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Runners Help Friends Live Longer

Runners Help Friends Live Longer

Runners Help Friends Live Longer! Now that's a statement! How the heck can you help friends and family live longer?

The "Secret" is RUNNING! Studies show that runners live 16 years longer, have higher HDL (good) cholesterol, less risk of heart disease, and stronger immune systems.

So, what are you going to do with your "Secret?" Cajole, convince, or physically take your friends and family by the hand, and walk, run, and stretch with them. It's our job to help them live 16 more years! Now, read these great articles to learn how!

Exercise makes all the difference in aging well. Tamae Watanabe Climbs Mount Everest at 73!!! We are seeing a new group of super fit over 40 and over 50's. If you can stay motivated, keeping your body fit will positively influence many results of aging. Twenty minutes a day of aerobic exercise for cardiovascular fitness, resistance training or muscular fitness, and flexibility exercises will make the difference. Push yourself harder and be healthier. Check out the over achievers in this article. It will inspire you!

"Activity" - A helpful antidote AGAINST Cancer. Give yourself a fighting chance against cancer by adopting a healthy lifestyle. One third of the 572,000 cancer deaths last year were linked to a poor diet and lack of physical activity. These risk factors are second only to tobacco in their danger level. Obesity and inactivity can lead to cancer by altering hormone and insulin levels causing chronic hypertension and contributing to damaging inflammatory agents. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a good diet can help decrease your odds. Check out this USA Today article by Janice Lloyd

Good Advice to Heed: Exercise can slow age-related changes
In order for exercise to be effective you must listen to your body as you age. What you could do in your 30's is not going to be the same in your 50's, regardless of your fitness level. Much of this article may seem like common sense, but it will serve as a good reminder.

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