Sean Stock
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Sean Stock

Sean Stock

To whom it may concern,

My name is Sean Stock. I'm in the 6th grade. My favorite subjects are Spelling, Science and Math. I have two brothers, Aaron and Michael. I have three pets. Rebel the dog, Casey and Alec the cats.

I have played wheelchair basketball for 3 years. I would like a hand cycle because I would like to bike ride with my mom and my dog, Rebel. And to go bike riding with my friends.

Sean Stock
February 13, 2006

My son is Sean Stock. He is eleven years old and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth. He was born premature at twenty-two weeks old and weighed only one pound and thirteen ounces. We were told that he would never leave the hospital, but he was a fighter from the beginning. After three and a half months of intensive care in a highly skilled neonatal intensive care unit he came home to his family but has struggled with his cerebral palsy ever since. Upon his leaving the hospital the doctors gave him a bleak prognosis for physical and cognitive development.

Sean began attending developmental preschool through our local community school corporation. At 3, Sean did not walk or talk and was completely dependent on others. Sean had a very special POHI (physically or occupationally handicapped individuals) teacher that began to pull him out of his shell. Sean quickly began to learn and thrive. Once Sean caught onto learning he began to blossom in many areas and was even able to integrate into a regular classroom setting where he remains today. Sean has had success academically and has been on the honor roll for the last two years.

Through physical therapy he began to develop the muscles in his legs he needed to use to walk. Sean attended therapeutic horseback riding to continue to help him develop his sense of balance and strength. The horseback riding reduced the amount of tone in his thighs and calves which, allowed for less discomfort and easier movement. Along with the horseback riding, Sean has gone through Sensory Integration Therapy and special needs karate classes that have helped his muscles relax and offered him more mobilization.

At age five, Sean began playing baseball with a local special needs Little League team. This was a great experience for Sean as he began to see other children with disabilities that were able to work around their disabilities and play sports. With the participation in athletics his self-esteem grew not only from accomplishments but also from his failures. Even at an early age Sean began learning important life lessons from his participation in athletics.

While playing baseball we were told about a local wheelchair basketball team. Sean joined the basketball team and quickly began to develop physically and socially. The continious exercise that is done during practice and games has allowed his spastic muscles a chance to relax. Sean has physicially improved in his upper body strength due to being a part of the Sterling Heights (MI) Challengers Wheelchair Basketball Team.

Wheelchair basketball has given Sean an opportunity to physically, emotionally and socially grow.  Baskteball has provided him with chances to learn about the importance of teamwork. Sean has learned about being not only a good loser, but also a good winner.

When Sean began playing wheelchair basketball he was very timid. His social skills continued to improve after he became a part of the team. Wheelchair basketball is a safe place for children, like Sean, to come together and set aside their disabilities to work together as a team for a common goal.

Sean enjoys recreational activities that aren't always organized sports.  Sean has a love for water and enjoys spending frequent days in the pool.  Sean loves to be active in any way he can. Physical activity allows himi an opportunity to feel more independent and triumph over his disability.

Sean would benefit greatly from a handcycle so he could continue to develop his upper body skills. A handcycle would present Sean the opportunities to ride a bike with his friends and siblings and allow him greater independence. Sean has always resisted help from others. He is determined to do as much as freely as possible for himself. On occasion, his thirst for independence has caused him to injure himself, but it has not slowed him down from striving to be autonomous.

Sean started life as an extremely premature baby with limited physical capabilities. Through his hard work and determination he has grown to be able to walk with limited assistance. Having a handcycle for Sean would allow him to continue to grow and improve both his social and physical well-being.

Thanks for your consideration,

Steve Stock

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