Saucony Hurricane ISO 5 Review: Prepare to Show Up Like a Force of Nature

Hate stiff, uncomfortable shoes? So does Saucony. Experience flex, cushion and durability in the Saucony Hurricane ISO 5.


Ugh. Why does it always seem like we’re forced to choose between our favorites? Maybe I want to have both ice cream and cake, okay? It’s the same with shoes! One looks great but feels awful. Another provides stability but offers no cushioning. Or maybe you find premium comfort, but pay the price in added weight.

Not anymore! With the Saucony Hurricane ISO 5, you no longer have to choose. Now in its fifth generation, this shoe serves up the perfect balance of all your favorite features—because let’s be real, no one wants to compromise.


This shoe is the successor to the Hurricane ISO 4 and is Saucony’s latest release in their line of stability running shoes. When last year’s model dropped in January 2018, runners were pretty stoked. They found modifications to the upper and tweaks to the ISOFIT Saddle made the shoe feel more stable and comfortable than ever before. A year later in January 2019, Saucony hit us with the Hurricane ISO 5 and introduced even more improvements to their well-loved line. Road warriors, prepare yourself for the storm Saucony just released!


From yoga pants to leggings and ultra-soft hoodies, comfort is king. That’s why Saucony recalibrated this shoe to make the Hurricane ISO 5 softer to the touch and plusher on the feet for an all-around cozier fit. True to fashion, they’ve refined the Hurricane ISO to deliver a top-notch running experience.

Let’s get this straight: Saucony makes shoes that work with your foot, not for your foot. They understand that making a comfortable shoe relies on so much more than just loading it up with cushioning. If it doesn’t fit your foot right, it’s never going to feel good—no matter how much wonderfully soft stuff you cram in there.

That’s why they’re rolling out their new 2019 shoes with FORMFIT™ technology. FORMFIT is Saucony’s 3D performance footbed that’s shaped with an arch and contoured to your heel in order to cradle your foot in all the right spots. It’s tasked with giving a little extra support to areas that need it most. It’s made up of three different layers:

  1. The top layer acts like a sockliner but also provides cushioning that conforms to your foot while you run.
  2. Saucony’s EVERUN™ material makes up the middle layer of the FORMFIT footbed. It adapts to your stride and personal pressure points, but we’ll circle back to that tech in a bit!
  3. A reactive bottom layer provides just enough contour to fit the shape of your feet. It’s closer to the ground to deliver energy return for a quick and snappy stride.

The three FORMFIT layers create a custom fit that’s unique to you, and only you. We think it’s pretty awesome.

Women’s Saucony Hurricane ISO 5 in Grey/Pink

Even though you can’t see the new topsole from the outside of the Hurricane ISO 5, there are some external updates that’ll catch your eye. Saucony stepped up their style game in their latest Hurricane release. The upper is made from an engineered jacquard mesh but it’s now a sleeker and less bulky version than before. Added rubber panels on the upper and the stylized midsole also add some flair and make the new Hurricane ISO 5 a seriously good-looking shoe.

But the Hurricane ISO 5 is more than just a balance between looks and comfort. It checks the performance box, too. Saucony made the outsole with crystal rubber, which is a super sticky, extra durable material that’ll keep you gripped to the ground throughout your run. XT-900—a premium carbon rubber—is also added to the key landing and takeoff zones for maximum traction.

Outsole of the Men’s Saucony Hurricane ISO 5 in Grey/Black


Road runners with severe to moderate pronation will love running in the Saucony Hurricane ISO 5. A thick, dual density medial posting is extra firm and prevents those wobbly ankles from rolling inward upon landings. By gently guiding your gait to its most natural and efficient form, pesky foot pain while running will become a thing of the past. The energized cushioning system helps sustain you for shorter and longer runs. If you need a supportive shoe to train for your next marathon or half marathon, these are for you.


Let’s dig a little deeper into that cushioning system. The Hurricane ISO 5 boasts a full-length EVERUN midsole beneath the FORMFIT footbed (that’s right, you score two doses of this exceptional material!) and it’s designed to provide continuous cushioning with maximum energy that won’t break down. Other foam materials degrade, lose shape, or change under temperature extremes. But EVERRUN does away with all that nonsense! It’s resilient to both hot and cold weather so you can pound the pavement in sunny San Diego or chilly Chicago.

Women’s Saucony Hurricane ISO 5 in Navy/Citron

The super squishy material makes landings feel soft and forgiving, but it’s also so impressively responsive that it delivers a whopping 83% more energy return from start to finish. The last thing you want is for your cushion to break down as you go for the gold—especially at the end of your run when you need it the most—so EVERUN is there to keep on going, even when the going gets tough.


To wrap up our review of the Saucony Hurricane ISO 5, we’re hitting you with some specs to help inform your shopping experience. What are you looking for in a shoe? A low heel-toe drop? Lightweight construction? Let us know what matters most to you in the comments below!


The Hurricane ISO 5 is a Level 5 shoe, meaning it provides as much cushioning as possible to protect your feet from shock upon impact. The great thing about this cushioning system is that even though it’s soft and squishy, it’s still super bouncy and reactive!


Men’s 11.3 oz | Women’s 10.1 oz


An 8mm drop keeps you rockin’ throughout your run—without letting you roll your way inward on each landing.


As noted, the new Hurricane ISO 5 is way sleeker than before and comes in two different color choices for men and women.

Men’s: Grey/Black; Navy/Citron

Women’s: Grey/Pink; Navy/Citron

Want to know for sure if the Saucony Hurricane ISO 5 is right for you? Take 2-3 minutes to run through our online SHOE FIT FINDER. You can also call 800.551.5558 or drop by your hometown store and we’ll guide you through your personal fitting. See more of our favorites on Pinterest!

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