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Caveman & Spaceman Natural Running Shoes

Caveman & Spaceman Natural Running Shoes

Take a look on and you'll notice something funny. Some of the shoes are labeled Caveman Trainers and others Spaceman Trainers. No, we haven't gone crazy! (OK, maybe a little.)

They're new categories of Natural Running shoes. Add 'em to your current routine to get stronger, improve your running form, and get in touch with your terrain.

  Pick Caveman Trainers to really strengthen legs and feet. These running   shoes are designed to realign your body with your natural form thanks to a   low heel-to-toe height differential or drop. It's basically like running barefoot,   but MUCH, MUCH safer (and WOW, so much more comfortable)!

  Get Spaceman Trainers to give your training runs a boost and speed up   your race-day performance. You get a little more shoe with a little more   cushioning than most Caveman Trainers. Plus, you'll energize your run with   light, gravity-defying materials that help you run more natural and efficient.

They're not for everybody. We understand that. But hey, if you're looking for something new and want to take your run to new heights, this is an exciting way to do it!

Now get out there and get in touch with your inner Caveman and Spaceman!

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