Brooks Launch 6 Review: Engines, Prepare For Takeoff, the New Launch is Ready for Flight

Lift off with every stride in the Brooks Launch 6, now redesigned for enhanced comfort and style!


Get stoked. This season, Brooks unveils their latest Launch 6—one of their most popular shoe models that have captured the hearts of running enthusiasts since its first release. As a neutral Level 4 running shoe, the Brooks Launch 6 hits the sweet spot between flexibility and support, cushioning and responsiveness, so you can score a springy but comfortable ride that helps you pick up the speed and blast off from the pack.


Brooks has been making running shoes since the 1970s and they’ve always obsessed over ways to improve your ride. As a brand focused on how to tailor shoe performance to human anatomy, they’ve developed a number of key running technologies that make their trainers some of the best on the market. You’ll find no shortage of tech in the latest Brooks Launch 6 as it one-ups its predecessor, the Brooks Launch 5, which hit the streets back in December of 2017.


Your eyes will beam with delight at the new design of the Brooks Launch 6, which has been seamlessly streamlined into the upper’s mesh to eliminate bulk and distraction. Some Brooks loyalists said last year’s edition went a bit astray in terms of midfoot support because the platform was a little too narrow, but the now-denser mesh snugly wraps around your foot for a locked-in feel that’s neither too stiff or rigid.

Don’t worry—dense fabric doesn’t mean sweaty feet. The ventilation game is on point in the Launch 6, meaning you can enjoy enhanced support without compromising on a lightweight, airy ride. And for those concerned about the new midsole platform, you can look forward to extra doses of ultra-soft foam placed at the forefoot. Your toe-off phase will feel effortlessly smooth!

And speaking of transitions, we can’t neglect to mention the optimized Midfoot Transition Zone on the outsole of the Brooks Launch 6. Speed demons: this segmented crash pad leads into the forefoot for ideal pressure dispersion, allowing for faster heel-to-toe transitions so you can shave off those precious seconds from your PR.


These guys are designed to provide neutral support for feet with medium to high arches. That means they’ll perform best on runners who don’t suffer from any pronation problems, and who don’t need a little extra oomph beneath the balls of their feet.

If your gait does okay on its own—without added help from stability features—then these shoes are a dream for anyone looking for a snappy, energized ride. When you run in the Brooks Launch 6, you’ll feel invigorated, almost as if your shoes take on a life of their own. As you feel the powerful push-off on each and every transition, you won’t be so sure about who’s actually doing the work here, propelling yourself forward: you, or your shoes? Truth is, these responsive trainers actually match your effort by giving back the energy you put in, making life a whole lot easier on those hard-working muscles. The Brooks Launch 6 lets you run harder while feeling less fatigued—and that’s a pro anyone can get behind… especially on mile 10.

But the Brooks Launch 6 isn’t just for racers looking to blast off the starting line and max their PRs. These guys are pretty much a Swiss Army knife of a running shoe, good for marathons and 5Ks, evening jogs and even for support on long days standing up at work. It’s performance-driven and comfort-backed, meaning you can wear them for steady runs, long-distance rides, HIIT intervals, and fast sprints. They connect best with the pavement, track, or treadmill—so trail-runners beware, you might prefer a shoe with a bit more grip.


Because what’s better than a new pair of running shoes? Especially a new pair of running shoes that don’t require that annoying break-in period? The Brooks Launch 6 make blisters and irritating wrinkles problems of the past thanks to the new one-piece mesh that wraps entirely around the upper. The no-sew upper means no sharp or stiff stitching that could have potentially caused your feet trouble in the past. Now you can just slip right in and say “Aaaah”.

The updated engineered mesh in the Brooks Launch 6 is super breathable, so your feet won’t overheat even as you dial up the intensity. It blends in seamlessly with the sleek design of the shoe, cutting out bulky overlays and boasting an arrowed pattern that points to where the Launch 6 will take you: forward.

But what about the BioMoGo, bro? Rest assured, you’ll find plenty of this iconic cushioning system in the Brooks Launch 6, paired with its legendary DNA technology. If you don’t know what’s up with the BioMoGo DNA midsole, let’s break it down real quick. First, the innovative DNA material is discretely inserted at the heel and ball of the Launch 6; put the material under a microscope, and you see chains of tiny strands that react to the force applied upon impact. At the end of this physics lesson, you score an adaptive cushioning system that dynamically reacts to your unique gait, weight, pace, and overall movement. Say goodbye to “one size fits all” and hello to “made-for-me”.

Next, the DNA is blended with the BioMoGo foam, which is not only an ultra-plush cushioning system delivering a luxurious underfoot feel (30% softer than standard gel or EVA midsoles), but it’s also eco-friendly—capable of biodegrading an incredible 50% faster than standard! When paired together in the Brooks Launch 6, you get a ridiculously comfortable, energized ride that feels tailor-made just for you, AND it’s good for the environment. So to answer the question… yeah, that’s why you want them.


Looking for some technical deets on the latest Brooks Launch 6? Here’s all you need to know.


As a Level 4 cushioned shoe, you’ll enjoy just the right amount of softness running in the Brooks Launch 6—enough for a plush ride, but not too soft to where you feel sunken in.


Men’s 9.0 oz | Women’s 8.0 oz


The Brooks Launch 6 has a 10mm drop, meaning its rearfoot is lighted slightly higher off the ground for protection against heel striking.


Men’s Brooks Launch 6 comes in an attractive Gray/Red combo while ladies get to look both cute and sporty in the Aster/Fig women’s Brooks Launch 6.

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