Are Trail Shoes Right For Me?
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Are Trail Shoes Right For Me?

Are Trail Shoes Right For Me?

by Super Dave, Industry Expert

With all the different styles of trail running shoes on the market today, you might be asking yourself, "Am I missing out on something by not buying a trail shoe?" The answer is yes and no. The question that I ask you is, are you a trail runner or are you a runner that runs on trails?

Runner that runs on trails
In my experience this category accounts for most of the "trail" running done today. Virtually every runner I know that falls into this category runs on trails or on the roads in the same shoes. They use their road shoe. Sure, you can go out and buy a trail shoe for those days when you hit the trail, but you don't have to.

Trail Runner
You take your trail running seriously. You look for new trails all the time and the harder, longer and more rugged, the better. You will run on the roads because you have to but while doing so, you have a swift rocky single-track trail on your mind. If this is you, you need to look at the various trail shoes that are offered. These shoes have extra traction, trail specific support and in some cases rock busting plates to protect your feet. The faster or more agile you are on the trail, the lower to the ground, more minimalistic you want your shoe to be. I have friends here in San Diego that do all of their trail running even on super rocky trails in cross-country racing shoes. The larger and more lumbering you are, the more shoe you will need. The point here is that there is a trail shoe for everyone whether you are running to get away from the traffic or getting ready for the Western States 100-mile trail race.

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