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Meet Super Dave!

Meet Super Dave!

  When someone calls you "Super," that's a lot to live up to. It's maybe even a little uncomfortable. But they don't call me that because of exceptional athletic prowess or unflagging endurance. And certainly not because of some perceived supernatural powers.

It's because I take my overwhelming passion for understanding how to get the most from your body, your mind, and your equipment and pass it along to improve your running experience. And if that earns me the title of Super, then I'm very comfortable with it.

The truth is that I'm really no different than you - I'm a runner, plain and simple. I might be faster, I might be slower, but I experience the same types of pleasures you get from running...and the same types of pain. The difference between us is that, as the director of running for Road Runner Sports, I'm fortunate to be able to help you get more pleasure and less pain out of your running.

From the time I was a teenager - going on long runs with my brother or running competitively - I always thought how incredible it would be to work for a company like Nike or New Balance. And things actually turned
out far better than I ever imagined. As soon as I started selling running shoes at Road Runner Sports, I knew this place would allow me to make a difference. Why? Because it's a company of people who run, dedicated to delivering the best running experience to others.

Frankly, I have the dream job of running geeks everywhere. Working here has enabled me to be voracious about learning how to maximize running performance and minimize injury. I intensely study biomechanics and shoe construction. I personally road test many new shoes (and my team road tests all of them). I get to collaborate directly with shoe companies' test labs. I have traveled far and wide and learned from the likes of Kenya's national team running coach. And the major running shoe and apparel manufacturers are in my office more often than not.

I'm also lucky enough to draw on over 18 years of working with top experts who have helped me along the way (and have kept me injury-free for the last 10 years): kinesiologists, footcare people, shoe designers, you name it - and they still work with me as a dedicated support team. The result has been consistently accurate runner analyses and product recommendations from Road Runner Sports, as well as some outstanding products that I've personally developed.

Perhaps most important is that the major shoe manufacturers do more than just keep me up to speed on their latest technologies. They also listen to my staff and me about what real runners need from their gear. They appreciate that over time I have built a tremendous knack for what does and doesn't work in a shoe. And they always respond because they trust Road Runner Sports as the premier resource for people who run.

So, what does this all mean to you? You can rest assured that with me as your running expert, you're getting the best advice possible. Why? Because my passion for running is eclipsed only by my desire to help other people optimize their own running.

See you on the road!
Dave Jewell
AKA "Super Dave"
Director of Running

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