Hoka One One Arahi 3 Review: Not Your Average Stability Shoe is Changing the Game

If your feet crave support but you aren’t big on stiff stability shoes, then the Hoka One One Arahi 3 is your new best friend.


Some people are all about the whole #nonewfriends game—especially overpronators who think they’ve finally found the shoe of their dreams. But even if you’ve got a running shoe that your feet absolutely rejoice in, we’re willing to bet the Arahi 3 can make ‘em even happier.

As a Level 5 cushioned stability shoe, the Hoka One One Arahi 3 pretty much rolls out the red carpet in terms of plush, pillowy softness. It gently guides your foot to its most natural and efficient movement without imposing a rigid, clunky fit. The structure served up here is incredibly soft to the touch and also lightweight, so your runs will feel comfortably snappy and energized—even on those days you struggle to get out the door.


Back in 2017, Hoka One One introduced the J-Frame™ midsole and with it, showed the world the future of stability shoes. They were motivated to shake things up and do away with all the complicated construction surrounding motion control. Superimposed structure? Stiff, unforgiving material? Medial post? No, thanks! Hoka did away with all that yuck and simplified a support system with their Dynamic Stability technology in the Arahi.

Fast forward two years: This January 2019, the Arahi 3 hit the scene and replaced last year’s Hoka One One Arahi 2. It’s absolutely jam-packed with features that all runners can enjoy—not just those who struggle with a little excessive movement in their stride. Everyone’s been eager to get their hands on a pair simply due to how stylish this year’s release is compared to the last. We get it, Hoka One One sneakers usually aren’t known for leading the scene in the style department—that signature rocker look isn’t necessarily for everyone. But the latest Arahi breathes new life into that traditional design and looks super sleek, especially next to others in the lineup.


The Arahi 3 received one massive overhaul, not only aesthetically, but also in terms of functionality. To all those Arahi 2 fans out there, don’t fret—you still score plenty of the same cushioning and outfitted rubber pads that you know and love, on top of the well-loved stability features that help perfect your stride.

Going from top to bottom, let’s start by taking a look at the upper of the new Arahi 3, shall we? It’s now softer and lighter than before, which allows your feet to breathe nice and easy even as you kick up the intensity. With plenty of ventilation and max air flow, sweaty, stinky feet will become problems of the past. The engineered mesh gets a bit snugger around the midfoot to deliver a locked-in feel far superior to last year’s Arahi 2. Testers in the past who said they weren’t quite able to dial in the perfect fit will notice a significant improvement!

So now you know the all-new upper of the Hoka One One Arahi 3 has been optimized with comfort and breathability in mind—what else is going on in this review? Well if you take a look at the midsole, you’ll notice that it’s been sleekly redesigned with a smooth silhouette as opposed to the Arahi 2’s pointed pattern—except for at the heel, where you need a bit more oomph for shock absorption. This refinement is one of the biggest aesthetic changes that made these shoes look impressively sleek and stylish.

Last but not least, Hoka One One tweaked the outsole of the Arahi 3 with both the density and positioning of material in mind. If you flip it over and compare it to the Arahi 2, you’ll note zonal rubber has been strategically readjusted to serve up enhanced durability. Capable of withstanding extra wear and tear, these guys are ready to rack up some serious mileage if you’re up for the challenge! And what would a Hoka Arahi 3 review be without mention of the iconic J-Frame? It is the bread and butter of the series, after all. We’re stoked to report that the J-Frame material is now firmer than before, meaning it does a better job at guiding your foot for the best distribution of balance.


Road runners unite! The Arahi 3 is a highly cushioned daily trainer, ideal for running miles and miles on end. The thick cushioning system will protect your feet from the repetitive impact of landing and the stabilization features lessen any potential pain from pronation problems. Just because you go hard on your grind, doesn’t mean that your body should have to pay the price, right?

The great thing about the Hoka One One Arahi 3 (okay, there’s many great things, but this one ranks pretty high!) is that runners of all flavors can enjoy this shoe. From casual, daily jogs to long-distance exploits, there’s nothing these kicks can’t handle. Because the stability features aren’t over-imposing, runners without pronation problems can still enjoy the Arahi 3 experience. Wear ‘em for a light and supportive recovery run on the days your feet are a bit fatigued and need a break. Or, if you’re a trail runner, the outsole of the Arahi 3 boasts enough durability and traction to withstand some occasional off-road adventuring.


To recap, the Hoka One One Arahi 3 delivers brand-specific stability in one good looking shoe. The latest Arahi comes packaged in a sleeker, minimalist design with attractive colorways and is made with super soft, engineered mesh. The J-Frame helps prevent overpronation and keeps your feet from rolling inward—minus all that stiff, restrictive material stability shoes are usually known for—and tons of cushioning will soften your landing with every step. As an added bonus, the classic Hoka One One early stage Meta-Rocker is improved in the third generation on the Arahi, delivering a super smooth ride with effortless heel-to-toe transitions. All in all, we’re pretty big fans!


Looking for some technical details in our Hoka One One review? Here are the specs on the Arahi 3!


Plush to the max. The Arahi 3 is a Level 5 cushioned running shoe, meaning your feet will feel more like they’re floating on clouds than pounding the pavement.


Men’s 9.6 oz | Women’s 8.0 oz


The drop of a shoe refers to the offset height difference between the forefoot and heel. The signature Hoka Meta-Rocker acts like wheels for your feet by combining a low 5mm heel-toe drop with their uniquely shaped midsole.


Hooray! The attractive, new colorways make the Arahi 3 visually exciting with block patterns and accent details. There are four different options for men and women to choose from because originality is everything, right?

Men’s: Blue; Dresden Blue/Blue; Nasturtium/Blue; Vapor Blue/Shadow

Women’s: Allure/Mood Indigo; Grey/Blue; Phantom/Lime Green; Scuba Blue/Seaport

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