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Run Green

Run Green

To better serve YOU, we're doing more with less. So, don't worry when you see fewer catalogs in the mail. You'll know we're just doing our part to keep our planet running in the future!

Road Runner Sports is working hard to be a lean, green running machine. We're minimizing energy consumption, recycling more and reducing paper usage. You can rest easy knowing Road Runner Sports is committed to creating a more sustainable future.

Feel great knowing that last year alone we:

Reduced catalog paper by 70%
Recycled 130 tons of paper and cardboard

    That saves 2210 trees
    520 oil barrels, and
    heats and air-conditions nearly 70 homes for a year!
Reduced utility usage by 5%
Recycled 140 pounds of batteries
    That's 140 pounds of heavy metals and chemicals we've kept out of landfills. Just another way we're doing our part to keep a clean environment!
Recycled 60 pounds of lightbulbs
    Glass can be recycled over and over and over. And in doing so we contribute to reducing 20% less air pollution, 50% less water pollution. And for each lightbulb recycled we save enough energy to light a 100-watt lightbulb for several hours!

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