New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V4 Review: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough For These Trail Runners

Drumroll please… the New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V4 is jam-packed with updated features that can turn any rookie trail runner into a master survivalist.


New Balance blazed into 2019 with the latest installation of the Fresh Foam Hierro lineup. The Hierro V4 is unlike any other trail running shoe on the market. Mashing together the look and feel of typical running shoes with the rugged durability of trail-specialized footwear, this New Balance shoe looks just as good as it performs. Built for fast, and built to last, the New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V4 is the lightweight answer for heavy duty trail runners.

Gone are the days of being slowed down by clunky kicks! And kiss all your old discomfort goodbye. New Balance’s integrated Fresh Foam technology supports this shoe by cushioning every step you take with spongy, dual-density underfoot padding. Whether you’re spending hours out on the trail or just going for a quick sunset journey up your favorite mountain path, the New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V4 will take you anywhere you want to go.

Women’s New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v4 in Grey/Blue

Engineered with the trail in mind, the bootie construction of this shoe secures your foot in place for 360-degree comfort. Worry less about your heel popping out on steep inclines, and worry more about how you’ll tackle a new PR. As you lace up and buckle in for the ride, the bootie upper works overtime to protect your ankles and feet from sneaky debris and pebbles that try to spoil your run. While this ankle-hugging upper keeps your feet guarded, it also adds a stylish and modern edge to your trainers. Whoever said functionality couldn’t be fashionable?

Men’s New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v4 in Black/Brown


The New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V4 replaces the Hierro V3 with a full facelift job. From the NB logo placement to the reimagined upper design, the Hierro V4 packs a harder punch than all of its predecessors. Harping on the idea of combining the look of a road running shoe with the moxie of a trail running shoe, the Hierro V4 maintains its lightweight tactility while performing better than ever before with a more porous upper. Not only does the stretch film forefoot adapt to the curvature of your feet, but it seamlessly circulates air in and out of the shoe. This innovative update comes after wearers were less than thrilled with the ventilation offered by the V3.


Outdoor enthusiasts love that the Hierro 4 brings the realm of trail running shoes into the modern age. Tired of being bogged down by clunky, boot-like sneakers that slow down the pace? The Hierro lineage has withstood the test of time, pace, and terrain, to prove itself as a superior pair of kicks. From the aggressive lugs built into the tire-strength outsole to the breathable stretch film forefoot, the Hierro V4 returns with some serious upgrades that trail runners are bound to fawn over.

Vibram outsole of the Men’s New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v4 in Black/Brown

Ladies and gentlemen who are searching for a trail running shoe that defies the standard aesthetic will appreciate the revisited upper design of the Hierro V4. Since the trail can be tough on your shoes and turn pearly-white kicks into dusty brown tragedies, NB decided to dip the Hierro V4 in browns and grays to mask the cloudy debris that comes with the territory. Doling out a more cohesive and uniform color palette than the Hierro V3, the Hierro V4 takes on new hues, keeping tones more muted while bringing out pops of color in a tasteful manner. So while this shoe may primarily emphasize the earthy tones of brown, black, or gray, the splashes of orange, aqua, and scarlet kick these sneakers up a notch so aesthetically-inclined athletes are kept happy.


Categorized as a neutral shoe, the New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V4 is designed for medium to high-arched runners with neutral pronation. Perfect for any trail runner looking for a footwear companion who works just as hard as they do, the Hierro V4 is a worthy contender. If you like fast-feeling, springy rides, the Fresh Foam route is the right one for you. Help yourself prevent future injuries by protecting your feet with a reinforced toe cap. Relish those easy heel-to-toe transitions, push yourself to climb longer, and trek higher than ever with all the energy return you get back from these responsive sneakers. Trail runners of all distances and competitive levels will enjoy the endlessly smooth rides the Hierro V4 promises.

Upper of Men’s New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v4 in Lead/Scarlet/Orca


These trail running shoes were created with rugged longevity in mind. New Balance understands the many terrains and long hours you put your shoes through, and knows that you expect a trustworthy trainer that can last for hundreds of miles. The Hierro V4 is no exception. In fact, the built-in Vibram Megagrip is a high performance rubber compound that provides dynamic traction on the many surfaces that cross your path. Mud runners, sludge runners, loose gravel runners, and rocky road runners are all supported by the adaptable outsole. Rain or shine, these shoes are the king of all-weather performance.


It’s time to tackle all those burning questions you need answers to. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of this sophisticated and functional shoe.


The New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V4 settles in as a Level 3 cushion trail running shoe. Running in the middle of the pack of cushioning, this shoe delivers an airy, lightweight experience without sacrificing the flexibility and responsiveness needed while trekking those rocky routes.


Men’s 11.5 oz | Women’s 9.4 oz


A shoe’s heel-to-toe drop is essentially a measure of how thick a running shoe heel feels to the runner. Also known as an offset or a ramp angle, the drop featured on the Fresh Foam Hierro V4 measures 4mm. This minimalist drop gives your foot a comfortable fit, dishing out smooth rides time after time. Anyone with nagging Achilles pains can rest assured knowing that the Hierro V4 keeps you secured even on the roughest trails. The low drop keeps your feet level, offering more overall protection and optimizing cushy comfort.


Modernized fashion and functionality meets the trail. The latest Hierro V4 comes in three beautiful and practical colorways.

Men’s New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V4: Lead/Scarlet/Orca, Black/Brown

Women’s New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V4: Grey/Blue

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