Nike Metcon 4 XD Review: Crush Your Cross-training Goals Wearing These Tough and Tenacious Trainers

With the Nike Metcon 4 XD, you’ll never have to worry about your shoes wearing out before you do!


We’ve all seen that one person absolutely crushing it in the gym. With speed and agility, they seamlessly transition between sprints and sled pushes, box jumps and ladders, weight lifts and kettlebell swings. Basically, they look like they were born for the sport. Amazed and impressed, onlookers wonder how they too can achieve such athleticism and defy gravity on their rope climbs or handstand pushups—sound about right?

Here’s a little secret: You draw power from the ground up. Sometimes, the secret sauce isn’t in their protein powder… it’s in their shoes! Without a dedicated pair of cross-training sneakers, your workout performance could suffer some serious setbacks. For four generations, the Nike Metcon 4  has given athletes the power boost they need to push their limits—and now the Metcon 4 Xtra Durable (XD) comes reinforced to make the upper of this tried and tested shoe tougher than ever before.

Men’s Nike Metcon 4 XD in Black/White and Women’s Nike Metcon 4 XD in Grey/Pum


“Metcon” is short for metabolic conditioning. It refers to Nike’s line of versatile, all-purpose cross-trainers tailored to athletes of all varieties. Runners, weight lifters, and pickup basketball stars alike can all benefit from a pair of cross-training shoes in their arsenal. Why? Well, running shoes in their strictest form are designed to support forward movement with a construction that improves transitions and cushion to protect feet from shock upon repeated landings. Cross-trainers need support across a variety of movements (front, back, side-to-side) as well as on a number of different surfaces. Nike’s Metcon line answers these demands by offering a host of features that enhance all sorts of exercise, like a drop-in midsole and TPU heel counter, to name just a few.

The fourth release of the Nike Metcon now comes in several special editions. Summon your masculine power in the Men’s Metcon 4 Viking Quest or aspire to Olympic gold in the Metcon 4 Americana. You can shop a number of limited colorways or turn heads with the leather upper and suede heel panel on the Metcon 4 AMP series. But if you’re looking for the toughest shoe in the lineup, the Metcon 4 XD should be your go-to choice.


Nike is one of the biggest names in the shoe game—and for good reason. They’re on a mission to merge cutting-edge shoe tech with attractive design to deliver seriously impressive, up-tempo trainers. True, the signature Swoosh always amps up your cool factor with a ton of style points. But you can also enjoy countless innovations that reflect Nike’s mission to grow and evolve as technology advances.

Here’s a futuristic term for ya: 3D haptic print. It sounds like some sort of sci-fi effect, but it’s actually one of the coolest new features in the Nike Metcon 4 XD. Basically, Nike made the Metcon 4 XD more durable than ever by adding a 3D print around the entire shoe with haptic technology. The outer mesh might look like your sleek Nike Flyknits, but the fabric is actually reinforced from heel to toe. The sandwiched mesh provides superior durability and resists abrasions during drills like rope climbs, while also serving up a bit more cushion and protection (because, let’s face it, no side of your foot is safe from perilous box jump burpees!).

The reinforced Men’s Nike Metcon 4 XD in Sequoia/Camo

The new, textured mesh is super lightweight and breathable so your feet will enjoy plenty of air—even though you might forget to breathe during your max press! Additional updates to the Nike Metcon 4 XD include added cushioning on the tongue for optimized comfort as well as an extra eyelet for your laces. Now you’ll be able to dial in the perfect fit and get less distracted by annoying slippage as you sink low into your squats!


More and more gym-goers are ditching the old school weight machines in favor of a dynamic mix of plyometrics, strength training, and endurance exercises. To these athletes, the Metcon 4 XD provides dynamic stability, support, protection, and comfort in order to execute cross-training exercises like an all-out beast. These trainers perform well during a wide range of activity, such as:

  • Cardio and plyometrics
  • Full-body strength training
  • Rope climbs
  • Weight lifts
  • Kettlebells
  • Box jumps
  • Boot camp drills

Cross-training athletes tend to rip through shoes like nobody’s business—but they’ve finally met their match in the Nike Metcon 4 XD. Every angle of this shoe is built to resist wear and tear. But that being said, you don’t need to be a CrossFit™ champion or extreme gym rat to benefit from the Nike Metcon 4 XD; these are a great choice for anyone who wants to invest in a pair of long-lasting, performance-enhancing trainers that are capable of all your athletic endeavors!


All hype aside, what’s the magic behind the secret sauce here? How do the Metcon 4’s actually work? Well, we’re happy to report that Nike does more than just make bold claims about superior durability and adaptable cushioning—they actually back them up with features that can dramatically improve athletic speed, balance, and coordination.

Working from the ground up, the outsole of the Nike Metcon 4 is strategically designed for optimized traction. You’ll notice it’s extra sticky up top beneath the forefoot—ideal for gripping the ground during sled pushes—and the rubber extends up both sides of the arch to help your feet better hold onto ropes and weighted medicine balls. The rubber tri-star pattern delivers top-notch traction for multidirectional movement and the TPU heel counter improves lateral stability so you’ll never need to worry about slipping mid-side lunge.

Heel of the Women’s Nike Metcon 4 XD in Grey/Ember Glow

The midsole of the Metcon 4 XD is offset only slightly from the forefoot. Translation? A low connection to the ground and a stable platform that’s prime for lifting weights. The midsole offers enough comfort to protect your feet during warm up jogs and jump landings, but the cushion is firm and responsive. The last thing you’ll want when channeling explosive power is to feel like you’re sinking into your shoes!

Last but certainly not least, the upper of the Metcon 4 XD comes equipped with Nike’s popular Flywire technology. You’ll enjoy feeling locked-down and secured, but never constricted. The reinforced mesh keeps your feet cool and dry while also protecting your trainers from breaking down too soon. You certainly don’t let a little drag or resistance get the better of you—and your shoes shouldn’t either!


Before concluding our review of the Nike Metcon 4 XD, take a look at these specs to see the many ways these trainers shine.


A 4mm height difference separate the midfoot from the forefoot of the Metcon 4 XD. This flat platform allows you to feel connected to the ground during intense interval training and heavy weight lifts.


When it comes to color selection, there are tons of different choices currently available in this Nike model. Don’t miss the special edition Metcon 4 XD Nowstalgia if you want to throw a retro vibe into your routine!

Men’s: Black/White; Black/Camo; Grey/Black; White/Crimson; Crimson/Camo; Sequoia/Camo

Women’s: Grey/Ember Glow; Grey/Plum; White/Blue

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