Kyle Len
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Kyle Len

Kyle Len

Dear Athletes Helping Athletes,
My name is Kyle Len. I am 17 and am a senior in high school. I was paralyzed in an ATV accident when I was 15 years old, from the chest down. I was very active before my accident, not to mention strong and athletic. Since my accident, my determination and knowledge of personal fitnaess has increased tremendously. I now do weightlifting an electrical stimulatoin recumbant bike (for my leg muscles), swimming, and I also use a cross country ski machine that stands me up.
Since I became active I have noticed that my muscle mass has greatly increased, I have lost a lot of body fat, my endurance has increased, my function has gone to include a lot of my trunk muscles, and I have even regained feeling in my legs. I have borrowed a handcycle from a family friend and I love using it.
I enjoy being outside, I love going up and down hills and slaloming around turns. The bike I am borrowing is more for leisurely rides and I am very aerious about competing, possibly professionally.
With your help I feel I can accomplish that goal. Thank you for what you are doing.

Kyle Len
June, 2005

My name is Marie Len and I would like to introduce my son, Kyle. Kyle is 17 years old and 2 1/2 years ago he was injured riding his ATV. He suffered a burst fracture to the C7 vertebrae in his neck and was paralyzed. He also suffered many complications of his spinal cord injury that kept him critical for almost 3 months.
His weight dropped from 150lbs. to 114lbs. Kyle was on the weight lifting team at his high school and was determined to excel at his sport. His doctors told us because he was so strong physically and healthy he survived the many life threatening complications he endured.
Kyle worked very hard at physical therapy to rehabilitate his body. He has since regained some trunk muscles and sensation in his legs but still no movement. Kyle has had tendon transfers in both hands to him function to grasp and pinch. He will undergo more hand surgery this summer to further improve his grasp.
Kyle alternates between swimming, weight lifting, standing and an electrical stimulation bike that creates active movement of his leg muscles. The only draw back is it doesn't go anywhere. He has enjoyed borrowing a friend's handcycle and enlists his dad and sister to ride our street and neighboring subdivisions.
As competitive as he is, I am sure he will probably want to try competing. He has been my hero through this experience and a role model of preseverance. My husband's cousin runs a website for Kyle that starts at the accident and follows his journey. You can find it at

Thank you for your interest,
Marie Len

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