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Mens Nike Zoom Structure+ 15 Running Shoe

Men's Nike Zoom Structure+ 15

Item #NIK1416

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Product Description:

Men's NIKE® ZOOM STRUCTURE+ 15 :: Never sacrifice comfort for stability. The men's Nike® Zoom Structure+ 15 offers just the right mix of both, with a gender-specific fit matching your running needs precisely. Feet stay put with the asymmetrical Flywire midfoot and heel panel, offering ultra-strong and ultra-lightweight support. With a low overall profile, you'll love the comfort you get from less foam in the collar and tongue. A great shoe for mild to moderate pronators, the gender-specific flex offers just what you need where you need it. 12.3 ounces

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Features & Benefits:

  • Flywire midfoot and heel panel attaches to the laces for ultra-strong and ultra-lightweight support
  • Midosle crash pad helps to absorb shock at impact and moderate the range and rate of pronation
  • BRS1000 carbon rubber along the heel contact zone for maximum abrasion resistance and durability
  • Deep flex grooves along the length and width of the shoe for optimal gait efficiency
Product NIK1416 Review


The last of the good ones


I took the Structure 15 out of the box and tried it at the Gym. ( I never walk on the street with new shoes). I noticed at once a perfect fit and felt comfortable walking. However, I also felt that it is a stability shoe for persons who need arch support or overpronate. I have a normal, neutral pronation and like cushioned shoes. My favorite is Nike Pegasus 28 ID (custom made). Yes 28, NOT 29. Also Asics 2170, both of which feel like walking on a cloud. I walked and ran with the Structure 15 on the trade mill for about 20 minutes and spend two hours working out. The shoes are comfortable with a smooth transition from a heel strike to toe off despite the firm midsole support and pronation control. Structure 15 proved quite useful on the leg incline press where I pushed about 660 lbs. Also quite comfortable with the feet well retained walking around and working out. The yellow color is spectacular and eye catching. In fact, one of our sales reps (I am an instructor at the Gym)wanted to buy them from me. Of course, I gave him The Roadrunner sports site info. The Structure 15 is thoughtfully designed for maximum performance. The only thing I felt different wss the midsole firm support on the inside of the midsole, nudging my feet towards the outside ot the shoe but that is most likely because of my normal arch and neutral pronation and and in no wise should detract from the quality of the Structure 15. After two-and-a half hours at the Gym I began to feel a bit more comfortable. I hope to get used to this otherwise excellent shoe and keep it rather then look for something else, particularly in view of the fact that Nike drastically changed in 2012 from quality and athletic performance to colors and marketing of foot ware that may be injurious to the athletes feet. I am a fitness pro and always instruct my students not to be penny wise and pound foolish when buying athletic shoes. Bottom line: Get your structure 15 while they are still available, especially if you need a stability shoe.

William, the Fitness Pro

Miami Beach, Florida


Ran my best half marathon!


I had been using Brooks Ravennas and ASICS Gel Kayanos for training and races. However, I needed something that supported my entire foot that wasn't too heavy. These Nike's were exactly what I was looking for! I ran my best time in a half-marathon (more than 15 minutes faster than my previous best) in these.


Durham, NC


Great for light weight pronaters


My right foot is the problem child where I constantly battle PF due to excessive pronation and a weak ankle. This shoe has done it for me because the support is both in the heel AND the metatersal area. This helps me because I'm not a heel striker (138 lbs). Not only is there support, but the sole in those areas is actually a few mm thicker to give your foot a head start against pronation. Somewhat like an orthotic, there's a "posting" effect which brings my foot strike down in the near neutral position. I ran 10 miles in them right out of the box. They're much lighter than the motion control bricks I've been reluctantly wearing for the past two years. This lead to the unexpected benefit of faster training runs (averaging 20 sec/mile faster on my 10+ mile runs). In conclusion, I recommend this shoe for the light weight toe striker needing a stability shoe that doesn't feel like a pair of freshly poured cinder blocks.

HB - 47 yo male runner

Bolingbrook, IL


Great stability, lasting performance.


I've completed several half marathons and pavement distance runs (>20 miles) with these Nikes without any issues. Break-in period varies with each pair. My first pair lasted me several hundred miles (probably too many) and still looked as good as new, only noticed a slight tread wear and cushion loss in the fore-foot/ball area. I've put about 70 miles on my latest pair (9/1/13) and have been overall pleased with them again. I used to wear orthotics in my shoes for pronation issues, but do not need them with this shoe - which has resulted in stronger feet and the discontinuation of orthodic usage in my footwear in general. So far the only issue with the new sneaks is that my right foot is blistering along the outer ball during runs over 8 miles, but they're still in the break-in phase. Sad to see them discontinued by Nike. Would like to know what model is replacing these. Hope this helps!

Road Dog 1049

Stonington, CT


Perfect for flat feet!


My husband is an instructor at a local high school and one of the male students is flat-footed and needed to run the mile in 9 min and 30 seconds or less. Most of his times had been at that mark or more. Because of the goals he has set for his future and the inability of his parent/guardian to afford the proper shoes for him, my husband and I gifted these awesome shoes to him. His first timed mile run was 8 min and 10 seconds! He said it didn't even feel as if he was wearing shoes. We did order 1/2 size up as recommended and the shoes fit perfectly. A lot of the students have commented on how great they look, we ordered the lime green. I am so glad I found Road Runner Sports and just received an order today that I had placed for myself. =)


South Carolina


The best long distance running shoe


I've been wearing Nike structure shoes since 1995 , Nike has really come a long way with development of this shoe. I truly believe that they were interested in the serious runner up till they came out with the Structure 16. The 16's are awful, during the myrtle beach marathon at mile 11 , my feet were aching and I knew that I was in the process of losing my big toenail. The shoe does not support your feet like the 15's do. Thanks to Roadrunner sports , they had the 15's in stock, I currently have to stock pile the 15's (7 pairs) because I don't know what I'm going to wear when I run out of the 15's and you can't get them anymore. Bottom line , Nike Zoom Structure 15 is one of the best running shoes ever produced. Bruce Beebe ( 74 Marathons ) all in Nike structures.


Madison, Connecticut


Best pair of Nikes yet


I have generally had good luck with Nike running shoes. My most recent pair was Lunar Elite+, and I thought I liked them a lot. In fact I liked them so much I probably ran in them longer than I should have and forgot to replace them. Got a great deal and decided to try the Structures... On my first run, I was mildly concerned for about 2-3 miles about some pinching. But after that nominal amount of time, the shoes started to feel more comfortable. More incredibly, without even realizing it, I was going about 45 seconds per mile faster than expected. I had to force myself to pace a bit but still ended up breaking my 10-mile record by 5 minutes on the FIRST RUN. Subsequent runs have gone similarly well. LOVE these shoes.


Cary, NC


Great shoe!


I started running somewhat regularly again about 2 years ago. I usually do about 4-6 miles 1 to 3 times a week with a longer run or track workouts depending on schedule. I tried on a lot of shoes but the Nike Zoom Structure + 15 had everything I was looking for including color. I bought my first pair and put about 350 running miles and also used them for everyday casual wear. I bought my 2nd pair early this year after stepping on a staple which deflated a built in bladder cushion. I've been looking for these in stores and cannot find them. I assume they are discontinued. Luckily I found a pair on this site and for a lot less than I paid in the stores. Great shoes for me!


Harrisburg, Pa


Get it while you can


I've run out of two pairs of these structure 15s (and also the 14s). Nike re-designed them and the structure 16s didn't feel right. My local shoe stores don't have the 15s anymore and can only supply the 16s. I tried a different shoe and experienced a lot of pain and tendonitis in my feet and ankles. In desperation I looked online and found some 15s here and ordered a supply to last for awhile. After using the 15s for a few weeks, my feet are recovering. First time buying shoes online, but since I had worn several pairs of these before, I felt confident doing it this time. Roadrunner had my shoes to me in just a few days. I would buy from them again.


New Mexico


Get them while you can


I have to run often and I always hated it. I'd been to the doctors to get fitted, special orthotics, the whole bit. My feet and shins were always in pain until these shoes (many years, many different shoes). Happened to have some of these in a store cheap, only my size. It was fate. After 6 months, hundreds of miles, and very little pain, I tried to buy more...sold out. Thank goodness for roadrunner sports. I just bought two more pair to last me until Nike ditches the structure 16 and goes back to these. My only con is that they are kind of ugly. But my feet and shins and Achilles just don't care about looks.




Quite an adjustment


I treansitioned from the Brooks Beast to this shoe. It looks really good, but boy what a difference. I love the lightness of the shoe. I love the looks of the shoe. I have run in this shoe for about 2 weeks now. The main issues I found with this shoe is that my ankles really hurt after the first couple of runs. The ankles are adjusting now, and I am liking the shoe more. I realize the Beast is a very different shoe, but I wanted to try these, and they were on sale. ha...ha.. I will keep them...I think they are going to be OK...I just need to give them a little more time.


Edgewater FL


My favorite shoe.


This is my all time favorite line of running shoe. I have been running in Nike Structure shoes since 2008. I use this shoe primarily for running. It has a great feel to it, very cushioned while having great stability. Last pair I had lasted appox. 1 year before sole started to wear excessively (and I run between 12 and 20 miles a week). This shoe is great for pronation control, which is why I continue to use it. Very little break in needed, just wear them for a weekend before running. Can boast enough about this line of shoe.




Great shoe! great Support!


I have purchased the Nike Structure since version 11. The 14 and 15 versions are very similar but the 15 comes in the great charcoal color. I use these shoes at the gym on the elliptical and walking on the roads training for 1/2 marathons. These shoes will last more than a year! Based on the RR fitting team I now use a size 11 for walking to provide room for foot swell; the medium width is adjustable with the lacing system and my narrower foot is very comfortable. Have fun for miles in these stable well wearing and good looking shoe.


Mission Viejo, CA


Great stability shoe


I wore these shoes on four half marathons (run on roads) in four consecutive months (September - December 2012) and these shoes were great. I normally wear a size 8 wide in street shoes and casual wear tennis shoes but I take a 9.5 wide in this particular brand so I definitely recommend getting a "first pair" fitted in a store. I am well into my 50s and finish half marathons between 2:05 and 2:10 so I am not a "race horse" but these shoes get the job done in comfort with lots of support.


Montgomery County, Maryland


Great from the first run


Was looking to replace my Brooks Ravennas that were getting fairly worn out and, though I haven't been comfortable in Nikes for years, either they made some changes or my feet changed because these felt great the second I tried them on in the store. First time out with them was a 16 miler with some horrible hills and I really barely noticed the shoe - which I think is about the best thing you can say about it. It definitely supported my foot without overburdening my legs.


Montville, NJ




This is a really nice shoe and recommend them to anyone who has overpronating feet because of the exceptional control. The cushioning really stands out in this shoe and you can really feel it as you run. The only draw back I have is the slight lack of arch support, but I have a high arch so I won't use that against this shoe. The quality of the shoe is what you would expect from at shoe at this price range. Overall, very good.




A little too much heel


I run frequently but no more than 20 miles in a week. More often than not, 3-4 mile runs before or after work. My usual shoe is the Vomero (my favorite) but I thought I'd try out a pair of the structures. I like the shoe's fit, it's look, and liked its comfort but thought the heel support is a little excessive. Perhaps this is what wearing heels is like. It puts an added workout on the calf muscles which some people may like; I'd still prefer my Vomero's any day of the week.

Welcome to Thunderdome

Philadelphia, PA


A step up from the structure 14


These shoes felt great with little or no break-in. Having switched from the zoon structure 14s, these offer a little more cusioning. I have a bit of a narrow heel with an average toe width, and these fit perfectly! Slightly wider in the toes than the 14s. Just the right amount of stability with a comfortable cushion. I've battled PF in the past and I have no discomfort even on my long (15+) runs in these shoes. Great job, Nike.

Just John

Jacksonville, NC


Good training shoe


My son has been running HS cross country and track in these trainers for 3yrs. He loves the stability and support the shoes offer him. He will not train in any other shoe but these. So glad Road Runner Sports carries the shoes and the price is truly unbeatable. I will end up buying at least 2 more before his senior year is over due to the volume of mileage he runs. Thanks Road Runner Sports!

Road Runner Dad

Chino Hills, CA


Love These


I love these shoes. I bought a pair of brooks when Nike stopped making them and I hated the Brooks and they gave me a foot sprain. I went online and searched like crazy and came about some pairs in my size and bought 5 of them to last me for the next year or so. Nike please bring these back. I overpronate severely and have inserts so I buy men's sizes for extra width and they have been awesome.

bring the 15s back

chicago, il


Happy Husband


Bought these for my flat footed husband after doing some research. I'm a vibrams "toe-shoe" lover and definitely not a nike fan, but these are making my husband's feet very happy! He's a handy-man and always on his feet and being active. These have helped his foot pain after a long day tremendously! Only complaint is that it is a bit narrow, but being flat footed his foot is a little wider than normal, so next time I'll opt for the extra width!


Columbia, MO


Definately worth it's price !


Structure 15 Definately not the lightest shoes, but are my favorite . I run 9 miles everyday with them and I couldn't find a better shoe. Stability is great !!! I could never leave the structure 15 . I like them better then the structure 16 . These shoes are classics . Everyone on my cross country team has a pair as well . Including my legendary team mate Bernie Montoya !!!!!

Christian Alba

Yuma , Arizona


Solid Stability by Nike


Use this for daily trainer....this shoe just works to control inward roll.....I have used this trainer since 13edition.....this one seems a bit stiffer perhaps due to flywire.....this shoe holds up and one of the best trainers i have used....have not purchased 16 edition and have read that it is not agood shoe......I am also training in Avia Guideance 9 which is solid also....


Northern Cali


Great Discontinued Shoes!


These shoes are great. It's sad that Nike no longer makes them as the replacement shoe Structure 16 isn't quite as substantial as the 15's are. Plus, you can barely find any 16's. It's like the shoe is top-secret. Again, I say not all wide width runners want real basic colors as they offer in most shoes. Let's get with some wilder colors for us wide width runners.


Santa Rosa, CA


Good midfoot cushioning


The shoe offers good heel and arch support for pronation control. I've found that some supportive shoes offer massive heel cushioning and little forefoot cushioning. However, this shoe has good midfoot cushioning for midfoot strikers and is fairly lightweight. That's why I bought it and am pleased. It is slighty wider than I wanted but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

Master Runner

Orlando, FL


Great shoes!


I have been wearing Zoom Structures for about 15 years. A very dependable and durable shoes. If it fits your feet and works with your foot motion, it is a great shoe. Found a fantastic deal on RR Sports site for last year's model. If you look around enough, you can often get a previous year's pair for $65-$75 either online or in store.




Im buying my second pair


Best running shoe I have ever used. Great for the runner that needs stability. I run about 5 miles every other day on pavement, and also run 10K races occasionally. I first tried the Zoom Structure+ 14 which was very good, then tried the the Structure+ 15. I have also tried other brands, but none come even close to these. 100% recommended.


Costa Rica


Good shoe for pronators


I have run in Nike Structures for several years now & I love them. Knee tendonitis went away when I started wearing these shoes for training. I run mostly on trails about 60-75 minutes per day and I get about 500 miles on a pair of these shoes. The shoe is light enough to wear on tempo runs too.

Coach Jack

San Diego


Little change from Structure 13


Structures have been the last three pair of running shoes I've owned. I like the fit of NB better, but the Structures seem to last longer. I was wearing the 13, and the 15 seems to be slightly stiffer, but that just may be perception. Still a very good anti-pronating running shoe.


Richmond, MO


The best pair of running shoes I have


I used it for training to get ready for OC Half Marathon. Last year I got injured and I was worried that the same thing would happened again. Not this time, got a custom shoes insert and the Nike Zoom Structure saved my ego and my knees. LOVE IT.


Tustin, CA


Mens Nike Zoom Structure+ 15 Running Shoe

4.6 67


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