Archives- Runners Help Friends Live Longer
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Archives- Runners Help Friends Live Longer

Archives- Runners Help Friends Live Longer

Exercise: Just What The Doctor Ordered. - A marathon will help you live longer! Just what you wanted to hear, right? Leading Italian researcher Gabriella Marfe has found that strenuous exercise produces Sirtuin proteins that help against cell death and protect cardiac muscle tissues as well as neurons. Check out the article for more information.

A Workout for Your Bloodstream
Excercise causes a chain reaction that helps strengthen your heart. The enhanced levels of metabolites due to exercise change your blood levels of fatty acids and blood sugar. These raised levels help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other maladies.

Bottom Line: To Lose Weight - Eat fewer calories than you burn. - Is there a "Fat Burning Zone"? Is there a Smart "Runners Diet"? Answer: YES! Take a look at the Runner's World article and find out how.

Fitness King Still Inspires at 95!
Jack LaLanne Practices What He Preaches! Exercise, eat right, and treat your body as a temple, has certainly worked for Jack LaLanne and it can work for you. He recommends you work out vigorously three times a week for 30 minutes to 1 hour, while adopting a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Check out this inspiring article by Martha W. Aldrich and find out why Jack says; "The rest of your life is the best of your life".

Internally Fit - How exercising keeps your CELLS young.
LOOK younger and FEEL younger by continuing to RUN. Studies show that regular activity will help you outpace the passing years and stay 30% younger than those who do not run. The fitter you are from middle age onward, the younger you are down to the cellular level, AND the longer you'll live.

Walking to Wellness - 21 minutes a day, 2 hours a week of moderate exercise will help you stay healthy. Start a walking group and use a Pedometer that will count your every step. You will be amazed how a brisk walk will improve your health and well-being. Take a look at the attached article and get motivated!

Running is Good for Your Knees! - Well, now you can set the record straight once and for all. Study after study now shows that RUNNING IS GOOD FOR YOUR KNEES! Here's proof: A 2008 Stanford University 20-year study of 962 runners and non-runners concluded that the non-runners experienced 2X as much joint damage due to inactivity. In 2007, the Danube Hospital reported that running has a "protective value" on knee joints after a 10-year study of elite marathoners in Austria. The Medical University of Vienna concluded in 2006 that marathon running does NOT damage "cartilage, ligaments, or bone marrow of the knee in well-trained runners."
This is news that will rock the running world to its core! Spread the word! RUNNING IS GOOD FOR YOUR KNEES! So train smart, stretch, and most importantly RUN! You'll be running well into your 70s and 80s.

Running in OLD shoes can leave you in PAIN! - The typical advice to replace your running shoes every 300 to 500 miles is hard to follow, especially when you crosstrain on stationary bikes and elliptical machines. Have you ever wished that you could translate those figures into hours of working out instead of miles? The director of American Sporting Goods has done exactly that in a report featured by the San Diego Union Tribune. People who crosstrain are recommended to toss out your workout shoes after 150 hours of activity. That's about every five months if you wear them for an hour a day. Even if they look new, the materials that cushion and support your feet wear out, leaving you prone to injuries.

I need to lose weight... no wait, I need to maintain weight... I'm confused! What should I be eating? - The Mayo Clinic has a handy Weight Control Pyramid Tool that will help determine your goals and help you lose or maintain your weight. Just fill in your information and it will tell you your recommended caloric intake and how many servings of each food group you should eat each day to reach your goals. It also gives you ideas for different options in each food group. It's quick and simple! Check it out

New Year's resolution a distant memory? - Check out some quick and simple ideas to kick-start your workout plan and finally answer those age-old dilemmas like, "I do crunches like crazy but STILL can't loose my muffin top. What gives??"

Do you want to know the SECRET? - Keep off the pounds for good! Most people who lose weight gain it back again within a year. Weight regain is most severe in people who lose a lot of weight quickly. However, nearly 20 percent of people who lose weight maintain at least 10 percent of the reduction for five years or more. "Successful losers" keep it off by exercising regularly (60 minutes per day or more). Eating more low-calorie foods (e.g. fruits, vegetables, whole grains), and counting calories. Gradual, more-sustained weight loss is healthier and achievable for most people. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 88:1195-1186, 2008)

Runners! Get out and enjoy the sunshine before winter arrives! ? Here is another VERY good excuse to get out on the road. Stronger bones, a better immune system, lower blood pressure, cleaner skin, and a healthier brain are all benefits of Vitamin D. And what's the best source of the big D? The sun! That's right, the sun helps your body produce its own Vitamin D. So, get out on the road, soak it in, and get healthy.

Strength and Power Training Improves Performance in Female Runners - FitnessRX for Women Magazine Serious female runners - women who run at least 5 days a week or 30 miles per week or more - should include weight training and plyometric exercises (bounce training) to improve performance. University of Connecticut Storrs researchers, in a review of literature, concluded that sport-specific resistance and explosive exercises increase running speed and running economy by nearly 5 percent. Serious runners should include specific training methods to increase endurance, strength, power, and speed (Journal Strength Conditioning Research, 22:2036-2044, 2008)

Single Workouts Have Health Benefits - The obvious benefits of exercise, such as fat loss, decreased resting heart rate, increased energy levels, and improved work capacity take many months. A University of Michigan study showed that even a single exercise session promoted metabolic health. One workout increased metabolic rate, reduced blood triglycerides (blood fats), and lowered insulin resistance (important for blood sugar regulation). You don't have to be an Olympian to reap the benefits of exercise. Regular small bouts of moderate-intensity physical activity accelerate metabolism and improve health. Our bodies were made to be in motion. So, get moving! (Paper presented at the Integrative Biology of Exercise V, September 2008)

Little Effort = Big Rewards - Moderate exercise brings big benefits - Overweight older adults who exercise modestly every week can achieve significant health benefits, according to recent research in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

A six-month-long study found that three workout sessions a week totaling 90 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise combined with 60 minutes of resistance exercises decreases the risk of developing pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. recommends walking as the simplest way to get into aerobic activity.
-Mary Brophy Marcus ? USA Today 1/27/09

Run your way to LEANER Thighs and Glutes - It's not all about the weights. A blast of cardio goes a long way!!!

Summer is Coming...Show off those Triceps - We all want those sculpted arms when summer rolls around. Check out this simple program to work your triceps.

Prevent Breast Cancer - Exercise is the Answer!!!
Recently, a study conducted by Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise determined that EXERCISE reduces risk of breast cancer by 20%. Click here for the facts or click here to read the entire study.

ADD 10 years to YOUR life - Cut your BMI?
An article in USA Today says that if you are obese, you will carve 10 years off your life. Check out the BMI (body mass index) calculator here and see where you stand.

Men, Let's Get Down To Basics!!!
Exercise Facts for Men - Where you live, your education level, income, and whether you're married, all have an effect on how much you exercise. Click here to find out how to make the most of what you've got and overcome all your obstacles.

It takes a Dynamic Duo to Shrink Tummy Fat - Check out the 5-year study by Wake Forest University that proves that Diet & Exercise can shrink fat cells.

Blast the Fat Away in 8 Minutes - Tight on time? No need to sacrifice your workout. This high-energy routine will get your heart pumping and reshape your body-fast. Best of all, you can do it any time, any place. As part of Prevention's Premium Plan, you'll be able to watch this exclusive video on your computer or download it right to your iPod or MP3 player. Check out this link to Prevention magazine's video.

Women: Be Healthier and More Fit than someone 12 years your junior!!!
Exercise To Fight Aging - Need a reason to get out there and walk, run or ride a bike? Based on a review of 69 studies, researchers at the University of Toronto found that exercise may be your best anti-aging tool. Adults who exercised for an hour of moderate activity (walking or cycling) most days of the week from their middle years into their 80s and 90s kept their hearts and lungs as healthy as those of less active folks up to 12 years their junior. - Compiled by R.J. Ignelzi from the San Diego Union Tribune

Lunchtime "30" - Three Times a Week: Noontime Burn and Firm - You can melt fat, tone up, and get energized, and still have time to eat! Check out this easy-to-follow 30-minute routine. - (Prevention Magazine)

Getting the BEST out of your body for each run!!!
  • Counting carbs
  • Eat Proteins
  • Monitor meal-times
  • Fluids, Fluids, Fluids

Outsmart the calorie counter!!! 100 Ways to Cut 100 Calories - Find out 100 SIMPLE things you can do at every meal to cut back. - (Prevention Magazine)

Running Makes you Smarter!!!! - Cardio could not only be making you fitter, but smarter too. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, people who participate in consistent aerobic exercise for six months or more can actually reverse age-related brain decline. Keep your cardio moderate to intense and those sessions on the treadmill could earn you improved brain function in addition to a leaner look. - (The Mayo Clinic)

30-Minutes to a Healthier YOU! -A step-by-step video.
Check out this link that walks you through:
  • Thighs
  • Hamstrings
  • Chest
  • Back & Biceps
  • Shoulders
  • Abs
  • Cardio

Runners Live 16 Years LONGER!!
A 21 year Stanford University study led by James Fries on 284 runners and 156 control subjects showed that runners were 38 percent healthier (as measured by the Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index). By the end of the study, 34 percent of the control subjects had died compared to only 15 percent of the runners.

The study began during the jogging craze of the early 1980s. At the time, many health experts thought that joggers would have severe orthopedic problems later in life. The study found the opposite. While runners and non-runners became progressively disabled with age, runners experienced decreased physical capacity much later. In general, runners were able to delay significant disability by 16 years compared to control subjects. Also, a second study on the same subjects showed that arthritis rates did not increase in older adults who ran regularly for 20 years or more. These studies showed that regular aerobic exercise is the true Foundation of Youth. (Archives International Medicine, 168: 1638-1646, 2008; American Journal Preventative Medicine, published online June 11, 2008)

The 30-Minute Workout Routine
If you think, you don't have enough time in the day to get your work out in check out the link for a video that will walk you through a Full Body 30 minute workout.

Eat Healthy - Live Longer! "6 New" Basic Food Groups!!!
We all talk about changing things when the New Year rolls around. We can't change our diet and eating habits unless we know about the BASICS of Nutrition:
  • Food Groups
  • Water
  • Dietary Fat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Vitamins and Minerals

An article from the Department of Health and Human Services - CDC breaks down each area for an easy read.

Reduce Your Anxiety by 20% - WALK!!!
Walking for health and fitness - JAMA
Recent studies have linked regular physical activity with reduced likelihood of developing coronary heart disease. Even low- and moderate-intensity exercise such as walking, when carried out consistently, is associated with important cardiovascular health benefits. Walking has also been shown to reduce anxiety, tension, and aid in weight loss. Regular walking may help improve cholesterol profile, help control hypertension, and slow the process of osteoporosis. Recent physiological studies have demonstrated that brisk walking provides strenuous enough exercise for cardiovascular training in most adults. A recently developed sub-maximal 1-mile walk test provides a simple and accurate means for estimating aerobic capacity and guiding exercise prescription. These new insights and tools will assist the clinician in the prescription of safe and effective walking programs. (J. M. Rippe, A. Ward, J. P. Porcari and P. S. Freedson Exercise Physiology Laboratory, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester.)

Running Helps with the Battle of the Bulge!!!
Did you know that 60% of runners started running to manage their weight, only to find out it also improved their lives in areas such as; stress management, fighting disease, and weight loss. A great article by Jesslyn Cummings: "Running 101 - What are the Benefits for Runners?" explains all the different ways that running benefits the human body, mind, and spirit.

Live Longer & Leaner - Walk 30 Minutes a Day!!!
Fitness level plays a big role in mortality. The "Fat but Fit" theory says; "People that walk at least 30 minutes a day have a lower mortality rate than those with same amount of body fat that get no exercise". For more information check out the article from World Science using the Journal of the American Medical Association study.

A Walk a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Just one 45-minute walk a can improve type 2 diabetes control, according to a new Diabetes UK-funded study. Michael Trenell, Ph.D., and Roy Taylor, MD, of Newcastle University in the UK reveal that walking improves type 2 diabetes control by burning more fat, helping to control blood glucose levels. Ten people with type 2 diabetes were each paired with a partner of similar height, weight, and age who did not have diabetes. They were each given a pedometer and asked to walk over 10,000 steps a day. Test revealed that the extra walking helped burn about 20 percent more fat - increasing the ability of the muscles to store sugar and help control diabetes. "Even in this limited eight - week period we could see that people with type 2 diabetes where processing energy more efficiently," said Ternell. Effective control of type 2 diabetes reduces the risk of developing long-term complications, as well as helping to improve overall well-being. Oxygen Magazine December 2008

Can Caffeine Makes You Go Fast?
Coffee Helps Race Pace
A quick shot of pre-race caffeine may help improve your times, says a study in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. Ingesting the equivalent of an 8-ounce cup of coffee improved the 5-K times of both recreational and advanced runners by an average of 10 to 12 seconds, compared with taking a placebo. Caffeine may alter pain perceptions, allowing you to run longer and more intensely. To burn up the track, try a tall coffee 30 to 60 minutes before competition.

Fit or Fat ? Which is the better measurement?
Fitness May Outweigh Fat as Longevity Indicator - A study in the December 5 issue of JAMA
This article explains that fitness plays a roll in longevity more than fat percentage. A study that included 2,603 adults assessed the associations between cardiorespiratory fitness and body fat measures of men and women over 60. Of the group, 245 passed away during the 12 year follow up period. Of those who died, they found a much lower fitness level but not a significant difference in body fat measures.

Nutty for Health???
Scientists find nutty risk reducer: Eat more nuts
Do you want to redcuce belly fat, and improve your cholesterol and blood pressure? In the study, appearing in the Archives of Internal Medicine, Eating a handful of nuts a day for a year - along with a Mediterranean diet rich in fruit, vegetables and fish - may help undo a collection of risk factors for heart disease.

"Walk" Away from a Stroke
An International study shows that people who are active before they have a stroke are 2 times more likely to have a milder stroke and better long-term recovery. Read the article and see the benefits of staying active.

Stop the "Freshman Twenty"
College Eating and Fitness 101
Do you have kids going to college, eating in the dining halls, choosing quick, easy, unhealthy food and not getting enough exercise? Eating well and staying fit at college doesn't have to be a challenge. Remember to balance nutritious foods and exercise regularly. Following the tips in this guide from The Young Women's Health Organization will certainly help.

Trim that Waist line and Have fun doing it!!!!
Walking for fitness: How to trim your waistline, improve your health.
Stay healthy, reduce stress, manage your weight, stay strong and active. There are so many ways walking can help improve your lifestyle. Check out the article from the Mayo Clinic and get strarted now.

Do you want to LIVE LONGER??? EXERCISE!!!!
Fitness for Longevity ? The Relationship between Exercise and Lifespan
There is a direct correlation between being physically fit and life span. Exercise, whichever type you choose, promotes healthy choices. You don't have to be young, exercise doesn't have to be vigorous, and it doesn't have to last for hours. Take a moment to read the article from it will open your eyes to just how Fitness can and will increase your Lifespan.

Flex, Strengthen, & Balance your way to a Healthier Body
The Health Benefits of Yoga - WebMD
Yoga benefits the Body, Mind, and Soul - it helps with concentration, reduces stress, improves blood pressure, helps with insomnia, and helps with flexibility, along with many more benefits. Check out the attached article from WebMD for more information.

Hot Flash ? NO More!!!
Get moving to be hot-flash-free
A study published in a the Annals of Behavior Medicine found that women who walked three times a week working up to one hour of walking at moderate to high intensity ? or who practiced yoga for 90 minutes twice a week had fewer hot flashes than the ones who didn?t exercise. On days you don?t exercise, placed respiration, the kind of breathing taught in yoga classes, might also help. Inhale through your nose for a count of three, then exhale through your mouth for a count of five. Union Tribune ? R.J. Ignelzi

Want to IMPROVE your PR ? Intervals!
Interval Training Increases Metabolic Rate More than Continuous Training
Coaches and athletes use continuous, over-distance training and interval training to build aerobic capacity ? the ability to transport and use oxygen. Continuous over-distance training is running a specific distance without stopping, while interval training is repeated bouts of high-intensity exercise interrupted by short rest periods. Australian scientists, in a study comparing interval and over-distance workouts with the same average metabolic load, found that interval training produced the highest levels of peak oxygen consumption. They concluded that interval training was a more powerful stimulus for increasing aerobic fitness. Canadian studies found that short bouts of maximal-intensity exercise built high levels of fitness quickly. Six sessions of high-intensity interval training on a stationary bike increased muscle oxidative capacity (citrate synthase) by almost 50 percent, muscle glycogen by 20 percent and cycling endurance capacity by 100 percent. The subjects made these amazing improvements exercising a mere 15 minutes in two weeks. Interval training will improve fitness quickly, but it's pleasant. (Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 11; 287-290, 2008; Journal of Applied Physiology 98:1985-1990, 2005) FITNESSRx

No Pain, All Gain!!!
Tired of having sore muscles? Combine your cardio and weight workouts, say researchers at the University of California at Santa Cruz. By performing a 30- to 45 second cardio burst prior to each resistance exercise, men reduce soreness instantly. And after 4 weeks, they were sore no more. ?This method accelerates muscle repair,? says W. Jackson Davis, Ph.D., the lead study author. Start by incereasing the intensity of your warmup until you reach a vigorous pace. Then continue with your weight routine, but before each set, jump rope or do sprints for 30 seconds.

Fresh Air vs. Gym Air - Which do you prefer?
Don't Tread On This
A treadmill is no match for solid ground. When Wake Forest University scientist allowed exercisers to set their own pace on either a treadmill or a running track, the treadmill users preferred slower speeds and shorter strides lengths than those of the track athletes. And even when they were assigned a specific pace, the speed of the ground pounders remained higher. One reason: Treadmill users feel more negative about and derive less enjoyment from their training program than out door runners do, according to the study authors.
Therefore, our advice, Go outside and breath the fresh air and enjoy your surroundings. You will get much more out of your walk or run. -RRS

Spinning Your Wheels Isn't a Bad Thing!
Spinning is High-Intensity Exercise
Spinning classes (indoor cycling) are extremely popular around the world. Typically, classes run 30-60 minutes with exercise intensities ranging from 25 percent to over 90 percent of maximum effort. Rebecca Batista and colleagues from the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse studied oxygen consumption, hart rate and perceived effort in 20 college-aged women during two different spinning classes, 45 and 35 minutes long. The average oxygen consumption during the classes was 74 percent of maximum effort, but significant portions of each class were at higher intensities. Several of the women exceeded maximal oxygen uptake measured during a pre-experiment exercise test. Spinning classes involved mainly moderate-intensity exercise, but include significant segments at near-maximal effort. While these classes are excellent for fit teenagers and young adult, they could be dangerous in some older, sedentary people unaccustomed to heavy exercise. (Journal Strength Conditioning Research, 22:1236-1241, 2008) FITNESSRx October 2008

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