The Stick & Foot Wheel
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The Stick & Foot Wheel

The Stick & Foot Wheel

The Stick increases circulation to muscle groups to eliminate waste and reduce soreness. Lactic acid can build up in muscles; use before workouts to warm muscles. Speeds muscle injury recovery. Flexible shape conforms to body. White. 17" long. 8.4 ozs.
Now with the Foot Wheel, your tired, achy feet never had it so good! Simply roll your feet over the 3 center-balanced nylon wheels for nearly instantaneous relief from plantar fascitis and other unpleasant foot pain. Trigger points will melt like butter, your feet will relax, and they'll be happy. Less than 5" long. One size. Nylon and steel. 5 oz.

"I didn't care for The Stick. It seemed kind of "cheap" in quality. Plus its surface was hard and it was hard to use on areas of the back. However, it's lightweight and easily storable. I would recommend it for runner who get "Charlie Horses."
"I did like the Foot Wheel. I used it after running 3 miles and also while watching TV. It's very easy to use and it's durable. This product would definitely go in my running bag. After long runs, my feet tend to get sore (not often, just occasionally). This little device works wonders! It's just as good as another person rubbing your feet! And it sure beats me bending over my foot to rub it and getting a backache in return. It's easy, you can even do it while you're sitting down."
Michelle K Peterson
West Fargo, North Dakota

"I used The Stick mostly after doing long runs and/or hill repeats. I have used similar products and this is far superior to those. It works much better. It fits nicely into your gym bag so you can tote it wherever you go. I believe this is an ideal product for runners and non-runners alike. I let some of my walking friends try it and they all had favorable comments."
"I was very satisfied with the Foot Wheel also. It worked better than my old foot massager so I will be using the Foot Wheel from now on. It's very simple to use and can be taken anywhere. I sometimes used it at the office. This is also a great product for walkers."
Stephen Steere
Richmond Hill, Georgia

"I've not really seen anything quite like The Stick. I used it once a day on my legs, back and neck. I really liked it on my back & neck but didn't care for it on my legs. It hurt."
"I didn't care for the look of the Foot Wheel (prefer wooden ones), but it did work well on my feet. I'd recommend both of these products to fellow runners."
Emily Geuder
Washington DC

"I was very satisfied with the Foot Wheel. It did a good job of relaxing my foot while giving it a good stretch. I would use it both before and after my run. I've never purchased a product like this before. I would usually just use things around the house, like a golf ball or something, but this was great. I like how it has the three ridges on it. I think that allowed it to stretch my foot very well. My one gripe is I wish it were a little wider. I'd recommend this to runners and to non-runners if they're experiencing any type of foot discomfort due to a lack of stretching."
Matt Wall
Clovis, New Mexico

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