5 Things We Can Learn From Elite Runner Jordan Hasay

Jordan Hasay

American Jordan Hasay placed third at the 2019 Boston Marathon on Monday. Here’s how she stays mentally tough and inspired – and you can, too! 

Jordan Hasay grew up with a deep love for running. Some dread P.E. class (no thanks, rope climb), but not Hasay. She remembers sitting in her 7th grade classroom on the edge of her chair in anticipation of the bell ringing to signal her time to run. Little did Hasay, now 27, know that running was her future.

What Makes Hasay, Hasay

Running is in Hasay’s blood. Hasay’s mother – who sadly passed away at 56-years-old – ran 6 miles every day. When Hasay was a child, her mother allowed her to run 4 miles with her regularly. One year on Christmas, her mother invited her to run 6 miles together – and Hasay outran her mother! Her natural talent, mother’s motivation and spunky spirit helped Hasay secure third place at Boston this year in 2:25:20, among other career highlights. And while I can’t guarantee that you’ll place third in Boston if you read on, I’m pretty sure you’ll be inspired by Hasay and her contagiously positive spirit.

How to Channel Hasay

Hasay’s strength, passion and aforementioned spunk is well worth channeling, whether you’re an elite with your eyes on a prize or a runner who needs an extra push in the right direction – like, you know, off the couch. So read on for some Hasay goodness. I’ve even included action items to help you get motivated.

1. Use Your Gifts

“I want people to be inspired by the performance, be inspired by using their gift,” says Jordan Hasay. What are you good at? What motivates you to push your boundaries?

Action item: Create a list of the things that you’re good at and start exploring them more regularly. Use your gift(s). And watch the video below for an extra dose of motivation.

2. Keep That Smile

Hasay’s junior high coach, Coach Jim Barodte, spoke words of wisdom that Hasay keeps close to her: “Don’t train too hard in the off season, keep breaking records, but most important, just keep that smile.” It’s easy to let injury and other forms of setback make you feel less than fantastic, but it’s worth focusing on the positive.

Action item: No matter how seriously you take yourself, don’t ever take yourself so seriously that you don’t remember to have a little fun – and smile while you’re at it.

3. Push Through Tough Times

“We’re doing this, we worked too hard for this.” Is this a good push-through-it mantra or what?

Action item: When you feel intimated by a goal, a competitor or a challenge, don’t cave – push forward. Rather than thinking about what’s making you feel less than, think about how far you’ve come and how much effort you’ve put into achieving your goal. Focus on the work that got you there and do the darn thing.

4. Build Confidence Through Doing

“There is that new level of confidence as I run each marathon, ” says Hasay. Makes sense, right? The more you do something, the more you begin to feel confident in your abilities.

Action item: Build your confidence through tackling things you’re not so good at. If distance running is an area of improvement for you, do it more. If speed work isn’t your forte, do it more. Doing breeds confidence. Even if your doing doesn’t reach Hasay-level doing.

5. Give It Your All, Every Time

“What do I need to dig deep for? What is it that I’m passionate about? What is it that I have to give those extra inches and seconds for? That’s what really elevates us all as human beings.” Couldn’t agree more, Jordan!

Action item: Don’t half a** it! Find your passion, embrace it and give it your all.

Author bio: Sam Kerstetter enjoys running and spending time in nature with her husband and daughter. Her other passions include social media (she’s the social media manager at Road Runner Sports) and content marketing. Follow her on Twitter at @SamKerstetter.

Cover image credit: Jordan Hasay on Twitter

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