Why Running Is Good For You: 5 Ways Running Can Improve Literally Every Aspect of Your Life

Running is a literal game-changer for people looking for everything from improved health to a self-esteem boost. Check out these 5 reasons to lace up ASAP.


Running Can Make You Happier

Running, especially running outside, releases endorphins that make you happier. If you’ve experienced the pure bliss of a runner’s high, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Running Increases Productivity & Might Just Make You Smarter

Maybe it’s because finding the time to run – and making a commitment to it – helps encourage runners to follow suit with the rest of their lives. Or maybe, it’s science.  Exercise, including running, makes you more alert and energetic. Oh, and it also improves your memory, sharpens your concentration, helps you learn faster and bolsters prolonged mental stamina. Essentially, running makes you smarter. Soak in that knowledge, you runner sponge, you.

Running Can Improve Your Mental Health

Ever been stressed and felt 1000 times better after a run? Yes, running has magical properties that can help alleviate life’s attempts to way us down. Lace up to help ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. And enjoy a rousing dance party post-run. Because you don’t have time for stress.

Running Helps Prevent Illness

Regular exercise helps reduce your risk of getting everything from the common cold to certain diseases and even chronic conditions  like arthritis, diabetes and dementia. Cheers to your health.

Running Can Improve Your Self-Esteem

Setting and achieving goals, like training for a marathon, can boost your confidence and help your self esteem. Need an extra shot of confidence right now? We gotcha. You’re adorable, talented and capable of slaying your goals.

Your Turn

What are your favorite benefits of running? Share them in the comments.


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