12 Least Motivating Motivational Quotes Ever

12 Least Motivating Motivational Quotes

Motivational quotes are great…unless they’re not. Here are the top 12 worst motivational quotes.

There’s nothing like a good motivational quote to get you fired up about your fitness goals. But, there are also plenty of bad quotes that only motivate you to grab a bowl of ice cream and watch another episode of Game of Thrones.

The way I look at it is if you’re going to try to motivate me to work hard, you better work just as hard to craft a great message. Obviously, some meme creators feel differently.

#12 Least Motivating Quote

Oh, thanks. That’s a real uplifter. Thanks for the reminder that it’s all my fault I’m not in as good a shape as I want to be.


#11 Least Motivating Quote

This meme is an oops that would have been better as a what if.


#10 Least Motivating Quote

Wrong. Lots of fish follow the flow. They’re called ocean currents. And it’s very efficient.


#9 Least Motivating Quote

Not all the time. Sometimes my couch feels pretty darned good.


#8 Least Motivating Quote

Maybe not the worst meme out there, but it’s pretty obvious. I mean, of course no one’s going to hand you what you want without having to work for it. It’d be like saying that you need to push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you. That would be ridiculous.


#7 Least Motivating Quote

I spoke too soon.


#6 Least Motivating Quote

Gee, thanks. Why didn’t I think of that before? I’ll try that next time. Seriously, the only thing less helpful than telling me simply to not give up is to tell me if I work hard today, it’ll pay off somewhere down the road.


#5 Least Motivating Quote

Oh, come on now! Three months is a lifetime away from today. Can we cut it down to, say, three days?


#4 Least Motivating Quote

That’s about as useless as a motivational quote can get. Where else would I start? Where I’m not?


#3 Least Motivating Quote

I’m not even sure why this came up in a Google search for motivational quotes.


#2 Least Motivating Quote

Not helpful. Maybe if it said pain makes you stronger or leaner or faster, I’d go for that.


#1 Least Motivating Quote

I’m confused. Is this supposed to motivate me? Or is it reverse psychology? I don’t know anymore.


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