Chris Cobos
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Chris Cobos

Chris Cobos

Dear Athletes Helping Athletes,

The bike you gave to me is really GREAT.
I go everywhere with it.
I told everyone of my fiends they thought if was so cool. The places I've been and seen make me feel like I can do anything.
This bike is great and wonderful so THANKS!!!

My son is Christopher Cobos. He was born on February 9, 1987 in Torrance, CA. He was very active as a younger child and was involved in sports. The sports he loved were soccer and running. As he got older his lover for running increased and when he was in middle school he joined the track team. He ran the relays and the one-mile race and cross-country. He loved cross-country the most. He was never the fastest but he never quit trying and he never gave up his love for Sports. In September 2001, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He underwent 6 rounds of chemotherapy and then we were told that his cancer wasn't going away. They offered us a new treatment drug called Thiotepa. Of course, we accepted and he started the new treatment and radiation at the same time. The Thiotepa was injected into his spinal fluid. His treatments finally ended and he was out of the woods. In the summer of 2002, we went on a trip to Florida and his make-a-wish trip. During this time we noticed he was starting to limp. We thought this was because his legs were tired from walking around so much. When we got back to Colorado we took him to his Oncologist and had him look at his legs. At that time they didn't know what was wrong. Unfortunately, this continued to get worse. He started falling a lot and getting off balance. We soon learned that the Thiotepa had done damaged to a nerve root. He ended up in a wheelchair in the summer of 2003. This ruined all of his dreams. He so badly wanted to be a runner and go to the Olympics. Depression set in and he became person I didn't know anymore. He didn't want to go anywhere or spend time with friends. It has taken a long time but he is finally starting to come out of his shell. He volunteers at a nursing home, which he has done since the 7th grade (except when he was going through his cancer). He has even gotten the volunteer of the year award. My only wish for him is for him to be able to go out with his friends and brothers and sister on bike rides. He has gone to the Colorado Jr. wheelchair sports camp two times and has tried out the handcycles. He would love to be able to have one but unfortunately we cannot afford one. If you were able to help him get a handcycle I am sure he would love to help you guys out in return. Thank you so much.

Paulette Titus

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