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Mens Nike Air Max Trainer 1 Cross Training Shoe

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What is the Nike Air technology?

The Nike Air Max Trainer 1 is built with pressurized air inside a tough yet flexible bag. The Air sole units are located in the midsole beneath the heel, forefoot, or both. What?s the point? The sole units in the Nike Air Trainer 1 compress to reduce the force of impact, then immediately bounce back to prepare for your next landing. Additional benefits include:

  • Lightweight?Air cushioning reduces the weight of the shoe without impeding its performance. The lighter the shoe, the less energy exerted in your athletic endeavors.
  • Versatile?The Nike Air Max Trainer 1 is designed for athletes across a variety of sports and exercises.
  • Comfortable?the cushioning absorbs impact, protecting your muscles, joints, and tendons on every landing.
  • Durable?you need shoes that will last, and these are designed to provide cushioning throughout the shoe?s entire lifespan.

What makes the Nike Air Max Trainer 1 different?

True to their name, the Nike Air Max Trainer 1 is different from traditional Nike Airs because they?re designed to provide maximum impact protection. They feature less midsole material to accommodate for larger-volume air bags. The result is lighter weight and max cushioning that you can visibly see. As an athlete, you?re sure to appreciate the added protection against bodily stress and fatigue.

Does Road Runner Sports offer additional brands?

Shoes are the name of our game. If you?re looking for high mileage shoes, but aren?t feeling the look of the Nike Air Max Trainer 1, browse Adidas long distance running shoes instead. From our Five Finger shoes running collection, assortment of Under Armour men?s shoes, lifestyle running shoes, and more, you won?t leave our site without finding the perfect pair of footwear.