adidas alphabounce RC 2 Review: Rule Your World (And Your Workouts) in These Versatile Trainers

Hey workout warriors! 2019 is your year to blast past fitness goals and the adidas alphabounce RC training shoes will help get you there in next level comfort!

 What They Are:

Comfy, Supportive, Cushioned Running/Training Shoes

What They Replace:

The adidas alphabounce RC 2 replaces the adidas alphabounce RC

Men’s adidas alphabounce RC 2 in Black/Gum

MSRP: $79.95

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What’s New with the adidas alphabounce RC 2:

Warm up winter with box jumps, burpees or run your favorite route in the new adidas alphabounce RC 2 training shoes. These trainers can do it all! You’ll feel supported through every move with responsive bounce cushioning.

Bounce cushion is like boost’s tougher twin. While boost is great for mega flex and super softness, bounce is more supportive and well, bouncy, kinda like a superball. I prefer bounce for cardio and boot camp. Bounce offers more support/balance during lunges, jumps and landings. I also rely on the arch and toe protection I get from bounce while planking or doing burpees. Bounce is still plenty cushioned it’s like the sweet spot between super soft and support.

Plus, you’ll love the new speed enabled-lightweight mesh upper made to give you the freedom of comfortable, natural movement and the new TPU fit panel (the plastic piece on the side) will give you a the perfect adaptive and supportive fit.

Who They’re For:

If you’re looking for shoes that are versatile enough to get you through your bootcamp workout, your run, walk or just a long day on your feet then the adidas alphabounce RC2 are for you. They are the perfect fit for medium to high arches and although they are technically a neutral shoe, they also offer support for side-to-side movement.

Men’s adidas alphabounce RC 2 in Grey/Gum

MSRP: $79.95

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Why You Want Them:

These are a great option for all-around, go anywhere, do anything training shoes. Walk, run, jump, juke, workout, out and about, these shoes have you covered. Plus…

  • Once again, gotta have that supportive and responsive bounce cushion
  • New speed-enabled lightweight mesh upper to support every move
  • Rubber outsole has enhanced impact and traction zones

COLORS: Absolutely! Two awesome colors for men.

Men: Black/Gum, Grey/Gum

WEIGHT: Men’s 11 oz | Women’s 10.1 oz


Want to know for sure if the adidas alphabounce RC2 are the right shoes for you? Take 2-3 minutes to run through our online SHOE FIT FINDER. You can also call 800.551.5558 or drop by your hometown store and we’ll guide you through your personal fitting.

Author bio: Laurel Winterbourne is a mom, surfer and outdoor enthusiast. She finds her freedom in mountain adventures, family camper road trips and lots of travel. Laurel is half of the Clarkbourne Creative duo and is a copywriter, adventure travel writer and photo producer. You can check out more of her work at

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