Crystal Broxson - Jacksonville, FL
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Crystal Broxson - Jacksonville, FL

Crystal Broxson - Jacksonville, FL

After becoming a new mom and a stay-at-home mom, I realized I missed the &#quotachievement&#quot atmosphere of the work place and that push toward various goals. Although I am so blessed and thankful to be able to stay home with my daughter, I was used to working my way up the corporate ladder, or pushing for the next pay raise. Plus, I was dealing with a little postpartum anxiety. I was worrying about everything!

My cousin and close friend, Shannon Michaelis, encouraged me to go get on my treadmill and just walk. She told me I should try to walk for at least 20 minutes a day. I ended up running a mile! That was the beginning of my training for the Gate River Run.

Having grown up as a cheerleader and a dancer, I had endurance back then. Yet, it was not the kind of endurance it takes to run the Gate River Run. This was a new challenge, a new goal. It was something I had always thought about doing, but never attempted for fear of failure.

I started running about a mile, four times a week. Then, I followed the novice program in the Florida Times Union and Hal Higdon's suggested program for the 12 weeks leading up to the event. It was not without a lot of aches, pains and grumpiness. (God bless my husband for being such a trooper!)

The day of the race was wonderful. A little warm for the type of weather I trained in; however, I was so inspired by everyone, I did not really notice the heat. I felt myself smiling almost the entire time. It was great hearing the cheers, getting Popsicles from our First Coast neighbors (cooled off by their water hoses, too), and having the support of my family. Through it all, I accomplished my goal. I got over my fear of failure, managed to gain &#quotachievement&#quot and found my stress reliever. What is the date for next year?


Crystal is the principal at C.M.B. Public Relations providing community relations, writing, brand development, media relations, and event and campaign management.

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