Proper Running Form: 3 Ways to Perfect Your Forward Lean – And Get Faster!

forward lean

Proper running form can make a world of difference. These three tips will help you perfect a beautiful forward lean to help power your momentum. 

Editor’s note: This is a part of a weekly series featuring training, running and motivational tips from marathoner @trackclubbabe. Tune in every Tuesday for her newest tip. 

I used to have no forward lean. Worse, I used to lean back or sit in my stride. What a momentum blocker! This wastes energy and does nothing to help propel you forward. But leaning forward didn’t feel right to me. I felt like I was going to fall over until I got used to it. Now, I know that leaning forward when running creates the most efficient stride. All of my energy is propelling me forward to maximize my speed.

Here are a few things to think about to help improve that forward lean of yours:

⚡️It’s All in the Hips

Lean forward with your hips when running. This creates momentum. Leaning forward with your shoulders cuts momentum and nobody wants that.

⚡️Consider Your Posture

So much to think about, right? Focusing on your posture makes a big difference. I’ll break it down for you: Lean forward with your chest and push your shoulders back. When you run like this, you’re leading with your chest, which keeps your posture tight.

⚡️Pick Your Feet Up

Focus on picking your feet up rather than pushing your pace (I’m looking at you, foot shufflers!). As you start leaning forward when running, you’ll find that your newly found momentum will propel you forward. So rather than focusing on speed, think about picking your feet up as quickly as you put them down.

Check out my video to see forward lean in action (and see this post on Instagram):

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LEAN WITH IT, ROCK WITH IT⚡️ . GUYYYSSS! I used to have NO forward lean. Worse, I used to lean back- or sit in my stride. MOMENTUM BLOCKERRR. Let’s see- that wastes energy & gets you next to nowhere. Haha. Leaning forward to me was the weirdest feeling. I felt like I was going to fall over until I got used to it. Now, I see forward lean as part of the way I create the most efficient stride so that all of my energy is propelling me forward as fast as my lil bod can go. . Here are a couple things to think about to help improve that forward lean: . ⚡️Lean forward with HIPS- this CREATES momentum. Leaning forward with shoulders cuts momentum. . ⚡️Lean forward with chest, push shoulders back- lead with your chest! And keep that posture tight, y’all! . ⚡️Think about picking your foot up- don’t think about pushing a pace. Once you’re leaning forward- the momentum is going to propel you forward so just think picking your feet up as quickly as you put them down!! . . Ps SWIPEEEE for a video!???? . I have absolutely been loving the @uarunning #UAHOVR INFINITE. These shoes are SO comfortable & cushiony- but they also have the kick to them that I need to have if I do speed in a shoe. They’ll go the distance (cover your long run needs) & are also just so comfy for easy runs. PLUSSSS I love that they actually have a UA’s Record Sensor™ technology – it tracks, analyzes & stores virtually every running metric so you know exactly what you need to do to get better- you just download the Map My Run app and it actually has all of the run metrics uploaded to it- SUPER helpful for working on form! . #run #rundoyen #instarunners#womensRunningcommunity

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