Running Hack: Hate Stretching? Try This Technique Instead

You can now happily avoid pre-run stretching thanks to a technique that will help you run more efficiently.

I hate stretching. So when I learned that it might not be the most efficient way to warm up prior to a run, I was elated. Elite performance coach Joe LoCascio shared must-try tips for runners that not only want to avoid stretching, but also want to take their running to the next level. The movements you see in the video below mimic what you’ll actually do while running. This warm-up prepares both your body and your brain.

The movements performed are called nerve glides and are designed to move the nerve that activates the muscle that you’re trying to work. This reduces the muscle’s tension and increases its range of motion, which is going to improve the performance of your next run. If you want to truly prepare yourself before running, try these techniques:

how not to stretch before running

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