Music that Makes You Want to Move: The Top 100 Running Songs

Is your run feeling a bit stagnant? Add these top 100 songs to your running playlist and reinvigorate your routine!

Sometimes, the best running shoes alone won’t cut it if you’re trying to get the most out of your run. Your feet could be blanketed in the most cloud-like comfort, sheathed in a super cozy, sock-like fit, but without the best running songs to get you amped and out the door, it might not even matter.

What difference does it make how comfortable you could be on mile 10 or mile 20 if you don’t have good running songs that fuel you there? Even if you can log a ton of miles without a stellar running playlist, your mind might become so bored that the experience is hardly enjoyable.

Don’t get us wrong—there’s plenty to be said about running quietly. The reduced risk of injury, the therapeutic sensation of hearing nothing but wind at your back…

As romantic as that is, silence just won’t cut it for some runners. Plenty of athletes can admit to being ready to quit in those ill-timed moments when the music cuts out and their running playlist shuts off. Dead headphones, drained batteries, and lost reception are complete nightmares to some.

We adrenaline junkies love to hear the best running songs that propel each foot forward. We crave that heart-pumping bass blasting from our running playlist as we pound the pavement and push the tempo. That massive influx of motivation is one of the top reasons why we love music.

Metal heads and classic rockers, rap fans and electronic enthusiasts: come one, come all! We’ve divvied up the top 100 running songs by genre to ensure everyone can find something they like, no matter their taste in musical flavor.

From timeless hits to the latest bangers, scope our list of the top 100 running songs the next time your musical library feels a bit lackluster or your out-of-date playlist just isn’t cutting it. These jams won’t disappoint!

Favor a specific genre? Jump to it using the links below:

Note: Our list of the best running songs is not ranked in order by any means. That would be subjective, and we’re certainly not here to step on any musical toes.

Classic Rock

For your easy listening (and sweating) pleasure, let’s begin our list of the best running songs with some good ol’ classic rock featuring all your favorites like Led Zepplin, Bon Jovi, and Journey.

If we we’re setting the stage for these running playlists (see what we did there), we’d envision these songs accompanying you on a long and steady ride. Maybe you’re on the trail or maybe you’re going around the block during that golden hour just before dusk.

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You need jams to warm you up, to help you appreciate the beautiful, strolling scenery, to push you when the going gets a bit tough, and to celebrate with you as you cross the final leg of your marathon.

No matter the setting, add these to your running playlist if you want to rock out to some timeless tunes that are sure to get you moving.

  1. “Born to Run“—Bruce Springsteen
  2. “Summer of ‘69”—Bryan Adams
  3. “I Can See for Miles”—Styx
  4. “Sweet Emotion”—Aerosmith
  5. “Carry on Wayward Son”—Kansas
  6. “Hungry like the Wolf”—Duran Duran
  7. “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)“—The Proclaimers
  8. “Long Train Runnin’”—The Doobie Brothers
  9. “Burnin’ for You”—Blue Öyster Cult
  10. “Tush”—ZZ Top
  11. “Ramble On”—Led Zepplin
  12. “Rock You like a Hurricane”—Scorpions
  13. “Peace of Mind”—Boston
  14. “Heartbreaker”—Pat Benatar
  15. “Hot Blooded”—Foreigner
  16. “Baba O’Riley“—The Who
  17. “Barracuda”—Heart
  18. “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction“—The Rolling Stones
  19. “Running on Empty”—Jackson Browne
  20. “Livin’ on a Prayer”—Bon Jovi
  21. “Under Pressure“—Queen & David Bowie
  22. “Don’t Stop Believing”—Journey
  23. “Dream On“—Aerosmith
  24. “Thunderstruck“—AC/DC
  25. “Eye of the Tiger”—Survivor

Rock a bit Harder

Running is a release. When life has you majorly stressed out, it seems there’s no better cure than slapping on your running shoes, plugging in your running playlist, and jamming out the door until your feet can no longer carry you.

We get it—we’ve all been there. If you need to let off some steam, clear your mind, and cleanse yourself in some sweat, this is the best running playlist to tap into those emotions. It’s as though Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria is belting his angsty lines directly at you.

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Turn up the dial on the amplifier with this chunk of the top 100 running songs that’s filled with a wild assortment of punk rock, metal and more. Let the distorted grunge and epic guitar solos distract you from whatever it is that’s bogging you down.

Bouncing off the walls? This is the best running playlist to get you bouncing off the pavement.

  1. “Sabotage“—Beastie Boys
  2. “Youth of the Nation”—P.O.D.
  3. “Animal I have Become”—Three Days Grace
  4. “Damnit”—blink-182
  5. “The Kid’s aren’t Right”—The Offspring
  6. “Bouncing off the Walls”—Sugarcult
  7. “Still Waiting”—Sum 41
  8. “The Running Free”—Coheed and Cambria
  9. “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”—The Darkness
  10. “When Your Heart Stops Beating”—+44
  11. “The Pot”—Tool
  12. “96 Quite Bitter Beings”—CkY
  13. “Cage the Beast”—Adelitas Way
  14. “Search and Destroy”—Iggy Pop and the Stooges
  15. “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner”—Iron Maiden
  16. “Kickstart My Heart”—Mötley Crüe
  17. “Hail to the King”—Avenged Sevenfold
  18. “Addicted to Pain”—Alter Bridge
  19. “Thunder Kiss ‘65”—White Zombie
  20. “Hater”—Korn
  21. “Bodies”—Drowning Pool
  22. “Chop Suey!”—System of a Down
  23. “Testify”—Rage Against the Machine
  24. “Headstrong”—Trapt
  25. “I’m Shipping Up To Boston”—Dropkick Murphys

Hip Hop Pick Me Ups

Whether you’re at the gym or on the track, throwing on some of the hardest hip hop will make your moves more explosive. From idols like Eminem to the faces of the new rap generation, we’ve thrown together a running playlist featuring the best names in the game.

These are good running songs for when you want to boost your performance, master the proper running form, and train at your fullest capacity. As the flow builds, your confidence gets bigger and bigger! May each of your strides hit as hard as Kendrick’s every word.

  1. “Work REMIX”—A$AP Ferg
  2. “Fight Night”—Migos
  3. “Versace REMIX”—Migos and Drake
  4. “Chun-Li”—Nicki Minaj
  5. “SWISH”—Tyga
  6. “OG Bobby Johnson REMIX feat. A$AP Ferg, Pusha T & Snoop”—QUE.
  7. “HUMBLE”—Kendrick Lamar
  8. “Lift Me Up”—Vince Staples
  9. “Red Nation”—The Game and Lil Wayne
  10. “Lose Yourself“—Eminem
  11. “Break Ya Neck”—Busta Rhymes
  12. “X Gon’ Give it to Ya”—DMX
  13. “Fight Music”—D12
  14. “Close Your Eyes”—Run the Jewels
  15. “Push It”—Rick Ross
  16. “BLACKJACK”—Aminé
  17. “Jumpman”—Future and Drake
  18. “Truffle Butter”—Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil Wayne
  19. “Panda”—Desiigner
  20. “A Milli”—Lil Wayne
  21. “I’m Goin In”—Drake, Lil Wayne, and Jeezy
  22. “Stronger“—Kanye West
  23. “Pump It“—Black Eyed Peas
  24. “Can’t Hold Us“—Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
  25. “All I do is Win”—DJ Khaled

Electronic Dance Run Music

When the BPM (beats per minute) truly take off, it’s like our feet don’t even have a choice but to follow. These electronic songs are destined to make you want to move; the beats are so catchy, it’s impossible to resist.

Ladies decked out in their running shoes might be tempted to pause for a quick dance killer jams—and we don’t blame you. Huge house names like Diplo and Tiesto didn’t become worldwide sensations for nothing.

This is the best running playlist for when you’re running for weight loss or pushing the tempo. Trust us, with these high-energy beats, it’ll be no trouble at all.

  1. “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”—Daft Punk
  2. “Who Gon Stop Me”—Jay Z and Kanye West
  3. “Turn Down for What?”—DJ Snake and Lil Jon
  4. “BOOM”—Tiesto
  5. “Purple Lamborghini feat. Rick Ross)—Skrillex
  6. “212“—Azaelia Banks
  7. “Work B***h”—Britney Spears
  8. “Five Hours”—Deorro
  9. “Revolution”—Diplo
  10. “Get Low”—Dillon Francis and DJ Snake
  11. “Lean On feat. MØ and DJ Snake”—Major Lazer
  12. “Levels”—Avicii
  13. “Animals”—Martin Garrix
  14. “Boy Oh Boy”—GTA and Diplo
  15. “No Money”—Galantis
  16. “Love on Me”—Galantis and Hook N Sling
  17. “Take Ü There”—Skrillex, Diplo, and Kiesza
  18. “Hideaway”—Kiesza
  19. “Wake Me Up”—Avicii
  20. “Strangers feat. Tove Lo”—Seven Lions and Myon & Shane 54
  21. “Don’t Let Me Down”—The Chainsmokers
  22. “Titanium feat. Sia”—David Guetta
  23. “Outside”—Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding
  24. “Anything Can Happen“—Ellie Goulding
  25. “Heroes (we could be)”—Alesso and Tove Lo

There you have it—the top 100 running songs guaranteed to inspire you when you need that extra push. Add them to your running playlist and let that pumping beat fuel your fire the next time you pound the pavement!

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