Saucony Peregrine ISO Review: Answer the Call of the Wild (In Style!)

Saucony has unleashed an award-winning beast that will soon become your newest outdoor obsession!


Saucony is well-loved for their previous Peregrine trail running sneakers, but the ISO version is a cut above the rest. An improved fit across the upper combined with impressive multi-directional lugs create one of the roughest, toughest sneakers in town. Tricky terrain is no match for these killer kicks—just wait to see how they help you conquer steep slopes and dangerous descents with ease! Checking in at a Level 3 neutral cushion, your feet will hardly feel the harsh terrain ahead.


The Saucony Peregrine line has reached legendary status within the trail running community, and the Peregrine ISO won’t let these folks down. As a company obsessed with running, Saucony has pushed the limits of possibility for quite some time. After introducing the newest release of the Peregrine ISO, the brand might have just reached their pinnacle of success, completely nailing their best shoe yet. This next-level edition comes at the heels of the Peregrine 8, which delivered a resilient ride thanks to the awesome PWRFOAM midsole. The exceptional traction and supportive heel counter made it a top contender for intrepid explorers—but the new Peregrine ISO is here to claim the throne.

Men’s Saucony Peregrine 8 in Grey/Green (top) compared to the Saucony Peregrine ISO in Black/Grey (bottom)


You know how the saying goes: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But in Saucony’s case, they were able to take a well-loved shoe and make it even better. The Peregrine ISO is built to tackle trails that would make Lewis and Clark turn pale with fear. What makes this iteration so special? The revamped upper with an ISOFIT construction that adapts to every bend and flex of your foot.

This dynamic tech was first introduced to Saucony shoes back in 2015, and fans are delighted that it’s made its way into this trusty trail runner. An updated lacing system keeps your foot locked down as you leap across streams and bound over boulders. But the snug fit will never restrict your range of motion—this adaptable design moves with you as you pick up the pace or put on the brakes. If you want a near-custom fit every time you lace up, the Saucony Peregrine ISO is the trail shoe for you.

Another advantage of the ISOFIT upper? Breathability. These bad boys will keep your feet feeling fresh no matter how many muddy miles you put behind you. Never again worry about returning home to stinky, sweaty feet! Plus, the enhanced comfort of the heel collar will make slipping into these sneakers extra enjoyable. Wave goodbye to uncomfortable chafing and blisters that slow you down; the uber soft fabric snugly contours to your ankle and delivers a fit as natural as the trail you’re running down.


These trail running shoes aren’t for the faint of heart—the Saucony Peregrine ISO was built for trail runners who aren’t afraid to push their technical skills to the max. If you prefer running on smooth, hard pavement, you’ll probably want to look for a dedicated road running shoe. Get in touch with your wild side and take to the trails when you lace up a pair of the Peregrine ISO. These shoes are ideal for handling slippery terrain, steep mountain roads, muddy trails, and challenging landscapes all in complete comfort and confidence. The plush PWRFOAM midsole works together with the EVERUN topsole to create a cushioned experience that takes your mind off the rugged road before you while the high-traction outsole eliminates annoying slips and slides.

Women’s Saucony Peregrine ISO in Aqua/Grey

In terms of fit, trail runners with naturally high arches will be the most comfortable in these kicks. Translation: you don’t need extra support or motion control because you have a naturally efficient stride. Lucky you! The Neutral Level 3 cushioning offers a snappy, energetic sensation so you can stay light on your feet during your off-road exploits. This is perfect for athletes who enjoy interval training because the Peregrine ISO adapts to quick changes in tempo for when you kick your pace up a notch. Leap over obstacles or turn around tight corners with grace thanks to the flexible traction these shoes serve up.


The world is your oyster, so why not explore it with some tenacious trainers strapped to your feet? Feel confident embarking on a new adventure every day when you have the Saucony Peregrine ISO in your outdoor arsenal. These comfortable, durable trainers aren’t playing around when you have uncharted territory to explore! The addition of an ISOFIT upper ditches the rigid construction of past versions and pampers your feet with a dynamic, personalized fit.

78 multi-directional lugs keep you perfectly balanced no matter what obstacles you encounter. How? The precise design of each lug is calibrated to ensure your toes dig into the dirt as you power up hills or grip the ground with your heels as you come back down. They even extend slightly past the edge of the shoe to deliver a no-slip grip on lateral movement, making rolled ankles a problem of the past. It’s time to unleash your inner mountain goat!

Outsole of the Men’s Saucony Peregrine ISO in Blue/Navy

If you love fashion as much as you love fitness, the Saucony Peregrine ISO certainly won’t disappoint. The clean lines and modern design get rid of the clunky construction that’s often associated with trail running shoes. Strategically placed overlays deliver lateral support while adding a bit of stylish flare to please aesthetically-inclined athletes. Plus, the flat checkered laces signal that you’re ready to race at a moment’s notice. Fashion merges with function to create a sneaker that looks just as good as it performs (so don’t forget to snap a pic when you reach the top of the summit!).


Want a detailed break down to see if these shoes are right for you? Take a look at the specs below to wrap up our review of the Saucony Peregrine ISO!


The Peregrine ISO is a Level 3 trail running shoe, meaning it hits that sweet spot in between incredible comfort and a responsive ride. You’ll feel grounded on difficult paths that require precise footwork but will be protected against sharp sticks and jagged rocks that could slow you down.


Men’s 10.5 oz │Women 9.2 oz


Equipped with a 4mm heel-to-toe drop, the Saucony Peregrine ISO serves up a natural feeling as your foot transitions from toe-off to heel-strike. Because you’re setting your sights on rugged roads, it’s best to have a minimal drop to keep your foot on the same plane as you traverse uneven trails.


Let all the other animals know you’re at the top of the food chain with the eye-catching color schemes of the Peregrine ISO.

Women’s Saucony Peregrine ISO: Aqua/Grey; Gunmetal

Men’s Saucony Peregrine ISO: Black/Grey; Blue/Navy

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