Rotating Your Shoes
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Rotating Your Shoes

Rotating Your Shoes

by Super Dave, Industry Expert

What's your biggest fear as a runner? Injury, of course! It's important to do all we can to prevent injuries. Shoe rotation is at the top of my list. Ever notice how your body "signals" you to buy a new pair of shoes? Running in worn-out shoes results in aches and pains in your legs, knees and hips. You can prevent this unnecessary pain by rotating between two pair of running shoes. How's it work?

  1. First, start with two pair of shoes that both have less than 250 miles on them. If they're the same model, mark one pair as A and the other B. To rotate most effectively, keep track of the mileage you've put on each pair.
  2. The newest pair (lowest mileage) should be used for your longer runs and your competitive racing.
  3. The older pair (highest mileage) should be used for your shorter runs, inclement weather runs or your offroad runs if you aren't using a trail shoe.
  4. Keep the older pair in the rotation until you've run 450 miles in them. At that point, it's time to "boot" your old pair and bring a new pair into the rotation.

Continue this cycle and you'll be doing everything you can to prevent worn out shoes from placing you on the "disabled list." Effectively rotating your shoes takes the guess work out of replacing your shoes and saves you money because your shoes will last longer. It will also save your body from the "wrath of the worn out running shoe."

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