HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 1 Review: The Return of the Shockingly Light Max Cushion Shoe That Started It All

Your wishing, waiting and hoping has finally paid off because the original HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 1 running shoes are back! Get yours before they’re gone.

What They Are:

Super comfy, neutral cushioning running shoes back by popular demand (limited edition)!

Why You’ll Love Them (again):

Remember when the cushion revolution started and you got your first pair of Cliftons? Relive that max cushion experience all over again because HOKA ONE ONE is rereleasing the OG featherlight max cushion legend! Everything you love about the original Clifton is back. All that super light pillow-y softness your feet remember and the signature Meta Rocker for that smooth and efficient ride. A friction-free seamless upper and that OG Clifton style will leave your feet swooning every time you lace up.

Women’s HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 1 in Aqua/Lime

MSRP: $129.95

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Who They’re For:

All you HOKA fans! You’ve got medium to high arches and love super soft and smooth maxed out cushion for miles and miles. Whether you missed out on the first HOKA ONE ONE Clifton when it debuted back in 2014 or you’ve been scouring the earth for the last remaining pair of the original, now’s your chance!

Why You Want Them:

If you feel like there’s no substitute for the original, stock up now. There’s a reason the Clifton has become an iconic running shoe that paved the way for other brands to follow. People love it! Your knees, ankles and joints will love them too. They’re fast, light and the ultimate comfy max cushioned running shoes.

Men’s HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 1 in Citrus/Cyan

MSRP: $129.95

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Maxed out at a perfectly plush and comfy level 5

 WEIGHT: Women’s 6.6 | Men’s 7.7

COLORS:1 limited edition each for Men’s & Women’s


 Want to know for sure if the HOKA ONE ONE CLIFTON 1 are the right shoes for you? Take 2-3 minutes to run through our online SHOE FIT FINDER. You can also call 800.551.5558 or drop by your hometown store and we’ll guide you through your personal fitting.

Author bio: Laurel is a mom, surfer and outdoor enthusiast.  She finds her freedom running the trails in the woods behind her house. Laurel is half of the Clarkbourne Creative duo and writes adventure travel stories, copy and produces photo shoots. You can check out more of her work at www.clarkbourne.com.

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