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Mens New Balance Fresh Foam 980 Running Shoe

Men's New Balance Fresh Foam 980

Item #NBA1584

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Product Description:

Men's NEW BALANCE® FRESH FOAM 980 :: You're gonna be psyched on this brand new New Balance® running shoe that offers natural running with unnaturally good cushioning, the Men's Fresh Foam 980. Experience that full-ground contact you crave with this shoe's 4mm heel drop, while running protected in the soft, supportive foam that provides you with cushioning equal to, or better than, that of premium neutral category shoes. Your feet will also be held securely and comfortably in place compliments of the Fresh Foam's no-sew upper, and you can count on these babies to last you for the long-haul thanks to their excellent durability. 8.8 ounces

! Endangered Shoe [?]

Features & Benefits:

  • Fresh Foam midsole: Performance midsole compound that delivers soft plush cushioning to runners that want a lower, more natural underfoot feel
  • Breathable, no-sew upper
  • Blown rubber outsole: Added durability
  • Softwear assist design
  • NBW2681
Product NBA1584 Review

NB Fresh Foam 980 - Comfort &Versatility


I'm a 70 year old runner/tennis player with a wide toe span who also works out for strength regularly. The 980s not only fit the bill for comfort on and off the tennis court, but also have very good traction. I've been playing tennis (5 times a week)and running with them since they became available months ago. Of course the soles are not as durable as regular tennis shoes, but their lightweight permit me to move so much faster than previously without foot problems. I wear comfortable ankle supports under them to add more stability when playing tennis. I now own 4 pair in some great colors. Love 'em.

Racquet Man Bob

San Antonio, TX


Great for 890 fans


I've been wearing NB 890s since v2, but the most recent update seems to be too tight in the toe box. I found myself with a shoe full of blood after every long run. Not fun! But otherwise I love the 890s, so I was looking for something very similar with a bit more width in the toe. I tried on a dozen different pairs from different brands but this felt the most similar to the 890 to me. I broke these in on an 18 mile run today and they were fantastic. Even better than the 890. They feel even lighter, and a bit more flexible. I would not call these overly cushioned, but they are a bit softer than the 890s. Very happy with these so far.


Washington, DC


Promising shoes


I run on asphalt and concrete tiles, having no alternatives around. I used minimalistic shoes for a while, but I was looking for more absorption, with the same minimalistic feeling. The 980 are not quite so. They absorb impacts but they lack of the flexibility I was used to. There is room for improvement in future versions, like the tongue: unreasonably too bulky. I have the wider size (2E), but they are still on the narrow side, far from the wide toe box I was used in minimalistic shoes. Considering pros and cons, I will most likely keep those shoes, even if I'm not fully sold.


Hoboken, NJ


Nice a cushy


This is a great shoe. LOTS of cushion. I am what they call a "Clydsdale" runner. I like the light weight and the cushioning. I do have to say that this is a much more narrow shoe than the NB 680's I have been running in. I took them for a 15 miel run and after 10 miles I REALLY noticed the lack of width. The toes bos is not as deep as the 680's. I had to go to a 4E, which i just picked up today. (sorry not from here as Road Runner does not carry them) I will see how the 4E's do. If you are lookin for a nice cushioned run this is the real deal

Cmdr z

Castro Valley, CA


Nice on the feet.


This appears to be NB's answer to the Hoka One One. Very comfortable, good cushioning - not as much cush as the Hokas, but lighter and easier to run with. Lightweight - my size US 11.5 weighs only 10.6 oz per shoe - very light for this much cushioning. This is a pair that will feel really good in the latter stages of a 50 or 100 mile race. The only thing I don't like is that the sole is nearly completely smooth and flat - no tread to speak of. I've been wearing them on dry trails - they're fine for that, but they would be a problem on a wet and slippery trail.

Barkley Beast

Los Alamos, NM


Really wanted to like this shoe but...


I really wanted to like the 980 Fresh Foam. My go-to shoe is the NB 890v4, which I have used for a HM and 15k recently, and is comfortable, cushioned and light. I used the 980s exclusively for 25 miles to give them a good trial. My conclusion is that the 980s are surprisingly stiff and seem a half size too small. The good news is that I achieved my fastest times with the 980s, but the bad news is that I experienced pain in my knees, which I never felt before, and soreness in my hips. So, sadly, I am going to remove the 980s from my rotation for now.


Charleston, SC


New Favorite Shoe


I purchased the NB980s after wearing out my Hoka One Bondis. I've run in Ascis, Saucony, Nike, in addition to the Hokas; and these are the only running shoes that I can wear without an after-market insole. The minimalist nature of this shoes seems to allow my foot to work more naturally. It took a few 5K runs to break them in, but once they were, they are flexible and provide great cushioning. This is my new favorite shoes, and just order a second pair so I can begin rotating them.


Pinehurst, NC


Worthy of consideration


More narrow in the 2E than my Ghost 6 (road), but still very comfortable. Not as dramatic in cushioning as my Hoka Mafate (trail), but a great feel underfoot. The top was chilly during the first part of a cold outing, but I like the minimal upper, and kept the shoes on after my first run for a couple of hours without any discomfort. Will be hard for any pair to displace my Ghost 6, but I am excited about these shoes, and will recommend them to my running mates.


Trophy Club, TX


Perfect Shoe for me!!!


These NB Fresh Foam 980's have turned out to be the perfect running shoes! I haven't ran consistently in about 3 years and in that time, I never went greater than 1.5 miles at a leisurely 11:30 pace. 1st run in these, I went for 2:25 miles at a 10:15 pace and the next day I went for 3 miles at a 10:15 pace. I'm 6'2", 215 lbs, and these shoes were like a Godsend! These might not be for everyone, but they sure are perfect for much so, that I'm ordering a 2nd pair to rotate them!


Fort Worth, TX


Minimal Drop with great cushion


I have had awful problems with forefoot and 1st Metatarsal pain while wearing Nike free 3.0. I like the flexibility, low drop, and fast ride of the Free's, just needed more forefoot support and unilateral (left foot) pronation control. The foam 980's fit the bill so far. Great training shoe. I use the in-store custom orthotics and have been extremely happy with them! Not sure if this is an ideal race shoe, but great for training.


Long Beach, CA


Not for Me


I am a heel striker. I wanted to try something with a lower drop than my Nimbus, but I need cushioning for my back and knees. I had hoped these would do the trick, but I found the cushioning lacking when trying them out on a treadmill. Although they are light, these were just not comfortable for me. Perhaps if I had worked a bit on transitioning to mid-foot they would have been better, but it didn't seem to work for me. I returned them.


South Jersey


Needs work!


This is a very lightweight comfortable shoe but if you are a mid/forefoot striker be forewarned that the forefoot cushioning is not distributed correctly. It ends right at the ball of the foot and then on toe off there is literally no cushioning remaining. This makes for a very awkward toe off. If you are a heel striker, you might like this shoe just fine. I am going to have to send it back, it really missed the mark with the forefoot.


Iowa City, IA


A Natural Shoe w/ More Cushion


I bought this shoe a few months ago for my first marathon. I had been running in Nike Free 5.0s, which are great but I found on longer runs (5+) to lack enough cushion. I purchased this shoe in hopes that it would have close to the same flexibility as the Free, be light weight, and provide more cushion. I can say it has delivered and I will be buying another pair before my run in January.

Don't Love to Run!!

Paramus, New Jersey


Fresh Foam 980 from New Balance


Just purchased 2 pairs of the new balance fresh foam 980. This is the first time that I have tried new balance and I am glad that I did. Just completed a 3 mile run and my legs and feet feel great. The foam cushioning is great and they have support for being light as a feather. I am 6ft 2 inches tall a weight 178 pounds and they handle my size and weight without a problem. I highly recommend .


Marlton nj


Pretty Darn Good


Really like these shoes. I was running in a pair of NB 890 v3, but these were wearing down and I decided on the 980's. I was experiencing pain in my knees with the older shoes, but since running with the 980's the pain disappeared, and my pace has increased by almost 9 seconds. Good styling, Only drawback is that I wished that New Balance would have made these in the USA.






This shoe reminds me of the original running shoes like the Adidas SL72 that had just enough structure to allow you to run, but not so much that it interfered with your own motion. The best thing is the formulation allows motion,but augments it to enable better flow. A very formidable shoe...more responsive than the other maximal shoes


Long Island NY


A nice low drop cushioned shoe.


Love it. Don't buy it if you think you are getting the hoka version of a NB. This is a low drop neutral shoe, lightweight, with good fit and not "squishy". Cushioning doesn't feel too soft to me - I'd call it semi-soft to semi-firm. Unlike other NBs, they fit well in the toebox - not too cramped. The only issue is that the laces loosen up a bit and do better double knotted for me.



Grat shoe


I've been a faithful Ascics and Mizuno running shoe wearer for over a decade. I took part in the shoe dog in store eval and these were recommended. Very pleased so far. I've been plagued with eight knee pain due to muscle to muscle Imbalance after back to back 1/2 Marathons 2 years ago. My first run with these shoe felt great and I ran 20 min straight for the first time in 2 years, pain free.


Portland, OR


Fantastic running shoe! Very Fast!


I run 30 miles a week and I am currently working on my speed and hill running. I bought these shoes a week after my first marathon and ran five miles much faster than I have in a while. They feel great and I am going to buy tow more pair to rotate with the first pair. This will mean retiring my mizunos and my brooks. It is well worth it.


Arlington, VA


very comfortable, light, roomy toe box


I was wearing the Kinvaras for a while. Loved the glove like fit but my feet couldn't take a lot of mileage in them. Too thin. The 980 is a great alternative for me. They weigh more but still feels light enough and the trade off for the extra cushioning is worth it. They are still flexible enough and I love the new laces.


South Orange County, Ca


Just about ideal


Nice and soft and flexible, without much heel clutching - which is good, because I find heel clutching with a firm heel tab in the back of the shoe to be terribly stressful on the Achilles tendon. The only way it could be better is with less heel clutching - but there really isn't as much as with most other shoes.

Joe Billy Bob

Denver, Colorado


Not For Long Runs


I just completed my 187th marathon so i do run a lot. I rotate my shoes religiously and run in 6 different shoes throughout the week. I hope to get 350 miles out of a shoe, but this one offered almost no cushion after 100 miles. I only use it if I am running on a treadmill or am doing a gym workout.




Love them right from the start!


Ordered this shoe online before it was out. Don't usually take this kind of chance, but it payed off! Very comfortable from the start, very soft as advertised. Put them on and went out for an easy four and went quicker than I have in some time. I will definitely get another pair!


San Diego, Ca


Nothing Special But Still a Good Shoe


Lots of cushion, with instability. Smooth heel to toe transition. Very light. The tread is just aggressive enough to provide good traction even on loose trails or mud but isn't as extreme as, say a Mizuno, and doesn't get rocks stuck in it. This is an extremely comfortable shoe.

SOCM Runner

Ft. Bragg, NC


A new level of comfort


By far, the most comfortable pair of athletic shoes I have ever put on my feet. I have high arches, heel spurs, and a bad back. Years ago I was a 20-25 mile a week guy, but had basically quit running. I switched to biking and lifting weights. These shoes have me back on the road.

Jim the runner

Oxford, MS


Good support and very light,


Very happy with these shoes, I ran for a year in minimus 0 drop and felt I needed more as my distance increases, the 980 foam is great, low drop but not a lot and great cushion. Very breathable so it took a little to adjust to cold feet early in my run but not an issue.


New England


Simply a great shoe


The NB Foam is simply a great shoe. I was using the NB 890 (V3 & V4) for the last year but the ride on the Foam is much softer. The shoe is very light and responsive. As soon as I reached 150 miles on them I called a few friends and recommended they buy a pair.


Avon, Ohio


Nice first offering, lightweight


I tried these shoes along with some of the other new cushioned, low drop shoes coming into the market. New Balance did a great job with keeping these shoes very lightweight. The toe box was a bit narrow for my foot though.


Bridgewater, NJ


Great shoe overall


Only issue with this shoe is the mesh on top wears out pretty fast. Big toes seem to wear it out quickly. They should add a small extra piece of material across the front / top of the foot and it would be a perfect shoe




I would buy these again!


I use the 980 to run in, usually 25-30 miles pre week.The shoes for me were perfect out of the box with a light but soft cushiony feel, and at 62 years old that is what I am looking for.


Homestead Fl.


Mens New Balance Fresh Foam 980 Running Shoe

4.4 39


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