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Womens Nike Zoom Vomero+ 7 Running Shoe

Women's Nike Zoom Vomero+ 7

Item #NIK1439

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Product Description:

Women's NIKE® ZOOM VOMERO+ 7 :: Treat your feet to the ultimate in cushioned luxury with the Nike® Zoom Vomero+ 7. You'll love the super smooth ride, brought to you by the Zoom Air system. Experience running comfort with low-profile pockets filled with pressurized air that flex on contact, creating a responsive feel that also absorbs shock and produces just the right amount of spring. Your feet will love these cushy shoes that are extremely supportive too, thanks to a dynamic fit system that wraps your feet in glove-like softness from the midfoot to the arch. Nike+ ready. 10.6 ounces

*Nike+ sensor sold separately

Features & Benefits:

  • Stay steady on your feet with durable traction from the waffle tread and BRS carbon rubber outsoles
  • Enjoy increased flexibility and responsiveness with strategically placed, gender-specific flex grooves
  • Your feet will appreciate the Vomero +7's midsole cushioning, a resilient foam layer that's enhanced by a crash pad at the midfoot
  • Get that overpronation under control with help from the gender-specific crash pad; located at the bottom of the heel, it reduces impact shock on heel strike
  • Keep stable with the thermoplastic shanks in the midfoot that increase your stability and ease the heel-to-toe transition
  • Your feet will breathe easy with the open, sandwich mesh uppers
  • Get lasting support from suede overlays, lightweight-but-tough Flywire, and Dynamic Fit inner sleeves
  • Connect to your run with Nike+! The Zoom Vomero+ 7 is Nike+ ready so you can use this handy tool on your mobile digital device to track your runs, from pace and distance, to time and calories burned
Product NIK1439 Review


Even Better than Vomero 5 and 6!


I've been a dedicated Vomero wearer since version 4. This version, 7, is comparable to v 4-- wonderful. I absolutely love this shoe. Good for neutral runners w/o protonation and slight supinators, as I am. The shoe is one of the most flexible and cushioned shoes that I have picked up. I have worn the vomero for distances up to 50k, including marathons on the road and 50k trail races. These shoes are well worth the higher cost. I am extremely pleased and have a backup pair ready to go.




Cushioning is awesome!


I have high arched feet and I do better with well-cushioned shoes like this model. I like this better than the previous model in terms of looks. As far as cushioning and comfort, it's about the same as the previous model. I do have a slight problem, if you call it that, with the left shoe--it feels like there's a bump in the middle part of the shoe right underneath my arch. It doesn't bother me during runs though. In fact, I ran 18 miles with these shoes and I had no problems whatsoever. And they were brand new, meaning there was no breaking in needed. I'm trying to decide between this pair and Asics Cumulus 15. The latter pair seems to be too flat for my high-arched feet and I hear my feet slapping the ground while running, which I didn't experience with the Vomeros. The Vomeros are a tad more cushioned compared to the Cumulus. I've done well with the Vomeros so far despite slight changes with each model, so I think I'm sticking to them. I don't understand why they're not fashionable compared to other running shoes, which is kind of important to me ;)

Skort Lover

Charlotte, NC


Disappointing- bring back the Vomero +6


I was very disappointed in this new version of my beloved Vomeros. I have a wide forefoot, narrow heel and a very high stiff arch- the Vomeros are really the only comfortable shoe with enough cushion and a wide enough forefoot that I can run in. Am an avid runner- trail mostly as well as roads and treadmill when travelling for work and run 25-30 miles/ week. Am 5 10 and 150 lbs. I am prone to plantar fasciitis and metatarsal pain. I loved my Vomero +6's- have worn out 4 pairs now. These shoes are way too narrow and rub the outside and tops of my feet. The cushioning is not very good and my feet were sore after a 10 K run. Will be returning and reordering the +6's for as long as they last.


Rochester, NY


Nike, what did you do to my precious?!?!


I have bad knees, so cushioning is the most important aspect of a running shoe for me. My Vomero 5s were old, so I tried on and bought the 7s. First change: the toe box is much more narrow on the 7s, though going up to a wide took care of that for me. The second, and more important change: what happened to the midfoot cushioning? Not only did my knee start to hurt during my first run, but so did my hip, which has never happened before. Thank goodness for RR's return policy! I gave this three stars because heel strikers still will likely find the famous Vomero cushioning. But mid/forefoot strikers, sadly, it's time to look elsewhere for shock absorption.

Gracie SD

San Diego, CA


sturdy and well-cushioned


First, I should say that I have average arches, however through years of high impact gym exercises, nike is the only brand that matches the soles of my feet perfectly. After moving to DC, I was looking for some good nike shoes that could sustain walking as a main means of transportation. After reading all the reviews, I chose to order the womens' vomero 7. They are exactly meeting my purposes: sturdy shoes with great cushioning for heavy use, light enough, and good style for this city. They're too new to comment on longer term issues.

seraphina the busy city pedestrian



Fits like a glove


I love this shoe. I started wearing this one about six months ago as a recommendation to help ease bunion pain. While in previous shoes, I was in constant pain, I have run/worked out/lived my everyday life pain free since I switched. I have tried other shoes but the bunion pain always returns. I will stick with this shoe as long as Nike makes it and hopefully newer versions will be just as good. I run on different surfaces and this shoe holds up well as well as provides great cushioning and wear. I won't go back to my previous shoe! Nike has a fan for a long time to come.

Half Marathon Mom

Monterey, CA


Worst Vomero Ever


I have been wearing Vomero forever. I was hoarding Vomero 6 and probably have 10 pairs and would have kept buying if I could. I tried Vomero 7 and it feels like I am running on nails. So uncomfortable and the plushy cushion I am used to from 6 is gone. I am a little panicked about finding a new shoe. I will try 8 when it's released but I cannot stress enough to anyone who has a high arch and needs extra cushion to stay away from this shoe. I wish I would have returned it. A huge waste of $100+ hard earned dollars. This is the first review I have ever written but felt I needed to share.


South Florida

They messed it all up with this version!


I run 25 miles/week for years now and have been running in the vomeros for a long time. The 6 was my favorite but I cant find it now so I had to give this one a try and hope for the best as with all the prior versions. Unfortunately, this one does not compare at all. It doesnt feel the same at all. The cushioning and comfortably plush ride is gone. It feels hard to run in, like its unflexible and its really bothering my knees for the past month that I've been running in them. Thank goodness for the return policy being so good here. Im returning them and going to try the nimbus. Hopefully it will work out.




My Fourth Pair Was Just Ordered


I have run in all of the Vomero series, because I love my cushioning. While the first iteration (called the "2") was the best, because it was an "air" shoe, the 4s were excellent. I was not as fond of the 3s and the 5s were awful -- too wide and felt as if foot was flopping rather than popping. The 6s were a refinement and the 7s are the best since the 2s/4s. Have not tried the 8s yet. Nothing beats this shoe for comfort, but it is a neutral shoe, so if you need ocrrection, you must wear them with orthotics.


Staten Island, NY


love this shoe and version


Have been running in vomeros since version 4. Love version 7. This is my 4th pair of them! Lots of cushion, very breathable, flexible, and light. Shoes last 300 plus miles. Trained for a marathon in them. My latest pair are the purple ones; love the color; they are brighter than they appear in the pictures online. I highly recommend this shoe. I do have a high arch, but this shoe provides enough support. Great neutral shoe.


Bossier City, LA


Doesn't mess with your feet!!


This shoe does not mess around!! It cushions impact and holds well to the foot. No blisters or hotspots. No burning on balls of feet even at higher speeds. I hit these hard right out of the box with no problems other than they run larger than I expected from Nike. This shoe reminds me of what running was like before learning so much about shoes, pronation, gaits,, blah, blah....Buy these and forget about your feet!!

Runner for life

Orlando, FL


Great update, Nike!


I run 40+ miles per week. I had been wearing Vomero 6s, but changed to another brand because I wanted to try something less cushy and more responsive. After noticing twinges of pain in my left knee with the new brand, I decided to try the Vomero 7s. WOW! It was exactly what I was looking for - the perfect balance of cushioning and responsiveness. I wore them in a race, and they were perfect. Thanks, Nike!

Chris Runs



Best running shoe!


I have been running in the Nike Zoom Vomero since the 3rd generation. The quality & shock cushion isn't as great as the past generations but I still think this is the best running shoe in the market. I hope Nike will stop cheapening the quality of this shoe. I would say it does run 1/2 a size small. I highly recommend this shoe if you love running on the trail or pavement/concrete.

Running Fashionista

Placentia, CA




I run 3-5 times a week. I loved my 6s so grabbed the 7s. I immediately noticed they felt smaller in the toebox which I adjusted to once the cushioning relaxed a bit. Sadly though, the tightness in the toe box translates to 2 black big toes. Running down hills on trails leads to banging the toe forward. Did not have this issue with my 6s. Just doesn't have the room this time. Same size and D width but less height at the toe.



Out of the box awesome ...


This is my 2nd pair and I really have great comfort, cushion and control in them. I got about 300 miles from the 1st pair, am still using them but only for my short runs because for the longer run I think they have quit. Got pair #2 and from out of the box I did a 12 mile run and there wasn't a hurt, blister or bother. Super good toe expansion, fit through the middle is excellent and overall performance well worth the money.


New Jersey


Finally a comfortable cushioned shoe!


I tried out lots of shoes until I found the Nike Vomero 7. I need a slightly wider toebox than Nike usually provides but these are perfect! They don't slip off my heels, are wide enough, and have wonderful cushioning. Finally a pair that don't make my feet hurt (which I experienced with several other shoes). I can't compare to other Vomero editions but for a first timer to Vomero these are fantastic! I use for jogging and walking. Highly recommend.




Worst shoe ever!


I have always worn Saucony shoes and loved them. I bought these ONLY because I could insert the iPhone Sensor to track mileage. I immediately noticed how flimsy they were and decided I would only use them to track mileage of new routes - then I would use my Saucony shoes for repeat runs. As usual, I used my own inserts for additional support, but after three runs (about 20 miles) I developed plantar faciitis, which I have never had before.

Still Limping



I have bought this product again & again


I use these shoes for work and personal - I am always on my feet 12-16 hours a day!! Love them!! This is my second pair and will be ordering more - they usually last about 3 months with wear and tear and my constant abuse of the shoes!! Other shoes and cheap shoes only last about a month for me with me constantly on my feet!!

Lagoon Water Sampler

Rolla, MO


Perfect for my high arches


I have chronic plantar fasciatis and very high arches and I can wear these without any issue. I am not running in these, but wearing them as my everyday shoes. In fact, my pain has been pretty much eliminated within a short time of wearing these. I had suffered on and off for years prior. I can't use orthotics, but these did not need them for me. Hopefully I can start running again!

Busy Momma

Ankeny, IA


Absolutely Love


I purchased these as a birthday give from my husband. I bought them 2 days before a 10 mile race and must say that even though they say to break them in for a couple weeks before any long runs my shoes felt great and I didn't have any problems. I wear them on Fridays to work and for exercising. I would definitely get another pair.

D runner

Pittsburg, CA




Have worn vomeros forever and this shoe is SO disappointing. Not nearly as comfortable and cushiony as previous models. I have done my marathon training in these sneakers for the last 5 years, but this time around, this model did not hold up. Not nearly soft enough considering it's supposed to be the softest shoe around. I hope Nike goes back to the older vomeros!


washington, dc


squeaking issue


I LOVE this shoe. My only issue is that it started to squeak after a couple months! Several people have told me that Nike shoes tend to do this and it's quite annoying. I love the shoe, it has excellent cushioning, durability, and traction. Nike should really figure out what causes their shoes to squeak and fix that issue.


Concord, Ca




I am desperately searching for a shoe to replace my Saucony Pro Grid Ride 4's. The 5's don't cut it. This is about the 3rd pair of various brands I have tried. These did not even make it out for a trial run. I walked around the house and really could not tell why this was called a cushioning shoe. Just didn't have any oomph or comfort so I sent them right back. :(

Lisa Van

Tampa, FL


very dissapointed


I am a avid runner 25-30 miles per week. I have used the Vomero since it was first launched. #7 doesn't come close to the fit and quality of #6. I don't like the tong being lose, the stitching is poor overall inside and the fit too wide. The price goes up and the quality down. I'm very dissapointed with #7. Going back to #6 as long as I'm able.


Exeter, NH


Hate these...and I used to LOVE Vomeros


I used to love the Vomeros 4 & 5. After the 6's came out I started trying other shoes and decided to go back to these without finding any pairs that I liked as much. Where's the cushioning??? First off, these feel like platform shoes they have such a severe rise and then the cushioning Vomero's are known for is gone in the heel. Second, they feel clunky and heavy. They are immediately going back!

Wino Jenn





I run 40-50 mile per week, and have fallen arches from 34 years of running. I wear custom orthotics in all my shoes. This shoe is great for wider feet. What I really love is the cushioning and durability, even when worn out for running they still look good, so I wear them for yard work. Love these.


Spfd Mo


good, solid shoe. very comfortable


use for daily walking and day-to-day activities. also for light jogging. I have very high arches and still need an insert but it has a decent arch for the average 'high arch' person, I think. Nice cushioning and the heel is slightly raised which I really appreciate.

Robyne a fitness-wannabe

redwood city, ca


Like Walking on a Cloud


I run and cross train in these shoes and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn!!! There is NO rubbing, they fit perfectly (I do have inserts because I have high arches), they breath amazingly, and they have great support. There isn't one thing I don't like about them.


Orange County, CA

I buy these for the cushioning


I have been buying Vomeros for years. I like the 7 much better than the 6. Comfortable right away. I can feel the cushioning. I wear these for my runs of 7+ miles and for walking once a week for 4.5 miles. This pair seems slightly wide but only because I see the way they are laced. I will be buying them again


Los Angeles,CA

Didn't like at al


Sorry, I LOVE the NIKE Free, but was looking for something to wear at work (I stand up to 14 hours a day)...even though the NIKE Free is minimalist, they actually felt like they had MORE support than these shoes. Also, these shoes were very stiff. I just returned them.




Womens Nike Zoom Vomero+ 7 Running Shoe

4.1 71


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