The World of Geoffrey
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The World of Geoffrey

The World of Geoffrey

In January, 2006, Geoffrey Mayne of San Diego, California started an online journal (or "blog") for friends and family to keep track of his progress with his cancer treatments.  Some excerpts are printed below.  To read all of Geoffrey's story and appreciate his positive outlook on life, please visit The World of Geoffrey.

January 8, 2006
Round 1 Chemo

Well, it's time to start posting so that people can stay up to date on my chemotherapy. I'll add details as I go, but the short version is this: In December 2002, I was diagnosed with seminoma, the "friendlier" version of testicular cancer. I had the offending fella removed, and went on surveillance. Just before Christmas 2005, a tumor was found in my lower right lymph node. On Tuesday, January 3, I started my first round of BEP (Bleomycin, Etoposide, and Cisplatin). I have three rounds total. The EP is 5 days on, two weeks off, and the Bleo is once a week for nine weeks. The total treatment is nine weeks.

So, here are a couple of interesting things that have happened so far. First off, the side effects have been minimal. I'm a little queasy sometimes, but the anti-nausea drugs have done their job. Hair loss will probably happen next week.

January 10, 2006
Bleo and Me

Went in today, got my Bleo, got some Neulasta, total of maybe an hour. Then, I went for a ride on my bike. This was a challenge. A normal person's hematocrit is 41-50. Mine is 32. The doctor gave me some Aranesp (what some Olympic athletes got busted for), so hopefully I'll be better soon. However, for this ride, I felt like I was riding at 12000 feet. Hey, it's all good training. It's just that much easier for me to have an elevated heart rate.

March 10, 2006
Still Turning the Corner

It's been a pretty good week. I've been a little tired on my bike rides, but, all in all, I feel fine. I got another Aranesp shot on Tuesday. My red blood cells are improving, but verrrrry slooooowly. I now have a hemoglobin (or haemoglobin, if you are snooty) of 10.3. Last week, it was 10.0. It's a start. I'd actually be pleased if I was just below 12 on my next blood test, so I can get another Aranesp shot the week after. Here's the story: Medicare defines under what circumstances I can be covered by insurance to get another shot. I need to be below normal for people.

April 5, 2006
Loving My Cold

Let's look at where I stand today:

  • I put on 13 pounds over the past six months. Most of that was during chemo.
  • I have my first cold in many months, and am kind of relishing it. I don't like being sick, but it's good to rest in the knowledge that it will run its course, and I'll be fine.
  • I don't really have to shave, except my 'stache. If I don't shave at all, I would be a bald man with thinning eyebrows and a fairly dark moustache. My wife thinks it looks, well, not so great. So, back to shaving a portion of my face.
  • I am regaining energy at a fantastic clip. I have goen from being unable to run four miles just three weeks ago, to running 7 miles, and carrying on a conversation the whole way.
  • My taste buds work well again. Lettuce still has a less pleasant aftertaste to it.
  • My wife and I have used that time to develop better habits. We spend more time chatting, more time praying, less time watching TV, and generally building our marriage.

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