New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit Review: Your New PR is Right Around the Corner

A high-performance, technical trainer that moonlights as stylish, everyday footwear? Yes, please!


The freshly released Zante Pursuit delivers jaw-dropping style packed into an all-new, sleek aesthetic. Now you can transition seamlessly from working out to eating out in top-notch comfort with your athleisure attire on point.


If you’ve followed the lineage, you know about the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v1, v2, v3, and v4. Now in its fifth iteration, the Zante Pursuit is the closest version to what the v5 might have been had New Balance not decided to branch the Zante collection out into different families. If you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight, extremely flexible, minimalist shoe, then see what the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Solas line is all about because the Zante Pursuit family is more traditional in terms of cushioning.

Here, you’ll find a healthy dose of the ever-popular New Balance Fresh Foam cushioning that NB junkies rave about.

New Balance brings data to design by implementing scientific observations taken in their sports research facility into the construction of their shoes—that’s how the Fresh Foam Zante was born back in 2015, and how it’s improved ever since. It’s literally the science of softness.


Initially, the Fresh Foam Zante midsole featured a topographic map that was strategically placed at all the right pressure points to absorb the shock of repeated landings.

In the updated Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit, the topography in the midsole is now replaced with laser engraved holes, specifically at the forefoot. This change in design allowed New Balance to make the Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit even lighter than the Zante v4, shaving off nearly an ounce in weight. It also delivers a more dynamic, data-driven cushioning system engineered for precise comfort.

NB Fresh Foam isn’t universally the same; they can make the midsole material feel more responsive or more cushioned depending on how much or how little foam they use. Compared to the previous Zante release, running in the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit will deliver a much springier sensation. You’ll score plenty of ground feedback that you can use to convert your energy input for a returned pep in your step.

Men’s New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit in Black/White and Green/Black

So what else is new in the Zante Pursuit line? An all-new Hypoknit upper that your feet will absolutely fall in love with! It’s ridiculously soft and serves up that sock-like fit that shoemakers love to create. The Hypoknit upper provides strategic, targeted support in all the right areas. It offers much more stretch than the older versions, especially at the toe-box, which seems like it could handle a wider-foot runner just fine.

Without the midfoot saddle found on the last Zante v4, I was a little worried the Zante Pursuit would feel wobbly inside. Nope! The Hypoknit has a tighter weave at the midfoot to offer better support, plus you score added rubber on the eyelets which allows you to really tug tightly on those laces to dial in the perfect fit. Factor in that finely tuned heel counter and soft foam collar, and your foot’s going nowhere! You’ll enjoy a nice and secure fit from mile 1 to mile 15, so you can focus more on your running and less on distracting slippage.

Upper and Outsole of the Women’s New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit in Cashmere

Before moving on from the New Balance Zante Pursuit updates, there’s one more thing worth mentioning: the outsole. This is something you won’t want to miss! Flip the shoe over and scope translucent rubber blasted across the entire surface. Not only is it super cool with a semi-transparent appearance, but it also offers plenty of traction across a variety of surfaces. Pound the pavement, warm up with a run at the gym, or even take them to train at the track—they’re fast enough to do so!


The Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit is a neutral running shoe best suited for efficient forefoot strikers. If you suffer from overpronation, you might want to opt for a shoe that can provide more stability. These trainers rank as a cushion Level 3, hitting that perfect sweet spot between underfoot comfort and responsive ground connection.

You’ll enjoy soft and forgiving landings thanks to that glorious Fresh Foam midsole and the new, laser-engraved holes that cut down on weight—so you can pick up the pace and pursue your next PR. It’s cushioned well enough to handle long distance adventures, durable enough for daily mileage, and responsive enough to take on faster running. Um, can you say “sold”?


Versatility is what the Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit is all about! Invest in just one pair of running shoes and wear them across all your athletic endeavors. As an added bonus, these shoes add major points to your athleisure game, so you can sport those street-ready sneakers both day and night.

The NB Zante Pursuit combines beauty with brains. Its design is infused with data taken from elite athletes in order to help enhance your performance and comfort whenever you lace up. At the end of the day, the Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit is a solid choice for any runner who wants it all: style, speed, comfort, cushioning, and responsiveness. It checks just about all our boxes and it’ll impress you, too!


If you’re reading our New Balance Zante Pursuit review to learn about the tech specs, here’s everything you need to know!


Not too soft, not too firm. When you run in a Level 3 running shoe, you’ll connect with the ground for better energy return. However, it still offers more impact protection and cushioning than you’d find in a minimalist shoe.


Men’s 8.5 oz | Women’s 7.4 oz


A 6mm drop separates the heel from the forefoot of the shoe. The lower a shoe’s drop, the easier it is to strike at the forefoot while running.


When it comes to color selection, men have three different options while ladies get to choose between five different choices.

Men’s: Black/White; Green/Black; Ozone Blue

Women’s: Black/White; Air/Thunder; Aluminum/Violet; Cashmere; Voltage Violet

Want to know for sure if the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit is right for you? Take 2-3 minutes to run through our online SHOE FIT FINDER. You can also call 800.551.5558 or drop by your hometown store and we’ll guide you through your personal fitting. See more of our favorites on Pinterest!

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