New Balance Track & Field Competition Shoes Review: Fly to the Finish Line in These Lightning Fast Styles!

Whether you’re a track & field champ or new to the sport, New Balance has the perfect competition shoes to get you there fast.

The Latest Track & Field Competition Shoes from New Balance:

Whatever event is your thing, whether long sprints, short sprints, jumps or hurdles, New Balance has you covered. There’s a little something for every racer in this selection of track and field competition shoes including the Vazee Verge, SD100v2, MD800v6 and the MD500v6. Whether you’re a track star or just love a good fast sprint around the track, you’ll want to these for a spin.

New Balance Vazee Verge:

A sprint spike that’s lightweight, supportive and comfy? It’s true! Weighing in at 5.2 oz, you’ll be breakin’ speed limits on the daily. The Vazee Verge has FantomFit construction for lightweight breathable support with a secure comfy lockdown fit. You’ll be one step ahead thanks to the flexible full-length 8-spike sprint plate for aggressive traction and plenty of snapback to spring you forward. These are a great option for longer sprints.

Men’s New Balance Vazee Verge in Emerald/Black

Women’s New Balance Vazee Verge in Violet/Black


New Balance SD100v2:

The new and improved New Balance SD100v2 track & field shoes are lightning fast at 5.7oz and will be your go to for hurdles and anywhere from 100 to 400 meter sprints. The six-spike configuration gives you superior traction, power and unbeatable speed. You’ll love the super sleek design with a molded midsole and mid-cut bootie construction.

Men’s New Balance SD100v2 in Silver/Black

Women’s New Balance SD100v2 in White/Neon Emerald


New Balance MD800v6:

New Balance really outdid itself with the champion-worthy ultra light MD800v6 competition shoes. At 4.4 oz you’ll feel like you’re flying in one of the most aggressive middle distance spikes ever made. The new six-pin spike plate creates a smooth transition so you’ll be gliding through your stride and the knit bootie construction will hug and support your feet in all the right places. Just ask the pros that choose this shoe and their competition go to.

Men’s New Balance MD800v6 in Emerald/Black

Women’s New Balance MD800v6 in Violet/Black


New Balance MD500v6:

Need something versatile enough to handle everything from 400 hurdles to long jumps? These are your multi-takers for you all-around track stars. They have a six-spike plate and weigh in at 5.7 oz. You’ll love the bold, sleek and aggressive look and the steadfast support and lightweight feel of the no-sew overlay for smooth comfort. These are a great option for those just getting into track an field because they excel at a large range of events.

Men’s New Balance MD500v6 in White/UV Blue

Women’s New Balance MD500v6 in White/Neon Emerald


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