Why You Should Do More Planks: Join the #PlankApril Challenge

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Have a minute or two? Commit to doing a plank every day and reap these three mega-benefits. Join the #PlankApril Challenge.

Editor’s note: This is a part of a weekly series featuring training, running and motivational tips from marathoner @trackclubbabe. Tune in every Tuesday for her newest tip. 

Why Runners Should Do More Planks

I’ve been meaning to make planks a more consistent part of my routine. During my last two recent strength sessions, I’ve made sure to get planks in. And I thought what better way to stick to planks than to create a challenge for accountability! Are you in? Before you commit, here’s my pitch to you on why planks are so important:

You Need a Strong Core

As runners  – and as humans – we NEED strong cores. I remember the when I started doing core work more consistently and I felt so much more powerful when running fast. You can’t run fast and maintain great form (especially when you’re tired) without a strong core. It’s not something to be overlooked.

Planks are Low Maintenance

Planks are such an easy and effective way to strengthen not just your core, but your arms, too. You don’t need equipment, just your own body. You know what that means? No excuses!

A Strong Core Helps You Maintain Proper Posture

If a certain part of your body is weak – like your core – it has a domino effect on your other muscles. This can lead to overcompensation and injury. A stronger core keeps your posture on point and makes you a more efficient runner.

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Join the #AprilPlank Challenge

Ya in? Here are the details:

⚡️30 days of planks EVERY.DAY.
⚡️Start with your first day and see how long you can hold a plank
⚡️Set a goal for how many minutes of planks you want to hit  by the end of the month and chip away at your goal each day (i.e. 100 minutes of planking in April)
⚡️Every day that you complete the challenge and use the hashtag #plankapril is an entry for my contest (prizes are TBD, follow @trackclubbabe for a prize announcement

At the end of this I WANT TO SEE YOUR #PLANKAPRIL transformation, i.e. 13 second plank —> 45 minute plank! That’s what I’m expecting for myself. 😉

trackclubbabeAuthor Bio: @trackclubbabe, AKA Kimberly Clark Underwood, started running in 2012 to see if she could train for a marathon & fell in love with running. She went from hoping to run 10 minute miles in the marathon to aiming for a sub 3 marathon. She posts the highs & lows of training + everything that has helped her to improve on her IG.


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