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Womens Brooks Juno Sports Bra

Women's Brooks Juno Bra

Item #MCL323

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Product Description:

Women's BROOKS® JUNO BRA :: A sports bra worthy of the Roman goddess Juno herself, the Women's Brooks® Juno Bra takes all the best support features from the best-selling Fiona and Helena sports bras and combines them with a sporty racerback design for comfortable full range of movement for your arms and shoulders. Front adjustable straps. Hook and eye back closure.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Seam-free interior molded cups with subtle contour provide great support, shape, modesty and maximum moisture transfer
  • Bonded neckline, armholes and back opening offer strong support, less bulk and smooth, no-chafe comfort
  • Front adjustable straps with concealed hook-and-loop closure offer adjustability
  • Bonded, shaped straps help stabilize and are cushioned for comfort
  • Racer-back styling ensures full range of arm movement and strap stability
  • Three hook-and-eye rows bonded on band offer adjustability
  • MCW684
Product MCL323 Review

Best For:

Sportsbras support 3



I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bra. I have the Fiona bra as well, but always wished for a racerback for tank tops. My preference with my running gear is to have things that look like what women wear to run- which is not always easy. I am a 40DD and a runner, so it felt impossible to find a bra with enough support until I found the Moving Comfort Line. I feel like the band itself has a little give in the clasp part- however, I figured that I would have to start on the end hooks and move my way in, which is what I typically do with my daily bras. This bra has quickly become my favorite because it is so supportive, yet comfortable. I also like that (somehow, do not understand this) I still have shape, not the squashed uniboob thing. Since I am not petite, I do enjoy that my curves are still in proportion even though my breasts are fully supported. I wish there were more colors! I call it my kevlar bra.....




Supportive, adjustable bra for running


I really really like this sports bra. I was excited to see Moving Comfort made a high impact *racer back* sports bra. I have their Fiona style, but it is not racer back so I cannot wear it with my tanks. I bought one in the spring and liked it so much I bought a second in another color a few weeks later. So far I have worn them on runs of up to 11 miles, and plan to wear it for my half marathon this weekend. I tend to wear this style the most for running, and I'm currently running over 20 miles per week. I found it to fit true to size; my normal bra size is a 32D and that's what I ordered for this style. I do tend to wear it on the middle or smallest set of hooks though, with my HR monitor strap underneath. Also, as I am 5'2" I found that I have the velcro straps tightened to about as short as they go. It is very supportive, yet doesn't smoosh you flat; and I haven't experience any chafing in the last 3 months with regular wear. This bra is very easy to get on... you pull it over your head then you hook the clasps in back. Then adjust velcro straps to your liking. I always leave the straps where they are, and just unhook and pull over my head to get off- not complicated. I highly recommend!




Loooooooved this bra!!!!


I literally own 15+ sports bras of all shapes, sizes, colors, etc. This bra is by far THE best bra I have ever owned. It's true to size, very comfortable and I love the fit. I jog/walk 5 miles every single day and have had to resort to coming home every day and doing a load of laundry so it'll be clean for the next day. I am now order 4 more so I'll have an ample supply! Highly, highly recommend this bra. It's far far superior to anything else I have ever owned and I WILL clean out my bra drawer and start throwing the others away for sure!!!


New Hampshier


chafe city


I love Moving Comfort bras and they have allowed me to enjoy running even at a size 38D. I lost some weight, and when trying on new sizes of my favorite Fiona bra, I got this one too. I really wanted to love this bra, but after running 14 miles in it I chaffed under my breasts so badly I was bleeding. I will have permanent scars. I have tried for another month to run in it and the chaffing just got worse, under the straps too. At a race expo I talked to a representative from Moving Comfort who told me I probably bought the bra too loose. I had bought a 36C but she fitted me to a 34D. After spending top dollar for this bra and getting injured from it I'm not excited to plunk down the money for a different size. I will stick to my 36C Fiona for now. I really liked the antimicrobial lining though, and the support was great. If you buy this bra be sure to get the right size, lift and separate the girls, and use lots of anti-chaffing glide. Note: This bra is REALLY hard to get on, I have to have my husband do the hooks.


Catonsville, MD


The girls aren't moving, but...


If you can get the bra on, then expect to have little to no movement of breast tissue. I would have given 5 stars to this product, but it is VERY difficult to get the bra on and off. It's hard to describe but the hook and loop closure (3 hooks wide) in the back is difficult to reach due to the crossing of straps above the closure in the back. If you can, get a view of the back of the bra to see what I'm talking about. None the less, I kept my bras I ordered (2 of these) because I've been burning up in sports bra hell trying to find a bra that fits and this is the best support I've found. I don't like my girls to move, period. And as long as I can get this bra on = no movement.


Olathe, KS


It has been a long time coming!


I've always had a large chest, which I've struggled to contain in order to run comfortably in 2 bras at a time. I had my second child 9 months ago, and she's still nursing, which means that I'm even larger. This bra has won my heart! I loved it so much, I ordered 2 more so I'd never have to wait for it to come out of the wash. It was a trick to get on at first, but now that I've got the hang of it, it's worth the extra second for the comfort and security this bra gives me. Since getting back into running post-baby, this bra has let me focus on other things than the bouncing! It also adjusts easily in the front, which makes getting the perfect fit (and nursing!) a sinch.

KCP the Mama

Shoreham, VT


A racerback with good support


I'm ALWAYS looking for a super-supportive running bra that can be worn as outerwear, a bra that doesn't look as supportive as it is. This one is the only truly supportive racerback I've found. Well worth the money but not perfect. I'm a marathon runner, 34D in regular bras, 34C in sports bras. I bought the 34C and it seems right. I've worn this for a 12-miler and an 8-miler with no problems. If I could perfect this bra, I would make it 2% more supportive and a tad less bulky. The seam where the chest band attaches is a little too sharp. I could do without the thin foam in the cups, but I suppose it adds crucial support. Strangely, the straps seem to stretch, but you can hoik 'em up on the go. Of course the racerback makes it hard to get into, but it looks so cool!

20-Mile Millie

London, England

Love it!


I am a large chested woman (36DD) and I have always wanted to find a bra with good support,especially for running so that I don't have to wear 2 of the cheap ones (and still have bouncing). This bra fits the bill! I was very impressed with how little bounce I experienced during my runs. I do still get some of the squished chest syndrome, but not nearly as bad as with the cheap sports bras. I also like the fact that there were some colors, as it seems like a lot of the larger sports bras are black, white or nude. I still want to have a little fun with my wardrobe, even if I am large chested!


Dublin, OH


Good stability, painful across shoulders


I purchased two of these, and initially liked the support, and could deal with the issues with getting it on and off (often required help). However, the position of the shoulder strap was very uncomfortable, so much that it reaggrevated a previous injury. Given the racer back style, it crosses closer to the neck. I thought it would be more comfortable to have different bras press on different areas, but it didn't work for me. I didn't have it very tight, but the pressure hit a trigger point that disabled my left shoulder and left me in great pain. So this one is not for everyone. I like the underwire by Moving Comfort more.

Mom of two in MN

St. Paul, MN


Finally! Something to hold these suckers


Finally! A sports bra that ACTUALLY holds my breasts up and in! I have DDD+ size breasts but a 32 in band size. It has been extremely difficult for me to find anything with a large cup size but a small band size. This bra is great. Sure, it's a little difficult to get into but for those of us with large breasts, what bra isn't?? My only complaint is that they straps cut into my shoulders a bit. However, I've recently taken up long distance running - I doubt regular working out at the gym would result in any cutting into shoulders. I plan to purchase another bra but am hoping it'll go on sale first :)


Bronx, NY




I really needed the 32 inch band, but my shoulders are very broad, and I couldn't get the 32 over my shoulders or cups comfortably. In the 34 inch band, the band is too big, it is on the tightest hook, and I can easily fit 3 fingers under it. I tried running in it, but chafed terribly because the band was too loose. I think the cup size might be a bit small also, due to the padding because the band wouldn't lie flat under my breasts. Overall, seems like a great bra, but will not work for me. It is hard to find a racer back bra for a 32 DDD or 34 DD that will really work. Any suggestions?

Runner Girl

Austin, Tx


This is the BEST on the market!


I wear this sports bra with confidence nothing is binding, travelling or moving! It s very comfortable for my sporting pursuits from yoga to skiing, I really cannot say enough good things about it. I have read other posts saying it can be difficult to get on and off, I have not found it exceptionally difficult for either on or off. I leave the straps done up and put it on and take it off over my head, then close the strap once I am comfortable. I highly reccomend this product!!


Vancouver, BC


Keeps everything in place


This bra keeps everything firmly in place. The molded cups do a great job at minimizing bounce (I'm a 34C/D and the 34C in this bra is perfect). The wide, adjustable straps are very functional - the tradeoff is that they are a bit stiff. However, as soon as I'm out and moving, I don't notice the stiff straps at all. Be warned that this is the most difficult bra to take on and off that I have ever tried. To me, it is worth it because it does its job so well, but there have been days after a hard workout that I wonder if I'll be able to get out of it.

Maine runner



Great shape and good support


I'm always looking to find the one perfect bra for my 36Ds. I really like the MC Fiona, and this is very similar. The support is just a little less than the Fiona, but still plenty for running. The bonded construction makes for fewer seams, but it also is a little stiffer. It's also higher under the arms than the Fiona, and I'm a little worried it might chafe on longer runs, but so far it's performed well. The racer back means I can wear it under more sleeveless tops, and it gives great shape without seam show-through on tops.


Webster, NY


Bought this as a gift as a nursing bra


I bought this for my daughter as a nursing bra for high impact sports. She loves it and finds it more comfortable and useful for daily wear than most bras that are marketed as nursing bras. She also likes that the fabric is quite washable. She is as pleased with this product as I am for a long distance running bra. Great support, easy to get on/off, high impact support.




This one is a keeper


I am training in a humid climate for a marathon. I have had problems finding a bra that does not chafe. I am a 32DD and I am 5'9". This racerback hooks in back and has adjustable straps. I have found a bra that fits my racerback style choice, fits my torso without causing irritation on the bottom band, and has adjustable straps for my tall frame. I absolutely recommend this bra to any runner who needs support and likes the racer style. Juno is my new BFF! Bravo Moving Comfort.


San Antonio, TX


Love the bra!!


I have been waiting for the Juno bra all my running life. I need lots of support, but I need something that's easy to put on too. The Juno is comfy, and it has adjustable straps. It also has an easy hook closure so I can change the tension around the band. I think I could wear it everyday in the summer because it's low enough to wear with tshirts, but I've only worn it running. I now have two, and will buy more around Christmas.


Houston, TX


BEST support for larger chest


I am a DD cup and use this bra for running. Any larger chested woman knows the difficulty of finding a sports bra that actually does the job, and this one does it PERFECTLY! I use it for a high-impact sport like running and have very little to no bounce. It does not smother you either. It is a little difficult to get on, but certainly not rocket science, and hey, if you want great support, the extra 30 seconds to get it on is well worth it!. The best feature is the fully adjustable velcro straps. The velcro allows you to tighten to straps as tight as you want them, but it does not slip whatsoever. I have never had a problem and I wear them for every activity. It's not to sexiest bra out there, but it is definitely one of the most attractive for its level of support for larger busted women. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone.

M Runner



Awesome Bra


I love this Bra! I wear a 32D and run about 30miles/week. I purchased several moving comfort bras for running about 2 1/2 years ago and it is now time to replace those sports bras. These bras are expensive, but they last. This model has changed a bit since my last purchase but all the improvements have made this an even better sports bra. Highly recomend this for high impact workouts.


Memphis, TN


Great Support


Already have a Moving Comfort Bra and love it, but have lost some weight and needed to downsize. Love the look and design of this bra with one exception - I find the bra a little difficult to put on and off over my head given that it has hooks. Perhaps these could be eliminated. However, it is very comfortable and supportive for active aerobics.


Madison, WI


THE best running bra for big chests


I'm a natural 32DDD, and the 32DD fits perfectly! It's hard to find running bras that actually fit period, but on top of that, this bra maintains a nice natural shape due to the slight padded support, AND it's a racer back, so I can finally wear cute running tank tops without having bra straps show. I own this bra in 3 colors. It's by far my favorite!


Sacramento, CA


FINALLY,...A Bra that works


Started running not by choice but because the military made me. Never having the right bra support (36DD) always made me uncomfortable until now. I love this bra and although it is a bit spendy and cost about 3 times what I would normally spend on sports bra, I already own three of them. The color choice is awesome, the fit is great and the support is the best I have experienced.

Mona A,

Elizabethtown, Ky


I LOVE this bra!!!


I purchased this bra after trying many others. I am a D, and like to keep the girls in place, and was tired of discomfort from rubbing and bouncing with my other bra's. This one is amazing!!! I am getting a couple more, I love them soooo much!! It was a bit tricky getting the hang of putting it on, but not enough to be discouraging! Definately worth every penny!!!


Goshen, IN


good for running


I am a size 34D, run several days per week, and found this bra very supportive and comfortable. Unlike another reviewer, I actually prefer the "halter top" shoulder straps - they do not cut into my chest or shoulders like all of my other sports bras do. My only complaint is that I did have some chaffing one time along the bottom band after a long, hot run. It is a little tricky to get in and out of, but being my size, I am used to that...


san francisco, ca


Holds the Girls in Place


I was one of those girls who had to wear multiple sports bra (three not two!) to hold my very full 32DDs. Not anymore. I wear them running and spinning. No more bounce, no more multiple bras, no more painful digging straps, no more uniboob. Sure it takes a little to get the thing on (but I'm telling you it's worth it), so go head first-it works for me.

Jaime Twenty-Six Two

San Diego, CA


"Great product!!"


I am a runner, training for my third marathon. I needed a bra with really good support and not much bounce, for the 13 mile downhill part of my marathon. I have found this and more in this bra! This bra stays in place, not much bounce, and at the end of a long run it still has a good shape. It didn't even feel like I had it on during my last race.


Colorado Springs, CO


Great Sports Bra which are hard to find!


Great fit and comfortable, does not flatten. The only disadvantage is its a little diffifult to get it off when you are sweaty after a ride as you take it off over your head. But this is minor compared to all of the advantages. However, I do not find it difficult to get it on.

Bike rider in WV

Charleston, WV


It's all you need, to be in the lead.


I have been looking for a bra of this caliber for quite sometime. My daughter and I needed a bra that supports and is comfortable also. The Juno Sports Bra did it for us. We will be purchasing more in the near future. It is great for whatever exercise we are doing.


Lakeland, FL


Good support but kinda bulky


I use this for running and find the support is excellent, however, it does not come without cost. The bra feels very bulky and not quite what I am use to. Maybe too much of a bra for my 34B girls but they do the job to stop the bounce. Tough to get on and off and with recent neck surgery this is an issue for me.




BEST supportive sports bra


I only have two of these bras which means I am washing them twice a week for all of my workouts. They are so durable and hold up in the washing machine. They are comfortable and easy to get on and off after a little practice. The support is unbelievable and it doesn't give you that uniboob look.

Bounce free

Milwaukee, WI



4.4 226


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