Keep ‘Em Wild At Heart With These Holiday Must-Haves For Every Trail Runner On Your Gift List

Dazzle your trail runners, ultra runners, and everyone in-between. These gift suggestions are guaranteed to impress everyone who loves to run off the beaten path.

If you’re scrambling to find perfect gifts for the trail runners in your life, we have you covered. It can be kind of tricky to pick out something nice for the type of person who loves to go out there and get dirty in the mud, but these trail running gifts will help them score even more raw fun during their off road adventures.

Amphipod Xinglet Strobe Plus Vest

What it is:

Safety above all else – especially during winter months when visibility is low. If the trail-tackler in your life enjoys taking off into the backcountry in dim lighting conditions, get them geared up with the Amphipod Xinglet Strobe Plus Vest. Instead of running with an annoying flashlight in hand or headlamp up top, the Amphipod Xinglet ensures they’re fully visible and the least distracted.

Why they’ll love it:

360-degree reflectivity details plus front and rear strobe LED lights means they can leave those clip-on lights at home. They’ll strap it on and forget it’s there, thanks to its lightweight design that boasts maximum visibility with minimal bulk. A perfect ultra runner gift idea, this vest is overnight race-ready for those crazy beasts who refuse to stop running just because the sun sets.

Men’s R-Gear Trail Blazing Track Pant

What is is:

Looking for the trail running gift for the guy who doesn’t just follow the beaten path, but blazes trails of his own? Then he needs a pair of these super durable men’s R-Gear Trail Blazing track pants. Made with a blend of 91% moisture-wicking DRYROAD and 9% spandex fabric, these guys are not only super functional, but they’re incredibly comfortable. They’ll keep him warm during his trail runs this winter, but the hardy, tear-proof mesh panels will provide plenty of ventilation when he works up a sweat veering off road.

Why he’ll love them:

Let’s face it: working out is easier when getting ready is more convenient. Even the most active men will love how simple it is to take these track pants on and off thanks to the reflective ankle zips. He can stash his fuel bars and car keys, no prob, in the secure zipper pockets. And if you’re not exactly sure about what size to order him, the drawstring waistband will let him dial in the perfect fit.

Women’s Altra Lone Peak 4.0

What they are:

The woman you’re shopping for deserves a trail running gift as tough as she is… and the women’s Altra Lone Peak 4.0 will not disappoint. Equipped with monster lugs that grip the ground with some serious bite, these shoes will let her confidently traverse any type of terrain without fear of slipping or sliding. Crossing streams and splashing puddles will be problems of the past, thanks to the next-level drainage system in the Lone Peak 4.0.

Why she’ll love them:

Now she can say goodbye to sorely stubbed toes on account of the StoneGuard rock block, and with such sturdy traction, she can focus more on her form. Not only do the Lone Peaks perform impressively, but the latest 4.0 offers a super-comfy integrated tongue and low-impact 0 mm drop so she’ll feel amazing as she racks up high mileage.

Nathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated 2 Bottle Belt 20 ounce

What it is:

If you’re hunting for trail runner gifts with safety in mind, you can’t go wrong with a hydration belt that enables the athlete in your life to strap up with essential H2O. Without enough water, the guy or gal you hold near and dear can become fatigued, nauseous, or pass out altogether – which poses a major safety hazard, especially when they’re off the grid, out in the wild.

Why they’ll love it:

Running with a water bottle in hand can be distracting, while a water bladder in a backpack might uncomfortably cut into their shoulders and slosh around. The Nathan Trail Mix Plus Insulated Belt straps comfortably and ergonomically around their waist, plus it can hold two water bottles, ensuring their hydration needs are met while running enormous distances. Added bonus: it comes with a zip pocket, key ring clip, and stash pouch for gels to conveniently store all their goodies.

Women’s R-Gear Layer Up Half-Zip Training Top

What it is:

This versatile gift for trail runners can be worn all year long. She can layer it up for training during winter months or use it as for lightweight outerwear when the weather starts to warm up. It’s ultra comfortable and full of functional features including side panels to alleviate chafing and ergonomic thumb holes to keep those sleeves locked down while she pumps her arms on uphill climbs.

Why she’ll love it:

Let’s be real: style matters, and you’ll find no shortage of it here in the women’s R-Gear Layer Up Half-Zip Training Top. A dropped neckline serves up fashion and comfort, while the zip pocket at the back right hip delivers a sleek, streamlined look. This trail running gift will make her look as good as that runner’s high feels.

Men’s New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v3

What they are:

If you’re shopping for gifts for trail runners, there’s no way you can go wrong with the Men’s New Balance Hierro v3. Spanish for “iron”, the Hierro is one strong running shoe equipped to tackle even the most technical of trails. The sock-like seal around the ankle prevents intrusive rocks, pebbles, and debris from climbing aboard, while the top-notch traction served up by the Vibram MegaGrip outsole will keep him confidently sure-footed as he climbs ascents and cuts corners.

Why he’ll love them:

If the trail runner you’re shopping for doubles as a part-time sneakerhead, do him a favor and ditch those muddy trainers he’s been clinging onto for so long. Once he sees the stylishly rugged aesthetic of the military green New Balance Hierro v3, he’s bound to be impressed. Better yet, you’ll watch him smile from ear to ear when he unwraps and slides into his new shoes, experiencing the next-level comfort provided by the plush Fresh Foam cushioning system.

Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm 2.5 ounce

What it is:

If you’re searching for ultra runner gifts, you’re probably well-aware of the stress they put on their bodies during their high-mileage exploits. You might not be able to fix their runner’s knee or plantar fasciitis, but you can help them protect their skin with this all-natural protectant. The Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm lubricates areas of the skin that are prone to irritation and rubbing, thereby preventing those dreaded blisters, rashes, and hot spots.

Why they’ll love it:

The perfect stocking stuffer for both men and women, this gift for trail runners will surely be appreciated by any athlete looking for long-lasting, all-weather protection, whether it’s during the cold and dry winter or hot and humid summer. Other cream and powder formulas are wet or messy, so they’ll definitely prefer the non-sticky Body Glide that lacks petroleum and lanolin. It’s sweat resistant, won’t clog pores, and safe for sensitive skin, making it a sure-fire win for a trail running gift.

Men’s R-Gear Stash Solver Six Pocket 7″ Short

What they are:

It might be cold now, but you know his favorite time to head into nature and go for a run is when the snow starts to melt and the sun begins to shine. Get him stoked for spring training with a pair of men’s R-Gear Solver Six Pocket shorts. It comes with a built-in brief liner so he won’t get uncomfortably bunched up while blazing down the trail, plus the massive amount of pockets and storage space will be especially handy during long-distance hauls – making this a perfect ultra runner gift or athletic apparel for the cross-training gym rat in your life.

Why he’ll love it:

These guys are versatile, and he’ll get plenty of use out of his R-Gear shorts whether he’s running on the trail or pounding pavement on the road. The lightweight woven fabric won’t retain any heat as he picks up the pace, keeping him comfortably dry and airy whether he’s on mile 3 or mile 13. He’ll have a spot to stash all his essentials, from the interior key pocket to the 5 outer pockets, and with the internal drawcord featured in the elastic waistband, he’ll score a comfy fit no matter the distance.

Women’s R-Gear Do It All Track Pant

What they are:

Whether you’re shopping for your mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend this holiday season, the special lady in your life really can do it all. That’s why she needs the women’s R-Gear Do It All Track Pant that can keep up with her every activity! Made with 85% moisture-wicking DRYROAD and 15% spandex material, she’s guaranteed to feel fantastic no matter what activity she has planned that day. This dynamic gift for trail runners will perform great during intense workouts, sweaty yoga sessions, and long-distance rides.

Why she’ll love them:

These pants are pretty much the definition of athleisure style, meaning she can seamlessly transition from her trail run to the rest of her to-do list. Whether she’s grocery shopping or picking up the kids, she’ll never skip a beat in these fashionable yet functional workout pants. They feature a figure flattering cut that she can wear around town, and considering how comfy the waistband is, she’ll never want to take them off once she tries them on.

Don’t break a sweat trying to think of the best gifts for trail runners. If you fall back on any of these suggestions, you’re guaranteed to make this holiday one they’ll remember for years to come.

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