What You Don’t Know About Your Feet Could Hurt You (Why You Need a 3D Foot Scan ASAP)


The shoe industry is doing it wrong. But thanks to new technology, it’s easy to find a shoe that actually fits perfectly.

Before we dive into the wonders of 3D foot scanning (and what the heck 3D foot scanning is), we’d like to get to know you and your feet a bit better. Which of these applies to you?

  1. My shoes never seem to fit properly (ugh, heel slippage!)
  2. I have trouble finding the right shoe for the right activity (running, walking, weight lifting, etc)
  3. I have foot pain and NOTHING seems to help it
  4. I’m injured or I seem to get injured frequently

There’s one unifying, underlying factor that elicits an ‘Oh my god, that’s me’, and you won’t believe what it is: It’s the way your shoe fits.

Foot Pain, Overall Discomfort and Injury: It Could Be Your Shoes

Why does shoe fit even matter? Fit is the key to comfort and remaining injury free. Every year, two-thirds of runners are sidelined by injuries from overtraining and running in shoes that fit improperly. Recent studies performed by the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society found that poor-fitting shoes are the biggest cause of foot problems, costing the Americans $3.5 billion in medical bills every year. Yikes.

Shoe Sizing is SUPER Inconsistent

Ever wondered why your Nikes fit differently as compared to your adidas’? No, your foot size isn’t changing on the reg, it’s because brands manufacture their shoes differently. This means that it’s essential to get your feet fitted for the right shoe – and accept that you’re not always going to be a size 9.

So What’s This 3D Foot Scan Thing?

The Old, Ridiculous Way: That Weird Metal Thingy Used to Measure Feet

For the last 91 years, the most advanced foot measuring technology was the Brannock Device. That’s the weird metal thingy shoe stores make you step on to measure the length and width of your foot. Yes, that device was invented in 1927. You could say the footwear industry is due for an upgrade, and it’s finally here.

The New Age of Shoe Sizing: The 3D Fit Drone


In November of 2018, Road Runner Sports launched a brand new way to fit shoes, socks and custom insoles in all forty of its stores coast to coast. It’s called the Perfect Fit Zone, and at the heart of the new shoe-fitting process is the 3D Fit Drone.

In seven seconds, the 3D Fit Drone captures your foot size, width, and six critical measurements to form a 3D image of your foot. This is brand new tech. That old fashioned Brannock Device did a good job measuring your feet in 2D. But, guess what? Your feet aren’t 2D. They’re 3D. The 3D Fit Drone gives Fit Experts a more accurate picture of your feet with all their unique curves than anything ever created until now.

How The 3D Fit Drone Can Help You Find Your Perfect Fit – FAST!

Why’s all of this a big deal? Here’s why:

It Speeds up the Process of Getting Measured for Shoes

First of all, it speeds up the measuring process. By a lot. A Brannock Device typically takes 20-30 seconds to get a somewhat accurate reading of your feet. The 3D Fit Drone is three to four times faster. More importantly, a 3D foot scan is way more accurate. It measures to an accuracy of less than a millimeter. That’s smaller than the thickness of your toe nail.

It Helps You Find EXACTLY the Right Shoes for Your Unique Feet


We have trained Fit Experts that interpret the information captured in the 3D image of your feet and more accurately recommend running, walking or training shoes that will fit your unique feet. This is an amazing breakthrough because, as we all know, it’s freaking overwhelming to buy a new pair of running shoes at a store that carries hundreds of different models. The Perfect Fit Zone and the 3D Fit Drone bypasses all of that trial and error that comes with so many choices.

August Dyess, Road Runner Sports Senior Program Manager of the Perfect Fit Zone explains, “Every foot is unique. The great thing about the Perfect Fit Zone is that whether you walk, run, or race, our 3D Fit System pairs the world’s best shoe fitting technology with the one-on-one care and know-how of our highly trained Fit Experts. Put the two together and you’re guaranteed to find your perfect fit.”

It Helps Make Shoe Buying FAR Less Complicated

As Michael Gotfredson, founder and owner of Road Runner Sports, says, “Shopping for running shoes or training shoes can get complicated. There are different shoe types, and different brands have different size variations, and so on. The Perfect Fit Zone simplifies the whole process so we can match the shape of your foot to the shape of the shoe.”

It’s Free

Speaking of bills, probably the best part of the new 3D foot scanning technology at Road Runner Sports’ Perfect Fit Zone is that it’s still free. That’s right. You get in and out of the store faster, you get a better fitting shoe, and it’s free. Not bad. Not bad.

Bonus! You might be thinking, this Perfect Fit Zone sounds cool and all, but what if I don’t like my shoes after a couple weeks? You know how sometimes shoes feel great in the store, but then they feel different after wearing them a few times. Well, Road Runner Sports has an awesome VIP program that lets you test run your shoes for 90 days without a worry. You can run in them, splash in puddles, get them dirty, really put them through the ringer. And if you’re not feeling your fit, you can return them within 90 days. No questions asked. And you’ll always get 10% savings on all your fitness gear. It’s a good deal.

Find your local Road Runner Sports store here.



Steve Lemig is an ultrarunner and loves spending lots and lots of time outdoors with his family. With 30+ years of running under his belt, he’s completed over 100 races including 4 ultra events, 13 marathons, dozens of half-marathons, and a boatload of 5Ks and 10Ks. Steve is an 11-year veteran of Road Runner Sports and is the Managing Copy Editor. Read more about his adventures at Wilderdad.com, and find him on Instagram.

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