Struggling to Recover Between Runs? Here’s How to Recover Faster (and Perform Better!)


If you’re not recovering properly, you’re not progressing. Heed these four must-know tips to improve your running performance.

Editor’s note: This is a part of a weekly series featuring training, running and motivational tips from marathoner @trackclubbabe. Tune in every Tuesday for her newest tip. 

Guys! Recovery becomes your thing when you FINALLY realize that your body wasn’t recovering like it should. I wish someone had shaken me and said, ‘IF YOU’RE NOT RECOVERING, YOU’RE NOT PROGRESSING.’ My thought was that if I work harder, I’d see progress. I believed that you can’t ever work TOO hard. But I found that without proper recovery, all the hard work you put into training is lost.

If you’re putting in the hard work but not getting faster, or, worse, regressing, here’s what worked for ya girl:


Sleep is  my #1 recovery aid. When I was recovering from overtraining, I made sleep a priority. You’re not a machine (I learned this the hard way). Your body needs the right TLC to perform well. You CANNOT burn the candle at both ends and expect to be at your best! During intense training I aim for 9-10 hrs of sleep a night.


If you don’t feel like you are recovering quickly enough, it’s important to give your body time to catch up. If you’re doing two hard workouts a week, dial it down to one. Or if you’re running 50 miles a week, bring it down to 40 to see if that begins to help. The best workload for you is the one that helps you thrive.


Easy runs are supposed to get you moving and help flush lactic acid out of your legs after hard workouts. If you run too hard during your easy runs you’re inhibiting the recovery process and making every day a tax to your system. That’s not the point of your easy/recovery days. If you feel stale on your hard workout days, maybe it’s because your easy days aren’t easy?! I run my easy runs at a 9-10 minute pace with NO SHAME so I can fly on workout days!


It’s crazy how much supplements have helped my body recover faster from workouts. For me supplements were the missing piece. As distance runners we ask a lot of our bodies. It makes sense that we might need some help to ensure we’re getting the right aminos and nutrients. My game-changer supplements are NAC, BCAA’s, vitamin D and vitamin C.

Make recovery a priority so you can unlock your full potential.

Comment and tell us what you do to ensure that recovery is a priority. And tune in next Tuesday for more running and training tips from @trackclubbabe.


trackclubbabeAuthor Bio: @trackclubbabe, AKA Kimberly Clark Underwood, started running in 2012 to see if she could train for a marathon & fell in love with running. She went from hoping to run 10 minute miles in the marathon to aiming for a sub 3 marathon. She posts the highs & lows of training + everything that has helped her to improve on her IG. 

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