We realized the shoelaces push right against our toes in that place, and it was getting worse the more broken in the shoes got. So, we both returned the shoes. They are great at first, but because of the lack of structure, others may have the same issue on the top of their foot if they buy this shoe.


Bay area, CA


Great Shoe - But a little narrow


Overall, I like this shoe - it feels really fast and I can also feel that it is encouraging me to land less on my heel. I've run up to 13 miles at a time with these, but I'm not sure if the fit issues will allow me to wear them for longer runs.The main issue I have with it is the fit (well and the price, [$] is pretty high for a not-so-durable shoe). I have a slightly wide foot (right on the border of normal-B and wide-D) and I find that if I don't wear very thin socks, this shoe is pretty uncomfortable at the forefoot. I have even had to lace it differently to avoid (a) running out of lace length due to the fact that is it narrow, (b) overtightening the forefoot.I wear a 7 womens, so I can't even buy a mens shoe to get the D width. Would be great if they'd consider either offering wide widths or adding room in the forefoot.


oceanside, ca


Great and not so great


I started running in these about 3 months ago. At first they were great if maybe a little weird compared to "normal" running shoes. They force you to run more on the front of the foot, which took some getting used to. As time went on and my runs got longer (up to 10 miles) I started to notice issues like bad cramping in my arch and over-tired calf muscles. I think the problems stemmed from a combination of the shoe wearing out and an increase in my mileage. I'm also a heavy runner and I think a more traditional stability shoe works better for me. I recently bought a pair of Brooks Adrenaline (my 6th pair) and am extremely pleased to be running in them again. The Pure Cadence will probably work for lighter runners with minor pronation problems, otherwise, I'd suggest the Adrenaline.



Good for distance but fits weird.


I was running in the Saucony Kinvara 2 (a great shoe, btw), but too many distance runs with barely any cushioning was killing my shins and knees, especially since I have a heavier foot strike. The purecadence is a great fix for that if you are in the same boat. A little more cushioning and still a good amount of freedom in your movement. However, this shoe fits strangely; there isn't much contrast between the width of the toebox and width of the heel, so it doesn't seem to fit right (picture a Twinkie shape, same on both ends). The toebox is extremely narrow, and the heel is wider than other shoes I've worn. Ultimately it gets the job done, but the weird fit is enough to keep me from buying this again.


Oklahoma City, OK


Love these shoes


I have been running for 20+ years, but have been sidelined by injuries last 2-3 years. I have been doing a lot of research on running form and more minimal shoes. I have had a great experience with these shoes. They are comfortable and I have no pain in my hip after I run with these. This week we had a lot of rain, so I put on my old supernova supportive shoes and the next day my hip pain was back like it had been. I switched back to these and felt great within 2 days. I am sold on these Brooks shoes! I have been doing a lot of other rehab, but these shoes are so comfortable and so far are holding up really well. I have 125 miles on them.


Wyoming, PA


I'm a fan


These a definitely a favorite. I switched two weeks ago from Asics 1170 and 2170, and these feel so much more natural. Those shoes are good too, but these really challenge and strengthen my leg muscles during runs, which causes you to run more consciously of your landing and stride. Additionally, I used to struggle with nagging knee pain, and these cause a more natural landing, which reduces/eliminates that problem! They are also crazy stylish, which never hurts! Order a half size up from regular running shoes.


Nashville, TN


Awesome Shoe!


It has taken me several weeks to get used to these shoes, but I love them! Many years ago, I was told by an Army doctor that I overpronated and needed orthotics. I used special shoes and orthotics for many years. This made running very difficult b/c the old shoes were too heavy. I decided to ditch the orthotics for a while and then moved it to the next level with these new minimalist shoes on the advice of a friend. Just be sure you are a forefoot runner and break these in slowly. Your legs will thank you later.

Jen G.

Sierra Vista, AZ


This could be my "the one"


This my second pairs from Brooks. The first pair was Ghorst 4, and I was looking for something a bit light weight. Purecadence fits funny at beginning but I'm now 2 weeks in running in my new shoes, and started feeling great! even my knee pain feels milder than before. I sometimes forget taking off my shoes when I come back from running because I really feel like I'm wearing a fluffy pair of slipper...it's so comfortable :)


Tampabay, FL


love love love them


Love these shoes!!!! I am a long distance runner and wanted a more natural shoe to help with my stride. I ran two of my seven miles in them yesterday and today I ran a 5k with them. I crossed the finish line as the first female!!! My first win ever with a 22 minute time. These shoes are amazing. They felt so comfortable and light. I may just wear them for my half marathon in two weeks.

Wounded Warrior Wife

Lancaster, pa


Awesome shoes!


I wanted to move to a more minimal shoe to help as I transition to the Pose Method/Chi Running after years of heel striking. I purchased this shoe based on other reviews, and I am so glad I did. The shoe is well made, the colors are bright, and it supports my goal of quick and short strides with mid/forefoot landing. I'm here to buy an additional pair in another color!

Laura Runner

Colorado Springs, CO


Hurt my feet


I was so excited to try these shoes. They had a miniminalist feel with a bit more support. However, the seam that goes across the top of the shoe is very painful. I have never sent a pair of shoes back but these had to go after just 3 runs. The top of my feet are red and painful due to this seam. Very dissapointing.

minimalist runner

Rochester, Michigan




Loved this shoe. Feels like a slipper. I have big toe issues, all my other running shoes caused blood blisters and soreness under my big toes, with these shoes this does not happen. I had no shin or ankle, pain felt like I could go for miles and miles.


Temecula, Ca


No more pain


No more shin pain. I do 4-5 Sprint Triathlons and 1 Olymphic distanct tri yearly and these shoes are great. Lightweight, good stability, and again all shin pain is gone. The heel pitch reminds me of "Earthshoes" but made for running. Exceptional.




Looks better than it feels


I was excited about this shoe, but when I tried it on it was too tight around the forefoot and rubbed on the top of my great toe. Not too mention the shoe looks bulky. I ran just a few miles in them and had blisters on the dorsal aspect of my toes

Always looking for the perfect fit

Rochester MN


Injury free


Finally, no more shin splints or other aches and pains. The lower heal is wonderful. Won't buy any other shoe from now on. Great for my Sprint Triathalon's too when used with speed laces.


Fort Myers, FL


WOW !!!






Womens Brooks PureCadence Running Shoe

4.4 22


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