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Fabric Guide

Fabric Guide

DRYROAD is Road Runner Sports' own fabric line and is exceptional at moving heat and moisture away from the body. Engineered to dry quickly, you can work out and always feel dry and comfortable. What that also means is your endurance and overall performance will benefit since you'll spend less energy cooling off your body.
You have lots of great choices in DRYROAD apparel for men's and women's shorts, singlets, tops, tights, capris and innerwear. Airlyte Pro Distance Tee and Singlet, Finisher Short, Matchmate Short, Double Short and the Buddy Short are just a few of the garments made from DRYROAD.
DRYROAD may be combined with other materials such as Lycra, Supplex or microfiber. Garments blended with microfibers are known for their soft, silky touch and drape beautifully on runners like you. They allow lightweight breathability and resist wrinkles for easy care.

Another Road Runner Sports material, TRANSPOR is a light, cooling and fast drying fabric. The soft material allows air to move freely without resorting to the mesh look.

You've undoubtedly heard about this fabric. Developed in 1986 as the first moisture management fabric, CoolMax was revolutionary. As you sweat, the moisture moves to the outer layer of the fabric where it evaporates quickly and faster than any other fabric. You stay dry as you work out and in the summer, you'll be cool and in the winter, you'll be warm thanks to this moisture transfer. There's also less opportunity for chafing if you're dry and able to move comfortably.

Take the best that cotton can offer runners (its softness) and the best of what nylon can offer (strength), and you get Supplex . Its soft, supple feel combines with the durability and performance advantages of nylon so runners have apparel that stands up to the rigors of training and still looks great. Don't worry about pilling or fuzz, you won't find it here. Supplex is also resistant to tears and punctures and is quite breathable. Odors and moisture don't stand a chance either.

TACTEL provides essential practical benefits demanded today: softness, lightweight, strength, easy care and versatility. Clothes made with TACTEL are very soft, have a superior drape, and move with you easily. TACTEL fiber is the registered trademark for the INVISTA brand of tactile and aesthetic nylon fibers.

With a remarkable ability to stretch up to 600% and spring back to its original length, LYCRA can be combined with virtually every other fiber to achieve different levels of stretch and recovery. Garments with LYCRA move easily with the body's natural movements, but recover their original shape when allowed to relax. LYCRA is a registered trademark of INVISTA for premium stretch fiber and fabric.

It's spelled Dri, but it's pronounced "dry." Get it? And dry is what it will keep you. One layer of this moisture-managing material from Nike moves perspiration away from the body while a second layer delivers the moisture to the surface of the garment, where it can easily.

They invented fleece and now have other high quality, top performance fabric categories including Next to Skin (Power Dry and Power Stretch products), Insulation and Weather Protection.

Waterproof, breathable, windproof and durable, the patented membrane technology forever changed the standard of performance outerwear. It is wearable weather protection that keeps you dry and comfortable from head to toe.

Also from Gore, WINDSTOPPER outerwear combines durable wind protection and high breathability in garments that keep you warm and comfortable with fewer layers and less bulk.

ClimaCool by adidas isn't just another moisture wicking fabric. It is an integrated system of technologies that work together to regulate the body temperature. ClimaCool apparel activity conducts heat and sweat away from the body through a combination of heat and moisture-dissipating materials, ventilation channels and three-dimensional fabrics that allow air to circulate close to the skin.

Also from adidas, this fabric acts to move sweat away from the skin to allow your body to maintain its natural temperature.

Products with this fabric from Nike offer wind and water resistance with a high level of breathability. It's a densely constructed polyester microfiber.

A lightweight, breathable material used in the upper that provides a consistent, resilient fit.

An open-textured fabric, knitted or woven. If it's got visible holes in it, it's mesh.

A fabric that uses tiny little filaments to produce cool effects, literally. Its ability to absorb and disperse moisture quickly is the key, and other high-performance, high-comfort technology.

A double-ply polyester knit fabric consisting of an open-hole mesh layer with a polyester layer behind to make it "flat back". You get the breathability of mesh without showing any skin.

This natural fiber is soft, dry and comfortable. It is also absorbent (both a benefit and a disadvantage). Cotton is a popular fabric worn by people with sensitive skin.

A completely synthetic fiber, nylon is known for its superior flexibility and excellent resilience. Quick-drying nylon fabric is naturally hydrophobic and resistant to shrinkage and wrinkling.

A vertical stretch knitted fabric in which the fabric is formed by interlooping adjacent parallel yarns.

Generic term for a synthetic stretch fiber. Known for its excellent stretch and recovery, spandex can be used for form-fitting garments or to add comfort and freedom of movement to looser garments made of knit or woven fabric.

Apparel Terms

A sewing process that produces a flat-stitched surface instead of the traditional, rough, rounded seam of most garments.

Usually found on shirts and jackets, it's a bottom hem that makes a gradual transition from high in the front of the garment to lower in the back.

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