Benefits of Using Branded Insoles
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Benefits of Using Branded Insoles

Benefits of Using Branded Insoles

by Super Dave, Industry Expert

Have you ever felt that, after less than two weeks of running, your new running shoes just don't feel as good as they did when you tried them on for the first time? That's because the skimpy insole that came with your shoes has broken down.

If there's one place where a shoe company can cut costs on a running shoe, it's in the insole. Sold at retail, the typical insole found in most running shoes would be around $2.99. The difference between the $2.99 insole in your running shoes and a $20 insole from a brand name manufacturer is cushioning that lasts for another 300 miles. That $20 insole will break down at the same rate as the midsole of your running shoe, rather than after the first 40 miles like the one that came with your shoe. You will also notice that you get better arch support out of a branded insole than the one currently in your shoes.

Do you really need to spend $20-$40 for a branded insole? Unless you are a biomechanically efficient running wonder, the answer to that question is a resounding YES. Take a look at the following questions. If you answer yes to one or more, you will benefit by replacing the insole that came in your shoe with a branded insole:

  • Do you feel the cushioning in your shoes wears out too fast?
  • Do you have problems finding shoes with enough arch support?
  • Do your feet get sore after running?
  • Are you on a budget that doesn't allow you to buy more than two pairs of running shoes per year?
  • Do you spend most of your time running on concrete or asphalt?
  • Do you get injured often?
  • Do you want more cushioning in your running shoes?

  • Now, which insole should you buy? Refer to the following chart to determine what kind of insole would benefit you most, then see which brands offer the type of insole you need.

    You: Believe shoes wear out too fast
    Insole type: Cushioned

    You: Run mostly on concrete/asphalt
    Insole type: Cushioned

    You: Want more cushioning in your shoe
    Insole type: Cushioned

    You: Want extra arch support
    Insole type: Stability

    You: Over-Pronate
    Insole type: Stability

    You: Get injured often
    Insole type: Stability

    Cushioned Insoles
    I'm partial to both the RRS brand and Sorbothane. They both cushion very well and wear-testing by our staff has shown that they last longer than other brands.

    Most runners complain that the forefoot of their shoes wears out too fast- so, when looking for a replacement insole, make sure it has a cushioning system in both the heel and forefoot.

    Stability Insoles
    Stability insoles run the gamut from primarily offering extra arch support to providing something close to a custom orthotic. If cushioning and arch support are your priorities, go with the Sorbothane Graphite Arch. If you need added motion control to curb your over-pronation, RRS is your best choice. If injuries have been hampering your running, slip in a pair of SuperFeet. They are much better than four of the five custom orthotics I have used.

    Any runner will probably feel better with a branded insole under their feet - and their dream of that perfect, soft ride can come true.

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