6 Empowering Reminders from Strong Female Runners: Happy International Women’s Day!


Let’s blast Beyoncé, lift heavy things, run the miles, be cheerleaders for women and remember our superpower (read on to find out yours).

Be bold.

Women haven’t had it easy. When we’re assertive, we’re told we’re emotional, too loud, or worst of all, bitchy. Enough of that. Bold is good. Loud is good. Confident, brash, opinionated, passionate – these are all things women should be able to be without hearing any kind of ‘tone it down’ nonsense from anyone. Be who you are and own it. Check out @smasheton to get in on those bold living vibes.

Be Persistent.

While the post below speaks to Rahaf’s (@runlikeahijabi on Instagram) perseverance as a marathoner, it’s her perseverance as an underrepresented minority in the running space and what she’s done to change that, which makes her especially remarkable. She seeks to inspire women who cover (like Rahaf does with her hijabs) to be active. Additionally, she was the first Muslim hijabi runner to be featured on a fitness magazine. Thanks to Rahaf’s persistence (and the determination of others like her), minorities and those underrepresented in the running world, and on Instagram, have someone blazing a path of representation for them.

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My five #worldmajors so far…..I couldn’t run a mile to save my life. I hated running in high school. I became a mom of three kids by the age of 24!! I had a need, a strong desire to change something, become something of myself other then a mom and wife. ???? I fought #postpartum depression with no pills or medical intervention because i didn’t know otherwise. I think part of that was because I still believed I can change and told myself to fight it off. And I did. ???? I got into #running by signing up for a 10k in April 2012. #ran my first #marathon in 2014. After running @chimarathon in 2015 then @berlinmarathon in 2016, I said to myself I’m gonna conquer all 6 World majors. ???? I AM going to hold that six star World major medal in my hands and fight SO hard to get it. And I’m almost there folks. Always dream big ladies ✌????PLEASE donate to my link to help me raise enough funds to run London marathon! LINK IN BIO #internationalwomensday #muslim #hijabi #momlife #fitmom #fitness #hijabirunner #athlete #training #trainhard #runhappy #bestrong #marathontraining #runforacause #braincancer #curecancer #whstrong #voguebeauty #beatyesterday #alhamdulillah #mashallah @londonmarathon @abbottglobal #runlikeahijabiy

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Get Dirty.

We’re slowly but surely moving past the ‘women can’t’ or ‘women shouldn’t’ refrain that we’ve heard all too often. Women can – and should – get dirty on running trails (check out our gifts for female runners for the warrior woman in your life). Women don’t look any less womanly when we have skinned knees from tripping over rocks and roots or matted, sweaty hat hair after a long run. Women can run ultramarathons (like our friend @2spry) without their uterus falling out  (yep, people actually thought this could happen). So the next time someone tells you something you’re doing isn’t ladylike or it’s too hard or you should ‘take it easy’, we encourage you to go outside, run hard, get dirty, and be the badass woman you are.


Remember Your Superpower.

While her focus isn’t running, HIIT trainer and body positivity cheerleader, @annavictoria loves reminding women that they’re fierce forces to be reckoned with. We deal with adversity. We make it through menstrual cramps – EVERY MONTH. We lift weights. We run mile after mile. Some of us birth entire humans and keep them alive. We don’t mess around. Remember your superpower: you’re a woman!

Rise Above It.

During the course of my career and in my personal life, I’ve been talked down to, had my intelligence and skills undermined and had inappropriate things said to me because I’m a female. But because I’m both female and a fighter (it’s a pretty common combo 😉 ) I used those experiences to become stronger. Don’t let bricks bury you. Pick those suckers up and start building. Thanks, @highonsweatt for that solid reminder.

Own Your Body.

It’s easy to let the pressures of the media we take in every day affect the way we look at our bodies. But remember – you literally own your body. You run it. You call the shots. The same applies to how you think about it and whether or not you let it define your self worth. Don’t let others own your body. If you need a reminder that you’re worth it and you look DAMN good – follow @mileposts and @ihavearunnersbody.

Bonus tip: Self talk defines your self worth. When you’re looking in the mirror, resist any and all urges to pick yourself apart. Instead, tell yourself you look strong. Remind yourself that your body just ran or lifted weights or hiked up a mountain  – your body can do that! That’s amazing. And so are you.

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Do you have a moment to chat? ???? I posted this on @ihavearunnersbody but I really think it’s worth reposting here as well ???? I can SO relate to the sentiments behind this photo from @thejessiest and I feel like you might also ???? Remember if you run, you have a runner’s body but more so than that – your body is beautiful and powerful just as it is. ???? Photo & words from @thejessiest ・・・ I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to lose some weight. To whittle down this body just a little more in search of some further sense of satisfaction with my aesthetic. It’s easy to consider calorie counting again. To remember past days of disordered eating and wonder if short cuts and restriction would get me there faster. But that comes at the cost of my mental health and I’m no longer willing to make that sacrifice. Instead I remind myself that over the last year I’ve consistently had the healthiest eating habits I’ve ever had. Sometimes my eating choices are influenced by emotions and I don’t like how that makes me feel but it’s best not to dwell. I also know that sometimes a donut or a glass of wine is good for your soul and therefore worth every calorie. But mostly I remind myself that I take care of my body, it is nourished and strong and healthy, and at the end of the day that matters so much more. #ihavearunnersbody #irunthisbody #anyBODYcanrun

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Author bio: Sam is runner, writer and nature enthusiast. She’s a fan of taking #photoswhilerunning, spending time in nature with her husband and loving on any and all animals, especially her cat. Her other passions include social media (she’s the social media manager at Road Runner Sports) and content marketing. Follow her on Twitter at @SamKerstetter and Instagram at @shosenka7.


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